Asheboro Fall Festival 2023

Asheboro Fall Festival 2023 – ASHEBORO— The Randolph Arts Association Board of Directors has made the difficult decision to cancel the Asheboro Fall Festival scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, October 3rd and 4th. Concerned for their health and the well-being of the community, festival patrons, City of Asheboro and Randolph County vendors, their employees, volunteers and support staff weighed heavily in this outcome.

The Asheboro Fall Festival is an arts and crafts event that has been held in historic downtown Asheboro for 47 years and was canceled only once in 2015 due to Hurricane Joaquin. The festival attracts between 40,000 and 60,000 visitors each year. They are consistently able to attract and highlight some of the best artists and craftspeople in and around Randolph County. Amazing festival food vendors are the best to find.

Asheboro Fall Festival 2023

Asheboro Fall Festival 2023

Everyone involved in making the festival a success year after year has high hopes that they will be able to make it happen, as does the Randolph Arts Society. They received the full support of the City of Asheboro and Randolph County and all support services to make the event possible in the future. However, COVID-19 continues to have a tremendous impact on all of our lives. With the recent expansion of the governor’s executive order to stay safe at home and the cancellation of events in neighboring counties, this reaffirms the need to stay home. In addition, two of North Carolina’s biggest fall events – the North Carolina Seafood Festival and the North Carolina State Fair – have decided to cancel their events.

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They realized that the Asheboro Fall Festival was not only the Randolph Arts Guild’s largest fundraiser, but also the largest fundraiser and revenue generator for many of their vendors. Many of their vendors use the proceeds from their sales to support the important missions of nonprofit organizations in their communities. Artists and craftspeople use the event to showcase their skills and bring artwork to the community that brightens our lives and supports their livelihoods. The hope is that everyone will continue to attend the festival, in part because the cancellation of the spring and summer festivals had serious consequences.

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Asheboro Fall Festival 2023

Rest assured that the Randolph Arts Association will continue to host its highly successful Fall Festival in 2021. In the meantime, they plan to work with their vendors to help promote arts and crafts and businesses through an upcoming program. have expanded to their social media platform. They will also organize events to promote the participation of the whole community in art programs and projects that can be realized in the current environment in which we all work.

There is a quote that speaks to the times we are facing and one of the upcoming projects: “When life gets hard and you fail, let’s go. Remember that, somewhere in the world, a flower grows out of concrete.”

Asheboro Fall Festival 2023

Festivals In Asheboro 2023

As we all feel the weight of the cutbacks, disruptions and closings we are experiencing, the Randolph Arts Guild is moving forward with plans to help bring back the light, color and joy. In this unprecedented time. The Randolph Arts Society is grateful to everyone who has supported the Asheboro Fall Festival over the years. They appreciate your understanding and look forward to a spectacular event on October 2nd and 3rd, 2021.ASHEBORO – Attendees and vendors at this year’s Asheboro Fall Festival may have noticed some changes from previous years, but perhaps be a positive change, Randolph Arts Association said. CEO Reggie Scott.

Scott took over as CEO after last fall’s festival, but oversees the annual Asheboro event as it turns 47 in October.

Asheboro Fall Festival 2023

Early in his review of past festivals, Scott discovered that vendors were charged a small fee ($25) for a booth and that there was an honor system, with 10 percent of all proceeds going to the festival. Randolph Art Association.

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So this year, the trading company’s vendor booth will cost $150, but the vendor will keep all profits after that.

Asheboro Fall Festival 2023

Scott added that the Randolph Arts Guild is not for profit, but, “There’s still a cost to doing all of this. I want to make sure we keep our heads above water.”

There has been some backlash from community members about the price hike, but Scott hopes they will change their minds when they see the changes at this year’s festival.

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Asheboro Fall Festival 2023

The Latest Covid 19 Related Cancellations And Postponements

Scott hopes to streamline the event by shrinking the duplicate booth. While this means there will be fewer jobs, he sees it as a way to improve the quality of what is available.

This year’s festival will be even more organized, with all the food vendors gathered in four cafeterias instead of being spread out like in years past.

Asheboro Fall Festival 2023

The design change also upset some vendors, who preferred to have the same location each year, but there would be an online site map for attendees to view, allowing them to see where everything is before arriving at festival.

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Anyone wishing to complete the application form to be considered a supplier must do so before July 26.

Asheboro Fall Festival 2023

Applicants can apply as a commercial service provider, central business service provider or information provider. The deadline for suppliers wishing to register as a ‘craft supplier’ has passed.

* Information Providers: These providers are local charities/non-profits. They will have the opportunity to sign up at a stand in the “Information Market” in the Berrehundeo Park parking lot. $75 (10 x 10).

Asheboro Fall Festival 2023

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* Commercial Business Vendors: These are local businesses that have not been established on the Fall Festival Route and will receive a standardized booth lined with handicrafts. $150 (10 x 10) or $250 (10 x 20).

* Downtown Business Vendors: These are downtown businesses located along the Fall Festival route. Booths can be located in front of commercial premises. $100 (10 x 10).

Asheboro Fall Festival 2023

Fees listed are Saturday 5 October 10am to 6pm and Sunday 6 October 12pm to 6pm both days of the festival. giving off a warm glow, our group headed to Asheboro for the annual fall festival. After having to turn around to pass the main town where the fair was held, we were able to park in the local courthouse parking lot. Entering the square from the side, we were immediately overwhelmed by the crowds of people and tents on the road. We try to approach the fair in the most logical way, trying to see everything there efficiently.

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Method A staying to the right and filtering through the tents seemed the cheapest option, so we began our journey through the crowds. We were immediately overwhelmed by the sights and smells of the festival. All kinds of tents, representing different organizations, call people to patronize the festivities, advertising their delicious food or crafts. with

Asheboro Fall Festival 2023

With the upcoming elections, there were several political party tents handing out information brochures about the candidates and the respective issues. After walking through many tent stores, no one bought many fried sweets, so we went for frozen yogurt to avoid the fat. “The only thing that separates us from animals is our ability to supplement.” ~Clairee, Steel Magnolia Learn more

Asheboro, the county seat of Randolph County, NC, has plenty to do in town and in the countryside.

Asheboro Fall Festival 2023

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Perhaps one of the biggest attractions in the area is the North Carolina Zoo. On the zoo side, the North Carolina Zoo offers spacious, airy spaces that resemble the natural habitats of the many animals on display across 500 acres. You can start from one of these two entrances: North America or Africa and walk around the park to discover the fauna of these two different continents. When you reach the end point, take the bus back to where you parked your car.

Squeezed into the city center, antique shops are filled with vintage gifts. When it comes to antiques, Asheboro has some of the nicest shops I’ve ever seen.

Asheboro Fall Festival 2023

Seagrove is home to many North Carolina potteries, the NC Museum of Traditional Pottery and the NC Pottery Center. Take a trip down the Pottery Highway and visit some of the local artisans making beautiful pieces in NC. I plan to attend the Seagrove Pottery Festival in November.

Things To Do In & Around Asheboro, Nc

One of two remaining covered bridges in the state, the Pisgah Covered Bridge is similar to the bridges that dot the Bucks’ home landscape.

Asheboro Fall Festival 2023

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