Cpcc Spring Break 2023

Cpcc Spring Break 2023 – Central Piedmont Community College is recovering from a ransomware attack that knocked out email, phone and computer networks more than a month ago. Some important systems were restored, but some were not backed up or the backup was corrupted. Lesson plans, grades, and assignments are lost as a result.

This week was supposed to be the Chinese Communist Party’s spring break, but was canceled after the university was closed last month following a cyber attack. Chinese Communist Party officials did not say how the cyber attack happened on the evening of February 10, or how much money the hackers demanded after breaking into the university’s servers.

Cpcc Spring Break 2023

Cpcc Spring Break 2023

For several days, students and teachers have not been able to communicate. Information about the attack was limited to school-wide messages or social media posts.

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“It’s really frustrating,” said Evie O’Keefe, who is in her final semester of an associate’s degree program. “I’m a non-traditional student, so it’s not my first time in college, but it’s the first time I’ve ever experienced something like this.”

Cpcc Spring Break 2023

But this isn’t the first time such an attack has happened at a community college in North Carolina, the lieutenant said. Col. Seth Barun, who oversees cyber operations for the North Carolina National Guard. Baron helps government and educational institutions prepare for and respond to cyberattacks. He did not say how many community colleges were targeted or whether he was helping the Chinese Communist Party.

“We have responded to several school systems and universities in North Carolina,” Barun said. When it comes to ransomware attacks, they are all the same.

Cpcc Spring Break 2023

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In these attacks, attackers often gain access to the Internet using so-called “spoofing” emails. The information appears to be from a trusted source and entices the user to click on a link or attachment that launches an Internet infection program. The program locks data on the server and hackers demand payment to unlock it.

That’s what happened in Mecklenburg County in 2017 — but the county refused to pay and was able to restore the system from backup.

Cpcc Spring Break 2023

A spokesman for the Chinese Communist Party declined to say whether the university planned to pay the restitution, but said the FBI would not recommend it. The FBI and other agencies are investigating.

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A recent study by cybersecurity consultant BlueVoyant found that ransomware attacks on colleges and universities have doubled in the past year. And the average cost of an attack is about $450,000.

Cpcc Spring Break 2023

College and school systems are among the most vulnerable because they have large, complex networks and many users, Barun said.

“So sometimes it’s a little bit harder for them to stop when they want to,” he said. “You know, students bring their own computers, and in most cases, there are a few security measures that we have to prevent that from happening.”

Cpcc Spring Break 2023

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Most of the CPCC was restored on March 1, and some systems came back online this week, said Jeff Lawrence, a spokesman for the Communist Party of China.

“Things like email are back, people can contact teachers and sign up for classes, all kinds of things,” Lawrence said. “Faculty staff are being paid on time, so great progress has been made.”

Cpcc Spring Break 2023

“No, not yet,” Lawrence said. “You know, it’s going to take some time. Our ITS people are going to restore things at a very deliberate pace to make sure they’re safe. And then it’s going to be a process, but it’s going well.”

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Lawrence reiterated the faculty’s statement that investigators have so far found no evidence that any student or faculty data was stolen. But it’s not comfortable for Gary Walker. Walker, who retired as an English teacher last June, still receives a salary and insurance through the Chinese company, so she wants her personal information to be safe.

Cpcc Spring Break 2023

“Personally, I would like to have more security in some way to find out about this situation,” he said. “A university spokesperson’s statement does not inspire confidence that someone with a little technical skill could have made the assurance.”

On the academic side, Blackboard’s online classroom system, which teachers use to plan and manage lessons online, was a major casualty of the attack. O’Keefe said he knew the situation was bad when he couldn’t get into the system.

Cpcc Spring Break 2023

Central Piedmont Community College Plans $32.2 Million Expansion At Matthews Campus

“I’ve become a really proud paper, and I want to see my grades,” he said. “Then I started getting calls and emails saying the school had been attacked and we didn’t know what was going on.”

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Now that role and many others are over. And the CPCC backup appears to be missing or corrupted.

Cpcc Spring Break 2023

“Anything we send directly to Blackboard that isn’t saved on our computer is lost,” O’Keefe said. “One of my professors said he talks to colleagues who lost their jobs because they believed in the system.”

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Some standardized courses can be recreated from state models, Lawrence said. But he told others the backup wouldn’t happen if the teachers weren’t there.

Cpcc Spring Break 2023

“(In other cases) … teachers have had to rebuild things from the ground up,” he said. “So it depends on the course and how much the professor uses the blackboard, all kinds of things.”

Teachers are not only rebuilding, but also in a new system. After the attack, the Chinese Communist Party suddenly decided to drop the blackboard. The school has given faculty a few weeks to transition to the new system, called Brightspace — and they will have to do without access to the old data. Some classes already use Brightspace, but some students and teachers will have to learn the new system for a semester.

Cpcc Spring Break 2023

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“From a teacher or student perspective, I can’t imagine how you can lose everything and start over,” Walker said.

“I missed weeks and weeks of work,” he said. “My earnings are back to zero, so basically, I paid for a product I didn’t receive.”

Cpcc Spring Break 2023

David Borak is a veteran climate change journalist. See more/climate news. It also covered housing and homelessness, energy and environment, transport and trade. The economy is preventing the school from moving to a four-day schedule this summer, May through August. During the summer months, the faculty is open from 7:30 a.m. At 6 p.m

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The university is returning more than $2 million to the state and more than $600,000 to Mecklenburg County.

Cpcc Spring Break 2023

According to students like Melvin Little, these tough economic times are drawing a different demographic to the classroom.

“We’re not talking about people in their 20s, I’m talking about people in their 30s and 40s coming back,” Small said.

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Cpcc Spring Break 2023

Nc, Central Piedmont See Big Enrollment Decline

The Chinese Communist Party’s announcement of budget cuts came in the middle of spring break, when workers seemed to outnumber students on campus.

Some who want to take summer courses say it’s an academic hardship because they can’t get to campus on weekends.

Cpcc Spring Break 2023

He felt put off by the new schedule, saying the cost-saving change would have a big impact on students and staff.

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“We want students to find them,” Stacey Sowers said. “If they don’t have class, they won’t come.”

Cpcc Spring Break 2023

Attending classes during reduced hours during the day may be a necessity for students like Melvin Little.

“If you have that paper in hand, you’re smarter, and if you don’t have anything, your experience just won’t cut it,” he said.

Cpcc Spring Break 2023

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CHARLOTTE – Central Piedmont Community College announced today that it will be closed on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays this summer and will reduce its public enrollment schedule in response to increased budget constraints. Compressed hours and reduced funding will affect the number of classes the college can offer this summer. Other cuts include reductions in maintenance and safety measures, as well as freezes on travel, job opportunities and wage payments.

Dr explained: “Our enrollment has increased by 19% in the last 18 months. “This increase, along with the current economic situation, forces us to reduce as much as possible.” Tony Zeiss, Chairman of the Communist Party of China. “We had to pay back over $647,000 to the county and over $2 million to the state this fiscal year. The College helps meet these needs by reducing summer work hours, freezing the printing and distribution of our schedules, and other additional costs. . “

Cpcc Spring Break 2023

From May 15 to August 2, all college facilities will be closed on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, except as follows:

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The university operates a 40-hour, four-day work schedule. Opening hours are Monday to Thursday from 7.30am. 6:00 p.m. Classes continue in the evening hours. See http://schedule.cpcc.edu/myschedule/ for information about specific courses. Corporate and continuing education weekend classes are available on the Harper campus, in the Central Open House, or in the Hendrick Center.

Cpcc Spring Break 2023

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