Edp Summer Classic 2023

Edp Summer Classic 2023 – EDP ​​Football has announced a new trial schedule for spring tournaments pushed into the summer months.

The first wave of EDP tournaments is expected to begin the weekend of July 4th, with three events to be played: the EDP Cup Spring (11U-14U), the EDP Memorial Day Classic (8U-19U) and the EDP Heroes Challenge. (8U). ). -19U).

Edp Summer Classic 2023

Edp Summer Classic 2023

Tournament play will continue throughout the months of July and August, including both spring and summer programs. The EDP continues to monitor the best health and safety practices and protocols used when playing the game of football.

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At the EDP Championships, each state association’s return-to-play policies are reviewed, and a final decision on the spring championships will be announced on May 29.

Edp Summer Classic 2023

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Edp Summer Classic 2023

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Edp Summer Classic 2023

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Edp Summer Classic 2023

All teams, youth and HS, will play the following variations: ●  At the end of each half, if a hard play is called by the defenders 8 meters out, a shot is awarded. One shot, no pass, no replay.

2022 Youth Rules (2028-2031) In addition to the above, the 2028-31 USL Youth Rules will play • No substitution may be used for a goal player at any time.

Edp Summer Classic 2023

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●  A game time will be set for each event and the clock will run at all times. (Unless otherwise noted.

●  The central horn is the official time and must be followed. (Champion and bracket play times may be held on the field. This will be determined by the tournament director and chief official.)

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Edp Summer Classic 2023

Team Operations The head coach will be responsible for the conduct of staff associated with his team, including assistant coaches and all their supporters, and will receive any cards relating to lack of decorum on the bench.

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A yellow card (2 minutes) or a red card (4 minutes) to the coach is a mistake for the team and the player must be sent off.

Edp Summer Classic 2023

Players receiving 2 yellow cards must not sit out the next game, but will be reported to the Tournament Director and subsequent cards may result in suspension.

All decisions regarding card penalties will be taken at the discretion of the Tournament Committee and Chief Official. At the heart of the EDP soccer program is a robust schedule of outdoor soccer tournaments each year. Held at some of the best venues in the Eastern Region, these events cater for age groups from 8U to 19U and offer well-organized competition at all levels, from local football teams to top national clubs. .

Edp Summer Classic 2023

Edp Soccer Tournaments And Experiences

Find the competition below that is right for your club or team and sign up today. For more information or questions, please contact your EDP representative or email [email protected].

“The competitive environment and platform that EDP provides is great for player development. EDP ​​is one of the top leagues in the country. EDP ​​competition in league games and tournaments all encourage development. It is up to the coaches to make the right use of the platform and the competition and develop truly quality players, not trying to win at all costs.

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Edp Summer Classic 2023

EDP ​​has given me and my organization the ability to develop the best young players in the country. Achilles FC already has a few people who will go on to play in higher education institutions around the world. A big thank you to the EDP for providing our players with this platform to compete against other top talents from around the country and for continuing to provide opportunities for clubs to encourage the development of all players. “

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