Explore The Bible Fall 2023

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Whether you’re looking for an ongoing Sunday school or small group course, a mid-week course, a short group student course, or a course for your youth retreat, you’ll find something to fit your needs.

Explore The Bible Fall 2023

Explore The Bible Fall 2023

Find a short Bible study for your group. You will find special studies for teenagers and girls and for your whole group.

Israel Trip 2023

Find the curriculum that best suits your needs, including Bible Study for Life, Bible Study, and Evangelism Program.

Explore The Bible Fall 2023

Intentionally train students with age-appropriate, research-backed discipleship programs and prepare them to apply God’s Word to their daily lives—because that’s where it’s needed most!

Help students put all 66 books of the Bible into their proper context and apply them to their lives. This research will help your students find objective truth in a culture hungry for truth.

Explore The Bible Fall 2023

The Best Study Bible In 2022 (ultimate Guide)

Take students on a chronological journey through the story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and guide them to prioritize gospel change over behavior change.

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Explore The Bible Fall 2023

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Biblical Studies Major

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Explore The Bible Fall 2023

Instead of choosing a meal every Sunday morning, why do many Christians fast on the solid food of God’s Word (1 Corinthians 3:1-2)? “This is the wind of my life,” we sing, but many of God’s people stumble with spiritual drought because they fail to drink from the well of living water (John 7:37-39). We need a fresh supply of God’s wisdom and presence every day.

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Where can we find this spiritual sustenance? Ephesians 6:17 instructs us to “Take the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.” The fountain of living water flows through the Word of God.

Explore The Bible Fall 2023

School Of Theology

Colossians 1:9 records Paul’s prayer for the church in Colossae—which makes a remarkable difference. He prayed that the Colossians would be “filled with the knowledge of [God’s] will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding.” We gain wisdom by reading the Bible. But Paul reminds us that our faith is more than wisdom; Spiritual understanding is also gained through regular reading of the Bible’s commandments.

How can we maximize response to Bible study? Spending time in God’s Word each day is key to spiritual growth. We harness its power by preparing our hearts, learning each verse, applying its wisdom, seeing inner changes, memorizing the verses, and manifesting its effects.

Explore The Bible Fall 2023

Cory ten Boom often said, “If the devil can’t make us evil, he’ll make us busy.” Isn’t that right? The idea that you are too busy to spend time in God’s Word comes directly from the enemy of your soul. Knowing that Satan wants to hold you back, your first step is to find a time and place to meet with Jehovah regularly without interruption. Then, before you read, pray: Ask God to plant His Word in your heart, asking Him to remove everything that hinders your relationship with Him (James 1:19-21). Then turn to the portion of the Bible you chose to read.

Free Digital Evangelistic Bible Study: Discovering Purpose

Because the Bible is more of a library than a book, there is a temptation to feel overwhelmed and rush through its pages. Don’t. Look at each verse of the passage you have chosen. When reading, think of the Bible as God’s love letter. This practice will increase your sensitivity to every aspect of his message. Don’t worry too much about the length of the paragraph you’re reading. Remember, your goal is not to scan a lot of information, but to get instructions from God’s Word.

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Explore The Bible Fall 2023

Have a pen, pencil, or marker handy to mark important words, phrases, or passages in your study. Use Bible commentaries, synchronicities, or Bible dictionaries to improve your understanding.

James tells us, “He that seeth the law of perfect liberty, and abideth in it, and hearkeneth not unto forgetfulness, and doeth the work, shall be blessed in his work” (1:25). After reading a portion of the Bible, identify a key concept that applies to your life today.

Explore The Bible Fall 2023

Tips For Studying The Bible Effectively

Drafting a personal resume starts with your heart and mind. Ask God to guide and direct you in your current situation and pray that He will help you obey His will.

As you try to apply God’s truth to your life, notice the changes in your attitude, outlook, and behavior. Search the Word, read and re-read what God said about the things you need to change. God will change you! Record this reflection in a journal or in the margin of your Bible. Think of something you learned about yourself from today’s lesson. Ask yourself

Explore The Bible Fall 2023

Psalm 119 is the longest chapter in the Bible; 176 verses glorify “the law of Jehovah”—God’s perfect revelation and good guidance for life. Verse 11 says, “I hid the words of the Lord in my heart, lest I should sin against thee.” How to hide God’s word in your heart? I remember that. As you memorize the Bible, the Holy Spirit will use its truth to guide your thoughts and actions.

Bible Study Tools Bring The Word To Life

One way to memorize is to copy meaningful verses from your scripture reading onto a note card that you can carry throughout the day. Put it in your car, on the bathroom mirror, on the treadmill, or on your computer screen—where it can be seen. If you want strength in your Christian life, memorizing the Bible will provide it.

Explore The Bible Fall 2023

When you get used to spending time in God’s Word, you can’t help but experience inner and outer renewal. Consider these words from Psalm 119: “Blessed are those

Commandment of God” (verses 2, 16, 32, 59, 112, italics added). Do you see the connection between the psalmist’s inner thoughts and his outer actions? The thoughts that fill your mind influence the choices you make. Demonstration is an outward process that shows inner renewal.

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Explore The Bible Fall 2023

Bible Study: Savior, Messiah And Lord

As you read God’s Word, its guidance and power will change your behavior. Make it a point to share the encouragement of His Word with others whenever possible.

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Explore The Bible Fall 2023

Then God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have command over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and every living thing that creeps on the earth.

Simple Bible Reading Plans For The Beginner — A Faithful Step

Marine litter is a huge environmental problem. Many countries’ beaches are littered with plastic and trash, and the Pacific Ocean has a plastic “island” twice the size of Texas where currents have piled up the trash. Fish get caught in fishing nets, their stomachs are full of fishing line and plastic waste they have ingested.

Explore The Bible Fall 2023

Such a picture is in stark contrast to the pure beauty and glory of Eden presented in Genesis. Although mankind was given the mandate to “rule” (i.e. take care of) all of creation, we haven’t done a very good job. If God’s commandments are still not implemented on earth, God’s glory is diminished. This mandate extends into our personal lives as well. Paul wrote that we belong to God and are to glorify him by taking care of and using our bodies.

Nature or yours – when you see an opportunity to take care of creation

Explore The Bible Fall 2023

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