Baylor Academic Calendar Spring 2023

Baylor Academic Calendar Spring 2023 – During my privileged tenure as Dean of our Seminary—I will begin my ninth year this spring—I have attempted to identify and explore in my various invitations key aspects, mission and vision of our school. Given that Trott sees itself as an “Orthodox, Protestant, and Interdenominational School in the Historical Baptist Tradition embedded in a College of Christian Studies,” I want us to think together this morning about aspects or aspects of the missionaries present at our school. Doctor. David Pippington in his influential quartet, Crucicentrism. I want to do it under the name “Four Crosses, One Christ”. Before you do that, could you please pray with me?

O Jesus, draw near to me from the Cross: there is a spring of spring, free to all, a spring of healing that flows from Golgotha. On the cross, on the cross, is my glory forever, that my redeemed soul may find rest beyond the river. Amen.

Baylor Academic Calendar Spring 2023

Baylor Academic Calendar Spring 2023

Unlike Dr. Arterbury, I am not a missionary scholar. However, I am a student of the Gospels, and in the forty years I am currently in the ministry, I have had the opportunity to teach and preach from the Gospels on a regular basis. One book that has greatly helped me in understanding and improving my communication about the Witnesses to the Four Gospels is Richard Burridge’s valuable and accessible book, Four Gospels, One Jesus. ? Symbolic reading. In it, Burridge explains the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John incorporating the ancient Christian symbols associated with each Gospel. He considered Matthew’s portrait of Jesus through the lens of a human face. In Mark, Jesus is depicted as a lion, while Jesus is seen as a sad bull in Luke and a soaring eagle in John.

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Despite all the obvious differences and congruences between the canonical gospels, which in turn lead to the necessary academic goals, Burridge answered affirmatively to the questions posed in the title. Despite their differences, he argues that all four Evangelists claim one person, Jesus of Nazareth, as Lord and Savior. I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically agree with the key statements in Burridge’s book. As it happens, one of the findings in Burridge’s research is that the canonical or apocryphal gospels, while sometimes helpful and even entertaining, are not normative on the subject matter. beliefs, behaviours, beliefs and practices.

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Baylor Academic Calendar Spring 2023

The title of today’s talk “Four Crosses, One Christ” was inspired by the title of Burridge’s study, although I did not use a question mark in the title. I don’t have subtitles either. However, I do remember the four crosses that adorn our building and campus that point to and praise Jesus Christ. Before briefly defining and considering each of them, let me say a few words about crosses in general. Throughout Christian history, dozens of crosses have been conceived and built, most of them by the Christians themselves, who transformed a Roman instrument of torture and execution into a symbol of Christian sacrificial love. When you have time – please not now – google “diagonal types” in the search field and you’ll see what I mean.

Prior to her recent retirement, Dorothy Terry served in the principal’s office at Trott Theological Seminary. From time to time, I walk into her office and look at the various crosses hanging on the office wall. Furthermore, when I enter the foyer of Waco First Baptist Church, my family’s church, I am often mesmerized by the beauty and grandeur of the tapestry of the cross that hangs there. Likewise, as I paced back and forth in the spacious and elegant Baugh-Reynolds campus in Waco, I often focused on four intersections. There are certainly others, including the one behind the “Welcome to Christ” in the church window in front of you and the one behind me, but I usually focus on the four most.

Baylor Academic Calendar Spring 2023

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The first and most obvious is the pointed cross. A large, simple, gilded cross adorns the steeple of Paul W. Powell Church. It was commissioned at 7:30 a.m. on May 30, 2001 and was safely placed on a raised perch so people passing by our facility could see it. Visible from Interstate 35, it is even taller than the Heard Welcome Center under construction across from our campus. Seeing the pointed cross, it is hoped that people will not only be attracted to the cross but also to Christ on the cross, who declares that if He is lifted up, all will be taken away. attracted to Him (see John 12:32). Furthermore, one can hope that when people see the church’s cross dedicated to the life and memory of Chase Gray, they can also deduce that what happens inside the building is appreciated. sign with the symbol of the cross.

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The second outer cross on our premises, which we might call the Bell Tower Cross or the Troit Cross, isn’t as conspicuous as the Spire Cross, but it’s also not as easy to place under the faucet ruler. . It stands out especially when one is at the back of the building. This cross also appears in various places in our building and in a much smaller form, especially on the dedication board. Adopted in 1994 to represent yeshiva, the flame on top of the cross symbolizes the Holy Spirit; The horizontal bar represents the open Bible; The axis represents the cross itself. The Cross of Truth bears witness to the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit bears witness to Christ crucified.

Baylor Academic Calendar Spring 2023

The third cross is also located on the outside of the building and is strategically located so that those approaching the premises from the main campus can see the empty cross. Weighing 536 pounds and standing 7 feet 7 inches tall, Trott’s empty cross, designed by Max Greiner Jr., arguably the most important Christian sculptor of our time, symbolizes perfection. perfect. This past February 22, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the founding of Princess Baugh-Reynolds, the contemporary cross was made of red and brown Cor-teen steel to represent the blood of Jesus shed on the cross. price. Not only does the hollow or hollow design of the cross represent the One who is to come, but the open structure of the cross also represents Jesus from his crucifixion until his resurrection. Jesus is no longer on the cross or in the tomb. Instead, Christ crucified, resurrected, and ascended, is sitting in glory at the right hand of the Father, interceding for us.

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The fourth and final cross can be seen on the University of Waco campus above the mantelpiece in Paul and Katie Piper Hall. Received and hung on April 21, 2022 The Mantle Cross is the latest addition to Truett’s series of crosses and can also be reviewed and is commonly referred to as the Rolf Cross. Made of walnut from Georgia Homestead, this wooden cross measures 40″ x 28″ and is handcrafted by Dr. Howard Rolfe. Dr. Rolfe, a member of First Baptist Church in Waco, and a generous scholarship sponsor at our seminary, taught math for 35 years before retiring in 1998. For 26 years, From 1971 to 1997, he held the position of dean of the department. As it happens, Andrew McClintock, the grandson of Dr. Rolfe of Tyler, Texas, is the son of Stephanie, the daughter of Dr. Rolfe, now a graduate and student at Truett.

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Baylor Academic Calendar Spring 2023

Although these four crosses are different, together they symbolize and bear witness to the cross of Christ, and more importantly, they represent and bear witness to Christ on the cross.

Paul begins and ends this moving letter to the Galatians with an emphasis on Christ crucified. In 1:4, the apostle describes Jesus Christ as “giving Himself up for our sins, according to the will of God our Father, that we might be delivered from the new generation.” this wickedness.” Then, at the end of the letter, he wrote in his smooth pen: “I was never proud, but only proud of the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, in which the world (or He), to me, (or in Him) was crucified, and I reveal it to the world” (6:14).

Baylor Academic Calendar Spring 2023

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While crucifixion was the focus of Paul’s sermon while he was with the Galatians (hence 3:1), some agitators or rioters (as Paul called them) crept among them and, at least from Paul’s point of view, tried to bring them down. . This need was emphasized by emphasizing the centrality of the cross by emphasizing certain aspects of the law, especially the circumcision of converted Gentile men. This was no small feat for Paul, who sought in his letter to dispel the Galatian misconception that Jesus’ life-giving death required a life-giving death. necessary support, though

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