Cwu Fall 2023 Schedule

Cwu Fall 2023 Schedule – Washington center-back Brock Gilbert finds an open path in the first half of Wildcat’s 78-66 win over the Alaska Fairbanks on Saturday. Ian Bivona / Columbia Basin Herald

MOSES LAKE – The men’s and women’s basketball teams in central Washington ended their stand at home on Lake Moses last Saturday, where the men’s team escaped fear and the women’s team lost for the third time. Consecutive.

Cwu Fall 2023 Schedule

Cwu Fall 2023 Schedule

The Wildcats won their 78-66 match against Alaska Fairbanks on Saturday, including a 20-point lead in the first half, which Nanooks cut by two points in the second half.

White River School District 416

“They are a good team and I know they will run,” said CWU coach Brandon Rinta. “He came close and that means we have to drop him like this.”

Cwu Fall 2023 Schedule

Rinta praised senior defender Isaiah Banks’ defensive play for helping lead the Wildcats to a solid start. The bank’s hasty play to prevent internal crossings for placement and errors put Central up to 12 -4 at under 16 years of age. From there, a 16-0 run with three straight points by Colby Gennett extended Central’s lead to 28-6.

“We really have good energy,” Rinta said. “That was a good defense as we played all year.”

Cwu Fall 2023 Schedule

Angela Kyle (fowlks)

Falling 41-23 in the middle of the tent, Nanooks started looking for success in driving the edge and making a mistake against the Central Court and found them up 55-53 with less than 10 minutes left in the second half. . Rinta decided to switch to an area and put more shooters on the floor, pushing for a quick six-point run to give the Wildcats some room to breathe.

“There are a lot of areas for us,” Rinta said. “We went into their deceleration zone, then put three shooters with (Brock) Gilbert and there was enough room to do things on the ball screen.”

Cwu Fall 2023 Schedule

Several shooters on the floor opened up space for Gilbert to weave the Alaska Fairbanks defense and create an open look for his teammates.

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“He is the best passer I have ever coached and if you give him space nine out of 10 he will get a good ball,” Rinta said. “He did well.”

Cwu Fall 2023 Schedule

Central will go on for a 78-66 win over the Alaska Fairbanks, its first GNAC win of the 2022-2023 season.

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“These people are fighting,” Rinta said. “We have the toughest non-conference schedule I have ever played and no gym at home – it’s very difficult. If we can win the home game an hour and a half from home we will get it.”

Cwu Fall 2023 Schedule

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“There are three things. Our strength, we defended in the first half; Manage to get a few miles out of our area as we did in the second half. And that insult, we got there late and Brock was able to make those ball screens, ”Rinta said.

Wildcats return to action Saturday on the anti-Nazarene road northwest. Tipoff is at 6 p.m.

Cwu Fall 2023 Schedule

It was a cold night for Central, who were able to connect three three-point attempts only five out of 27 times. A poor three-point result, combined with an unplanned miss and a slow start, saw Central lose 65-57. Third consecutive defeat.

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“We missed some shots we should not have had and forced them to make mistakes,” said CWU coach Randi Richardson-Thornley. “I took bad photos.”

Cwu Fall 2023 Schedule

The Wildcats were unable to score in the first two and a half minutes of the first quarter before senior center-back Samantha Bowman struck, resulting in an 11-4 run to tie the game at 11 p.m. Less than 10 seconds left. The forced match on The Red Leafs led to a change, giving Simon Fraser a 19-18 result to end the quarter, a lead he would not give up overnight.

“We were in a game where we could have won, but we made a big mistake in the first game, we didn’t score well from three goals and missed a lot of games,” said Richardson-Thornley. “That’s the difference in the game.”

Cwu Fall 2023 Schedule

Cwu Experiences Strong International Student Growth In Western Washington

Simon Fraser’s lead boosted momentum in favor of the Red Leafs, who beat the Wildcats 14-8 in the second quarter to take a 33-26 lead in the first half.

“It’s very difficult (to regain momentum) if we do not stop a lot and we make mistakes as well as bad shots, which is what our team depends on,” said Richardson-Thornley. Said. “When those things don’t work out, it’s hard to get back into the game.”

