Ccny Fall 2023 Calendar

Ccny Fall 2023 Calendar – Sociological language, sociological perspectives, major areas of sociological research. Topics include: culture, socialization, self and society, social class and social class, family, religion, politics, social institutions, collective behavior, collective culture, social behavior, and social change. This course fulfills general education requirements and is required of sociology majors and minors.

This 4-credit course requires additional work outside the classroom, including back-to-back lectures, readings, and assignments. This course is mandatory for all sociology majors. Meaning and relevance of “scientific method” as a guiding principle of research logic in sociology. Past historical perspectives and social research methods. Exploratory research, sampling, questionnaire design analysis, hypothesis testing; Community studies, field observations, unstructured interviews and participant observations. Adequate control.

Ccny Fall 2023 Calendar

Ccny Fall 2023 Calendar

Modern sociology is based on the ideas of 19th and early 20th century theorists such as Marx, Weber, Durkheim, Simmel, Veblen, and Cooley, who emphasize the intellectual and social context and relevance of contemporary concepts and propositions. developed. This 4-credit course requires additional work outside the classroom, such as previous lectures, readings, and assignments. This class is required of all sociology majors.

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The origins and career of “social pathology” is a nuanced concept. Social problems, relationship between social problems and public policy. Challenges in defining social problems and developing strategies for remedial intervention. Examples with modern relevance. Role of Voluntary Organizations, Media and Legislatures in identifying social problems.

Ccny Fall 2023 Calendar

This course examines health, disease, disability and medicine from a social perspective. Topics include: epidemiology, historical changes in public health, social and cultural analysis of health and disease, the medical profession and work practice, health policy, and the nature and role of health-related knowledge in professional and popular settings.

Social basis for the function and influence of religion in modern society. How does religion shape our sense of community? What is the relationship between personal beliefs and teamwork? Can religion help unite us in a diverse and interconnected world? Or do they reinforce our differences?

Ccny Fall 2023 Calendar

The City College Of New York

The role of collective society is compared to its earlier forms. “High” culture and “pop” culture and media. Social effects of media and the problem of public control.

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A Survey of the Sociological, Psychological, and Educational Needs of Hispanic Children in New York Public Schools. Emphasis will be placed on the study of language, family structure, ethnic relations, and issues of community life.

Ccny Fall 2023 Calendar

Using research on the experiences of ethnic minorities in the United States and Latin America, this course examines race and gender in nation formation, identity construction, inequality, and social mobility. Questions to guide this course:

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Through an interdisciplinary feminist approach, this course examines how women, men, and adolescents experience health issues related to migration and social inequality. We examine health risks in an international context by examining specific social issues, health outcomes, political discourses about health, and their socio-economic, political and cultural influences on how they construct racial and sexual others. We examine health promotion and other programs aimed at developing culturally sensitive interventions that address immigrant health issues and how communities and individuals can work to reduce their health risks.

Ccny Fall 2023 Calendar

An applied course in principles of consumer behavior and marketing research. This course examines how and why people buy and the sociological, psychological, and economic appeals of advertising, including product presentation, pricing, packaging, product endorsement, competitive response, and consumer decisions. Students will learn to conduct market research using techniques such as field observations, in-depth interviews, focus groups, and questionnaires.

This course is designed to provide students with a critical understanding of the role of the state in family life with particular emphasis on the child welfare system or family regulation. Students examine the strengths and weaknesses of social welfare policies that affect families through an intersectional lens. This course provides space to envision an alternative framework for raising children in a safe and nurturing environment.

Ccny Fall 2023 Calendar

Branding + Integrated Communications (bic)

This course provides an introduction to the areas of international immigration and US law. Specifically, this course examines the relationship between various immigration patterns and the history and laws governing immigration in the United States. This course also examines how politics, economics, and globalization have shaped current immigration trends and the US immigration legal system.

