Chicago Midwinter 2023

Chicago Midwinter 2023 – In the middle of 2023, our theme “Draw Close” invites each of us to draw closer to God, even as God draws closer to us. As we gather in January, we invite you to experience a new sense of calling, purpose, and joy as you serve. Our worship services, workshops, and speakers are all designed with you in mind. Trust us, this is going to be a mid-winter you don’t want to miss.

The Midwinter Conference is a wonderful opportunity to connect with colleagues in covenant ministry, learn about new ideas, and be refreshed and revitalized. Sharing interests, encouraging and motivating, reflecting and inspiring, laughing and having fun! Join us with your ministry colleagues as we affirm God’s calling on your life.

Chicago Midwinter 2023

Chicago Midwinter 2023

At community gatherings, you will worship, learn, and be inspired by like-minded people, and renew your desire to continue the mission God has given you.

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Breakouts are moderated sessions with in-depth conversations and content from pace-setters in a variety of fields. These spaces are designed to give participants personal access to these leaders and prepare you to return to the ministry context equipped and refreshed.

Chicago Midwinter 2023

If you’ve never been to Midwinter, it’s an important time to meet colleagues and build relationships. We know we need each other because we are better together. As we work together in ministry, we seek to build bonds and faith with one another.

In addition to planning your Midwinter Conference, explore our host city and all it has to offer. Download JAX! The app to find all the places to meet, eat, shop and hang out in Jacksonville.

Chicago Midwinter 2023

Midwinter Meeting (feb 2023), Chicago Usa

If you can’t make it to Jacksonville, we’re announcing another way to join us. Starting Monday, December 5, 2022, registration for the Midwinter 2023 digital experience will open. One week is $149 and includes:

Fellowships are available to trusted covenant clergy, ecumenical staff, clergy (military and institutional), as well as retired covenant clergy not actively serving in legal ministry positions. Scholarship applications must be submitted no later than December 1, 2022 and will be reviewed by conference supervisors before approval. Full-time military chaplains must submit applications by December 14, 2022. Contact your assigned ministry and send your questions to @ministry.

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Chicago Midwinter 2023

Please email @ event to submit cancellation requests. Telephone cancellations are not accepted. $100 registrations are non-refundable. Registrations canceled with payment and full balance received by January 13th will incur a $50 cancellation fee. A $100 fee applies to all cancellations after January 13th. Individual cases may be made on a case-by-case basis.

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A transfer from the same church or institution will be accepted if the fee and payment for the new registration is the same as the original registrant. Email @events to make any changes. Enter the surrogate’s name, address, phone number, and email address.

Chicago Midwinter 2023

Your participation in Midwinter grants the Agreement permission to reproduce your image, likeness, and voice for any recorded Midwinter performance or post-event advertising and advertising for other similar events sponsored by the Agreement.

Tommy is the president of the Evangelical Covenant Church. He listened to his new ministerial calling this season, meeting with covenant leaders and understanding our mission goals. His renewal shows how God is moving in the Great Covenant Church and his journey in the coming months. We are excited to hear from Tommy at Midwinter as he leads the way as our President.

Chicago Midwinter 2023

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Peter is the founding/lead pastor of Metro Community Church in Englewood, New Jersey. Metro Community Church began as a community that found commonality in vulnerability with a humble approach. Today, Metro has become a vibrant, multi-ethnic church that has transformed its community and the world. It will be based on a heartfelt appeal to God and how God works in our weaknesses.

Peter is also the President of the Metro Community Center, which serves the people of Englewood through community service and outreach. He travels the world in pursuit of his desire to empower others to accept their flaws. He lives in northern New Jersey with his wife Jenny and three beautiful children: Christina, Kayla and Christian.

Chicago Midwinter 2023

Learning how to reach beyond the four walls of the church to contribute to the local context. Presented by David Swanson, Benny Amaya, Andrew Morrell, Saint Ponton, Drew Williams, Kimberly Wright and Cindy Wu.

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Carlos and Migdalia are a couple from Puerto Rico who have been married for 36 years. For 12 years, they were general pastors of Iglesia Ciudad de Restaurante in Humacao, Puerto Rico. They then devoted themselves to traveling, teaching and preaching the message of the Kingdom of God in various churches, and conducting seminars on inner healing and leadership in the United States, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, and Cuba, among others.

Chicago Midwinter 2023

Brian Stevenson is a renowned attorney and best-selling author of Just Mercy. It will challenge us to think about what it means to face the injustice and destruction that the world invites. Brian is the founder and executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative, a human rights organization in Montgomery, Alabama. Under his leadership, EJI has overcome major legal challenges, including ending excessive and unjust convictions, acquitting innocent death row inmates, combating prisoner abuse and mental illness, and holding children accountable as adults. He dedicated his work to helping the poor, imprisoned and condemned.

Jane Stevens is one of the founders and lead pastors of Spirit City Church in Chicago. He wants us to be close to each other in shepherding. We know that the role of pastor can be lonely and stressful, and we need a ministerial board to fulfill it.

Chicago Midwinter 2023

Artist Portraits From Pitchfork And The Art Institute Of Chicago’s Midwinter Event

Prior to Soul City Church, Stevens served on the pastoral boards of Willow Creek Community Church and North Pointe Community Church. A sought-after speaker, leader and author, Jean’s passion is helping people discover their purpose while living a life of true freedom. She lives in Chicago with her husband, Jarrett, and their two children.

Drawing closer to God is learning more about God, others, and ourselves. The faculty and staff of North Park Theological Seminary prepare to share with us the themes of meditation, intimacy, identity, and empowerment. Presented by Dennis Edwards, Sheryl Lynn Kane, Paul DeNoy, Rob Patterson and Brett Weidman.

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Chicago Midwinter 2023

Bring your financial questions, concerns and concerns. Bring any comments or documents you wish to discuss. This confidential conversation with a financial expert from Mutual Trust gives you new tools and ideas to help you move forward with confidence and a clear vision for your present and future.

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Spiritual direction is listening, understanding and prayer, in a context of hidden encouragement and compassion. Trained spiritual directors are available for 50-minute sessions at Midwinter. However, availability is limited. Please indicate your interest during registration and you will be contacted later and schedule information will be sent to you.

Chicago Midwinter 2023

Alliance Benefits and Catapult Health are teaming up for a mid-winter preventive health screening. Each 10- to 15-minute examination includes eight diagnostic blood tests, medical history and physical measurements, followed by a virtual clinical consultation with a board-certified nurse practitioner after the conference. Participate in the online registration process, register and pay $25. Affiliate benefits will pay out as soon as you complete the exam, so it’s free. No refunds for shows.

If you would like to meet with the conference director or staff during Mid-Conference, please contact them prior to the event. There will be a meeting place at the hotel.

Chicago Midwinter 2023

A Successful 157th Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting

Join President Tommy Swanson Dryheim for a brief presentation of our mission priorities and questions and answers.

Women in ministry go “back” in the morning to immerse yourself in God’s Word. Susan Cosio, pastor and spiritual director will lead us with her team during this time. Continental breakfast presented by Advocates for the Covenant for Clergy Women (ACCW).

Chicago Midwinter 2023

For those unable to attend in person, Jane Spriggs, Camp Director of Covenant Women’s Group, offers an online spiritual retreat that is the equivalent of an in-person retreat from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

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Join the annual women’s ministerial gathering. Be inspired by our engagement and connection as leaders. This year’s theme is “We’re Still Here” – we’ve overcome and experienced deep sorrow, but we remain in God’s love! We return to ourselves, to our voices, to our wholeness.

Chicago Midwinter 2023

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