Cwu Fall 2023 Schedule

Two points in the fourth quarter by CWU striker Claire Heitschmidt reduced the deficit to four points with just over a minute left. The Red Leafs took advantage of an intentional error to pull off a 65-57 victory over the Wildcats.

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Visiting Central Washington University

“It was a big boost because I think at the time we were 2-17 until Claire hit back,” said Richardson-Thornley. “It’s great for Claire to be a good shooter and it’s great to see her shoot with confidence. But we have to shoot and stop. “

Cwu Fall 2023 Schedule

The defeat was Central’s third in a row after a good start to the season, 11-1. The Wildcats returned to action Thursday on the road against Alaska Anchorage.

“We were young and we knew we had to go through it and we would get it,” Richardson-Thornley said. “It’s a difficult place for all of our American centers to understand it, but we have to go through it for our young and inexperienced players to get it and hopefully we can get it on the left. Thursday. ” Jillian Ivers and Holly’s mother take off their belongings when they move to Barto Hall at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Wash. Friday. September 16, 2022.

Cwu Fall 2023 Schedule

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Morgan Blankenship, left, and Kylee Gregory, volunteer student, help move students coming into Barto Hall at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Wash., Friday. September 16, 2022.

Grace Stearns welcomes registered students to move to Barto Hall at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Wash on Friday. September 16, 2022.

Cwu Fall 2023 Schedule

Morgan Blankenship unlocks a student box in front of Barto Hall at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington on Friday. September 16, 2022.

Mycwu Student Center

Hundreds of students moved into the campus of Ellensburg campus at Central Washington University over the weekend. University officials are looking forward to a year dedicated to student integration due to concerns about epidemics.

Cwu Fall 2023 Schedule

ELLENSBURG – Even the long haul for the Barto Hall elevator could have left Nicolette and Scott Carlson’s spirits down on Friday as they moved Nicolette into a female student dormitory at Central Washington University.

A group of fathers and daughters from Woodinville waited patiently and could not stop smiling as they talked about making ice cream. Handmade by students’ favorite Winegars in Ellensburg.

Cwu Fall 2023 Schedule

Applying For Graduation

Scott Carlson attended CWU and met Nicolette’s mother there. He always hoped that his daughter would go to her aunt.

Nicolette Carlson is looking forward to not only ice cream in college, but also making new friends and studying geography.

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Cwu Fall 2023 Schedule

He was one of hundreds of students who settled on CWU’s Ellensburg campus over the weekend, just in time for the start of the quarter on Wednesday. While parents and students are excited about the transition, university officials are looking forward to a year dedicated to student integration due to pandemic concerns.

Fall Wildcat Preview Day To Welcome Prospective And Newly Admitted Students

More than a thousand first-year students moved into their room on Friday alone, according to Lindsey Myers, assistant director of housing.

Cwu Fall 2023 Schedule

This is the first year since the Kovid-19 epidemic that volunteer students have been allowed in the dormitory to Help move. About 250 members of CWU clubs, organizations and sports teams attended the weekend.

Psychology coach Kylee Gregory said the women’s soccer team volunteered at the request of their coach. Gregory said he and his teammates moved early so he could have more time to train. He felt that it made the movement less busy.

Cwu Fall 2023 Schedule

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“Everyone in the same boat lives on their own for the first time as a new student, so do not be afraid to meet new people, leave the door open … and join,” she said.

Jillian Ivers, a new Spanish student from Lake Stevens, said she was looking forward to the social aspects of college, such as making new friends. He is also looking for a study abroad program in Barcelona.

Cwu Fall 2023 Schedule

His mother, Holly Ivers, said she was excited about the opportunity her son would have in college beyond what he had at home.

Wildcat Softball Announces Changes To Weekend Schedule

Myers said parents are great at keeping their senses in check during the move on their own, but she knows many people shed tears on the way home.

Cwu Fall 2023 Schedule

Grace Stearns welcomes registered students to move to Barto Hall at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Wash on Friday. September 16, 2022. Emree Weaver / Yakima Herald-Republic

Freshman music student Ace Gambale has the freedom of social interaction and extracurricular activities on his mind during the move. covid? Not much.

Cwu Fall 2023 Schedule

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During the move to Barto Hall, some students or family members wore masks. New students express excitement about the social opportunities available in college after years of distance learning in high school.

COVID protocol

Cwu Fall 2023 Schedule

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