2023 Summer Camps Near Me

2023 Summer Camps Near Me – The unique camp experience is rich, varied, fun and educational. From making bath bombs to cooking worldly recipes, explore a wide range of topics and activities with rehearsals.

Learn about music, city planning, go on a Star Wars adventure, and more. Venture into new territories where you’ll make lasting friendships, explore outside the box, and see the world in endless wonder.

2023 Summer Camps Near Me

2023 Summer Camps Near Me

Why is our access to the sky limited? The possibilities are endless with our week-long summer camps, designed with themes that will engage your child and stimulate their brain! Whether it’s dance, music, art, food, technology or science, we’ve got you covered. Embark on fun adventures, meet new friends, and create unique memories that will become stories for the future.

Summer Camps Calgary

Our basic camp hours are from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Need to return the car early or pick it up late? No problem, we can arrange pre and post camp care from 7:30am to 6:00pm. During these times, campers participate in various activities, participate in active outdoor activities, or use the time to work on ongoing, unfinished projects. We also provide campers with an optional hot lunch. These nutritious and delicious meals are prepared fresh daily by our on-site chef. We will also provide mobile lunches for field trips. We will be closed today December 27th due to inclement weather. The good news is that snow is in the forecast tonight and we will be open for business as usual tomorrow. , December 28, 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

2023 Summer Camps Near Me

Please note – these popular campsites are selling out fast… and we mean fast! Save the date and enter now!

Mount Seymour Eco-Adventure Camp offers experiential summer camps for children ages 5 to 12 that include fun, education, self-awareness, skill development, and meaningful connection to their environment. Programs have a ratio of 2 instructors to 14 kids, the lowest of any North Coast adventure camp, and take place atop Mount Seymour – the perfect location for the ultimate nature experience!

2023 Summer Camps Near Me

Wehakee Camp For Girls

At Mount Seymour, we believe that nature is an important part of the healthy development of all children; Fresh air is good for everyone! We introduce children to a simpler, more integrated way of life, encouraging them to fully express their emotions and learn by participating. Your child will come home from the day tired, muddy and full of interesting stories!

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Seymour Survival Camp will teach participants the basics of survival, including learning about edible plants, building shelters, bear hanging, compass navigation, signaling, and more. On Friday, the group will enter a scenario that will require their skills to complete the task at hand…survive.

2023 Summer Camps Near Me

Mount Seymour has many unsolved mysteries, challenging campers to think outside the box and get out and explore our beautiful mountains. Can our campers solve all the mysteries and crack the codes before the week-long camp is over?

Kersey’s Best Kids Camp 4 10 Years Old

Our Junior Ecologist Camp encourages curiosity for a deeper understanding of the natural environment. Seeing the smallest mountain animals to the largest rock formations at the park’s camps can deepen your understanding and connection to our beautiful land!

2023 Summer Camps Near Me

We will send a “Camp Next Week” email at the end of the day on the Wednesday before your child goes to camp. It includes information such as what to bring, shuttle times, and reminders to pack peanut-free lunches and snacks. We will also send a Campers Chronicle email on Wednesdays after your child’s summer camp ends. This email includes photos from all groups and highlights from the week.

In the weeks leading up to the boot camp, we did 10 days of intensive staff training. We focus on behavioral and group management skills, extensive safety protocols, bush skills, course-specific learning, activity facilitation, nature education, terrain guidance and a strong, supportive, fun and dynamic team of instructors. make Some of our staff are returning, and/or have experience in other areas of outdoor education. Some are also off-season teachers. All staff are certified to minimum first aid standards and undergo a current criminal record check. Our management team has operational level and/or forest first aid and is always available for urgent radio calls to our instructors.

2023 Summer Camps Near Me

Eco Adventure Summer Camps

Please provide as much detail as possible on the registration form along with any medical or physical information we need to know to ensure your child’s safety and provide a good experience. This includes allergies (history, symptoms, mechanism), medications and prescriptions you take, and your daily strategy.

