Ecc Spring Break 2023

Ecc Spring Break 2023 – Established in 1969, the Educational Opportunity Fund at County College facilitates access to higher education for students from low-income, economic and literacy communities.

The program has consistently offered quality and comprehensive services to meet student needs and has paid off

Ecc Spring Break 2023

Ecc Spring Break 2023

Highlights of the program include the Pre-Summer Freshman Program, consulting services, tutoring services and EOF academic scholarships. More than 1,000 students benefit from the county college’s EOF program.

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Despite coming from the lowest-income and most challenged communities, EOF students consistently rank higher in retention and graduation rates.

Ecc Spring Break 2023

Apply in the first week of fall or spring using the online form above. The exact date will be announced on the website, in the department and at the university with flyers and posters. We’ll let you know if you’re eligible within a few weeks of submitting your application. EOF returnees have first priority in terms of funding. However, as many students graduate, pass or drop out, we will have vacancies. New students must attend EOF orientation and provide proof of income as requested during the semester.

EOF offers a six-week program for new college students. Earn points toward your degree, develop college-level skills, get free lunch with our EOF counselors every day, and more! Apply at the link above if you are new to the college and want to get your county college experience off to a good start. The 2023 program will be published soon.

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Ecc Spring Break 2023

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EOF is a program of the New Jersey State Department of Higher Education. At the beginning of the academic year (in September), students receive a limited amount of support. So you may be eligible, but not funded, because the funds have already been used! In the meantime, feel free to take advantage of the many resources of the EOF program.

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