Essie Spring 2023 Collection

Essie Spring 2023 Collection – Hi guys! How has 2023 gone so far for everyone? Mine is going great! My nail room is finally finished with construction and I’m putting things back in place. I set up my photo area first (of course) and my computer area after that (also of course) because I really wanted some swatches from the new collection!

This is the first of the collections, this is Essie’s Valentine’s 2023 collection. All the info I’ve found says this is the “best breakup you’ll ever have”. So should we call this an Anti-Valentine’s Day collection? So we have 6 polishes in very non-traditional Valentine’s Day colors.

Essie Spring 2023 Collection

Essie Spring 2023 Collection

As always, I’ll have links to where you can buy these as well as a coupon code to save coins. I will have a liveswatch video for this release later this week.

Essie Valentine’s Day 2023

Essie is an American based brand. Their polishes are in 13.5ml bottles, vegan and cruelty free. Burning love

Essie Spring 2023 Collection

Burning Love had a great formula. I don’t like coral polishes that aren’t usually neon coral. I found it in the bottle, it was very coral pretty, but once on the nails, the “red undertone” came out.

Obviously I have very warm undertones so I think this would be more red on me than someone with cooler undertones.

Essie Spring 2023 Collection

Essie (un)guilty Pleasures Winter 2022

I enjoyed this where I expected I wouldn’t. Would I touch her again? Probably not, but I didn’t hate it like I thought I would.

Flirt With Freedom had a great formula. Sheer, streaky and uneven to begin with, but builds up perfectly in 2 coats. Like the other glitters in the collection, the lacquer has a frosted/metallic feel.

Essie Spring 2023 Collection

You get a lot of brushstrokes from it, they soften a bit when the paint dries, but they are still visible to the naked eye. I noticed that my eyes could not see the brush strokes at arm’s length.

Red Gel Couture Longwear Nail Polish

The base color of this polish is a warm, blackened purple base color. Not really my favorite thing, but it makes sense for a Valentine’s Day theme. It has a very rock and roll feel to it.

Essie Spring 2023 Collection

, more chalky than other polishes, but it blends perfectly and I had no problems with application.

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The base color is a warm toned mid purple shade with some pink undertones and a hint of gray but definitely purple. Again, not a color I’m usually drawn to, but I loved the way this looked!

Essie Spring 2023 Collection

Essie Retreat Yourself Nail Polish From The Spring 2021 Collection Review And Comparisons

This color reminds me of a less neon version of Cirque Colors Socialite. When I see the two side by side, they look nothing alike, but this polish popped into my head when I looked at this.

License To Thrill had a great formula! It was opaque on me in ONE coat. As usual I used two coats but both were good.

Essie Spring 2023 Collection

The base color of this is a beautiful deep cobalt blue. It is light and dark at the same time. I don’t see any red undertones in this one. I see a hint of gray but no red.

The Polished Hippy: Essie Desert Mirage Collection Swatches And Review Part 1

I love the color of this polish! This is a family of blue shades that I can wear over and over and never get mad at.

Essie Spring 2023 Collection

No ex expectations completely exceeded my expectations! Okay, not really, I know this will be my favorite based on the colors. I just didn’t want to start another paragraph with “he had a good formula” and I haven’t talked to you guys in a while.

By the way, this polish had a fantastic formula. He was just shy of being a coater. Maybe if your nails are shorter you can have a coating. Buttery smooth and perfectly self-leveling (all these polishes are).

Essie Spring 2023 Collection

Essie Spring 2021 Collection

The base color is a greyish medium purple. After last month’s (Un)Guilty Pleasures collection, we all know I love a gray polish. This was no exception.

U Wish also had a great formula. I was pleasantly surprised that I don’t hate this color. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it either.

Essie Spring 2023 Collection

As I mentioned, I have red undertones and polishes in this color family tend to look very orange on me. This one is a bit orange, but not bad at all. I don’t hate orange polishes, but I don’t like red polishes that look orange. Is this logical? Probably not, but I’m watching.

Essie Valentine’s Day 2022 Collection

The glitter shows the brush strokes to the naked eye. I feel like they didn’t show up as clearly in my photos, but it was very apparent in person. Just like the other shimmers, this one has a metallic/pearl finish. Which is not my favorite type of glitter.

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Essie Spring 2023 Collection

So I’m usually Team Valentine as opposed to Team Anti-Valentine. I love pink and I love when publications have a pink theme. So I went into the samples of this collection expecting not to love it. And it would still be right.

I liked that we had a lot of purple, the blue was nice, but I really didn’t like the red. I fully admit that red is the mainstay of the Valentine’s Day collection. Sorry, I just don’t like these shades of red. I wish it was a light pink instead of 3 purples, but since this is an Anti-Valentine’s Day collection, the color story makes sense.

Essie Spring 2023 Collection

On The Road With Essie Spring 2017

All the polishes have great formulas and I am constantly impressed with everything from this brand. Honestly, I feel silly writing them down for so long! This week I’m preparing another report on Essie’s Spring 2023 collection!

This collection is starting to come into place. Currently online, I only see it at Amazon, Target, and Ulta. I bought mine on Ulta’s website. I haven’t seen these show up in store yet, just YMMV.

Essie Spring 2023 Collection

Essie is also sold at Walmart, Walgreens or CVS. As of this post, these are not yet listed on BeyondPolish, but if you would like to purchase these at a discount and support my blog, please consider shopping there with my affiliate code to save 10%.

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Essie Spring 2023 Collection

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Essie Spring 2023 Collection

Essie Spring 2020

Arabic Bulgarian Chinese (simplified) Croatian Czech Danish Dutch English Estonian Filipino Finnish French German Greek Hungarian Icelandic Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Lithuanian Luxembourgish Macedonian Malay Maltese Norwegian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Serbian Slovak Slovenian Spanish Swedish Thai Turkish Ukrainian Vietnamese Hello! Today’s blog post is about the first of the spring 2023 collections. I’m really excited to see what the brands do for spring this year, and I’m dreading it, because you know, spring = pastels, and pastels = not for me.

This first one is from Essie and is called Feel The Frizzle. According to Essie, this collection is “inspired by a day of indulgent self-care, designed to evoke feelings of optimism and relaxation.”

Essie Spring 2023 Collection

When I saw the promo pictures for these on Ulta’s website, I thought they were going to be neon pastels. That I can get away with. Unfortunately they were pastel without neon. If I say more here, I’ll spoil the whole review, so let’s get to the swatches.

Essie Spring 2018 Collection Swatches & Review

Essie is an American based brand. Their polishes are in 13.5ml bottles, vegan and cruelty free. Don’t burst my bubble

Essie Spring 2023 Collection

Don’t Burst My Bubble had a great formula. It felt a little on the chalky side, but overall it had a great self-spreading formula.

The base color is pastel blue with a hint of shell. I was really hoping this would be a little more lively. It’s beautiful and I love the color, so no complaints there.

Essie Spring 2023 Collection

Essie Feel The Frizzle Spring 2023

Feel The Frizzle had a very good formula. I was so confused by this. THE

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