SOC 31171 Sustainability, Diversity and Inclusion: Vision, Reality and Praxis for a Sustainable and Just World (3 credits) *BEGIN*

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Ccny Fall 2023 Calendar

Immersed in New York’s rich urban ecology, we discuss the social movements of “sustainability” and “inclusion” where “(bio)diversity” is essential to a modern, healthy planet. A just society. We study these demands in the context of contemporary geopolitics and political economy, in contrast to which difference is characterized by inequality.

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In this volume of Social Vision and Social Reality, we examine the complex relationship between dissolution and destruction of the material world; changing ideas and increasing complexity in the social world; And, modern production systems compatible with life and consciousness in the modern information economy.

Ccny Fall 2023 Calendar

Social life is increasingly documented and controlled by algorithms, which dictate what ads and content we see, what opportunities are presented to us, and how resources are allocated. While regulators and advocacy groups try to regulate unethical and questionable practices, much of the data and algorithmic systems we encounter every day are hidden and unaccountable. This course focuses on three questions: 1) How do information systems and algorithms work? (2) What damage did they cause? (3) Should we try to correct them and how?

This course explores the experiences of Latin American immigrant women living in the United States; Specifically, how gender, class, race, and ethnicity influence these women’s migration and adjustment to the United States. We examine the factors driving migration, such as globalization, the growth of the labor economy, and the female workforce, and how the effects of women’s migration into the US labor market are changing gender relations at home, at work, and in the broader community. We examine how stratification among migrants, particularly black and Afro-descendants, racialized and feminized global capitalism.

Ccny Fall 2023 Calendar

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Why are some countries in the Americas struggling economically while others are thriving? What was the effect of European colonialism, the decline of Aboriginal people and the arrival of millions of enslaved black Africans? This socio-historical research course compares the different socio-economic developments of Latin America, the Caribbean, and the United States, by Dominican sociologist Pedro Francisco Bono, Peruvian economist José Carlos Mariategui, Cuban humanist José Martí, and Puerto Rican humanist Luris Lawrence. , Argentine economist Raul Prebish, US sociologist Emmanuel Wallerstein and other scientists. In addition, we explore the influence of widely translated source texts such as Black Skin, Martinique psychologist Frantz Fanon’s White Masks, Brazilian philosopher Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of Oppression, and Uruguayan journalist Eduardo Galeño.

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SOC 31315 / LALS 31315 / INTL 31315 Brown Lives Matter: Racism, Police Violence, and the US Latino/a/x Community (3 credits)

Ccny Fall 2023 Calendar

This course explores the historical relationship between race, immigration, and policing in the United States. We examine three main social processes: (1) national and local institutions—immigration officials, law enforcement, the criminal justice system, and the media—criminalized the Latino community: (2) processes of racialization—character. the specific meaning used to kill, imprison, search, track, and sterilize brown bodies: and (3) the way the Latino community organized to resist these narratives and practices. To examine these dynamics, this course examines policing theory, case studies, and articles.

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This course examines the emerging Internet subculture and its relationship to social systems. Using a sociological perspective, we focus on how online subcultures differ from other subcultures and how gender, race, class, and more are produced and oriented within online communities.

Ccny Fall 2023 Calendar

This course explores the early possibilities of cooperative economic democracy, which emphasizes collective concern through direct organization and cooperatives, where all members have a say in decision-making, job rotation, and other collective democratic practices. Students will learn about the connected economy, examine patterns of competition between for-profit firms, and learn how these patterns can address economic and other inequalities.

Sociological analyzes of contemporary and historical research on work and its socio-organizational context describe the meaning, satisfaction, and degree of autonomy people find in their work and the outcomes in certain workplaces.

Ccny Fall 2023 Calendar

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Race and ethnicity are important areas of stratification in society. This course examines competing theories and definitions of race and ethnicity. Using case studies, he looks at the social construction of race and ethnicity at different times around the world. 3 credits.

Note: CUNY initially incorrectly requested SOC 105 prerequisites for enrollment in SOC 381

Ccny Fall 2023 Calendar

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