Place any medications in your child’s bag and label it with your child’s full name. Please let us know where they are and what is in the package. This is especially important if it’s an Epi-Pen or Allerject.

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2023 Summer Camps Near Me

We are a nut safe/nut awareness program. We recognize that we cannot be “nut free” because we have no control over what we eat/handle outside of camp time. Because many children have moderate to severe nut allergies, please keep nuts and nut products at home. To be safe, we checked snacks and lunch.

Summer Camps Near Me

When fully booked, there are 14 children in a group with 2 coaches, so the ratio is 7:1. We also have top-notch volunteers who are always with us. We run two sets of Trailblazers and Guardians of the Forest each week, so your child does not need to be placed with a friend of the same age unless we notify you in advance.

2023 Summer Camps Near Me

Age groups have the same age restrictions as school grades. This is especially important for the Trail Blazers (5-7). Last summer we had several 4-year-olds registered with fake birth years. The boys worked hard, but it made for a very difficult week for the boys and limited opportunities for the whole team. They also told us they were 4 because that’s what 4 year olds do. This situation applies to all age groups, and experience tells us that respecting the age limit is best for everyone.

Yes – we do our best to accommodate requests as we understand they are important to many children’s camping experience. Please let us know the full name of the camps your child would like to attend at the time of registration. With so many groups for every age group, it won’t happen automatically! Also, early notice is best to avoid confusion and switching groups on the first morning of camp – which can be especially difficult for youngsters!

2023 Summer Camps Near Me

Camps At Berkshire Museum

We will not release campers’ information (such as names and dates of attendance) other than your child’s unless their parent or guardian gives permission to do so (for example, if you are on an authorized camper pick-up list). are).

Is it the same every week? If I book my kids two weeks from now, will they do the same?

2023 Summer Camps Near Me

During the summer, we alternate programming with three different weeks. That being said, every day and week at camp is different, we’ve had many participants come for over 2 weeks and enjoy every minute, it’s always changing!

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Day Camp 2022

The best shoes are hiking boots, hiking boots, or running shoes, and preferably not new! Please do not wear sandals, only rubber boots or as a backup if this week is very wet, as it is not very comfortable to hike or play in the heat and humidity.

2023 Summer Camps Near Me

It is advisable to bring an extra pair of shoes and a full change of clothes for a week at camp as should your children somehow end up covered in mud when the mud mysteriously jumps out of the potholes… this It is indescribable.

Strong tight shoe. “Break-in” hiking boots, hiking boots, or running shoes are best. Please do not wear sandals or rubber shoes (other than alternative shoes).

2023 Summer Camps Near Me

Top Summer Camps In Calgary (2023)

Complete change of clothes including socks and shoes. Please keep it in a separate bag to leave the camp for the rest of the week.

Reusable water bottle. We will give each camper this summer, but please bring extra (at least 500 ml).

2023 Summer Camps Near Me

Rain gear and thermal layer. A waterproof jacket is a must if you have trousers. We go out rain or shine and some days are not the warmest mornings!

Top Summer Camps In Ottawa (2023)

Lots of nut-free snacks and healthy lunches. We are a nut safety/nut awareness program, so please join us in our efforts to keep everyone as safe as possible. Bring lots of snacks. This is an active camp, so more fuel is needed than during the school day.

2023 Summer Camps Near Me

Recommended items. Insect repellents: Natural insect repellents such as “Buzz Away” are great. Light long-sleeved cotton t-shirt and pants: Protects campers from sun and mosquitoes. Cheap Camera: A camera you don’t use, and don’t think about if it makes it home.

Please! No electronic devices or external distractions such as iPods, portable game consoles, trading cards, toys, etc. We discourage any technological and commercial immersion in nature. Cell phones live at home based on cubbies.

2023 Summer Camps Near Me

Summer Stem Camps For Kids

We allow new photographers to use the camera as long as they are treated with respect and used with care. We don’t ask

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