Explore The Bible Summer 2023

Explore The Bible Summer 2023 – Looking for a life-changing activity for your family this summer? Join the thousands of young people who are learning how to open the Scriptures and memorize God’s word!

Summer Study is an 8 week course where participants are encouraged to explore the Scriptures through reading, study, application and activities. Summer courses include:

Explore The Bible Summer 2023

Explore The Bible Summer 2023

In the spring, register for summer training by filling out a simple online form. All registered participants will receive a Discovery Journal, additional learning resources, access to an online social community, and an opportunity to participate in the National Bible Baby Contest. Each participant will register in one division of four age groups.

Living Waters Bible Camp |

Registration for the 2022 season is now closed. Provide your name and email and we’ll keep you updated with the latest information.

Explore The Bible Summer 2023

*Age divisions are based on the age of participants on November 13 of the current competition year. * Beginners are not eligible to compete.

*Age divisions are based on the age of participants on November 13 of the current competition year.

Explore The Bible Summer 2023

Powerful Examples Of Stewardship In The Bible

Now everyone can see what is happening around the world. Find current reports published by Christian media. Join us as we explore relevant topics and educational materials. Get a daily reminder, “No matter what the news, the Lord’s plan will always be there.”

The Discovery Journal is an exciting 8-week study that takes participants on a journey through the scriptures. The study teaches participants to explore the Bible using study tools and methods such as keywords, cross-references, background, personal content, and original language text studies.

Explore The Bible Summer 2023

The Discovery Journal is the official summer learning resource and is available in four editions based on age divisions – Primary, Primary, Junior and Senior. Participants will receive a Discovery Journal at the start of the Summer Study.

The Beginning Of Wisdom

All registered participants will have access to additional learning resources through their online dashboard. Additional resources include flashcards, answer keys and digital versions of the pencil and print copy. The resources provided may vary by age division.

Explore The Bible Summer 2023

The Senior Discovery Journal is designed to challenge students and older adults through a deeper understanding of scripture and Greek and Hebrew textual studies. Complete the study independently or with your children. The survey can be purchased in the online store.

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A host group is a group of registered participants who meet locally to study scripture and encourage each other during the summer study. Each group has a leader, called a host, who facilitates community meetings for registered participants to practice memory verses, play games, and socialize with like-minded friends. Participants can select the host team during registration.

Explore The Bible Summer 2023

Eeeek! Need A Study For The New Year?! I Can’t Wait To Show You This! — The Better Mom

The online community is a private social platform where registered participants and their parents can exchange learning ideas, share motivation, and connect with other families.

The announcement day is an opportunity for the participants to show what they have learned and remembered during the summer training. The program is organized by the hosts or parents in their local area. Campaign Day has two parts: a multiple choice question and memory verse reading.

Explore The Bible Summer 2023

After the announced date, participants aged 7-18 (primary, junior and senior sections) can take the National Bee Competition Exam. Online testing can be done at home or at a host club location. Participants with the highest scores will be invited to participate in the National Children’s Bible Competition.

When You Don’t Like Reading The Bible

The top 120 participants in each age group will be invited to compete for more than $100,000 in cash prizes in the heart of the heart competition. The contestants will compete in knowledge and inspiration because they “know the word of God and know it”. To ensure you have the best experience, we use cookies to process your visit information. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

Explore The Bible Summer 2023

Whether you are looking for an ongoing Sunday school or small group study, a mid-week study, a short-term discipleship group study, or a study for your youth retreat, you will find something to fit your needs.

Find a short term Bible study for your group. You will find specific studies for teenage boys and teenage girls and for the whole group.

Explore The Bible Summer 2023

Bible Apps Are The New Printing Press

Find a course that meets your needs, including Bible Study for Life, Bible Study, and Gospel Ministry.

Disciplined and discerning students around an age-appropriate discipleship program to equip them to apply God’s Word in their daily lives – because they need it most!

Explore The Bible Summer 2023

Help the students to put all 66 books in the Bible in the right context and apply them in their lives. This lesson will help his student find the objective truth in a truth-hungry culture.

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The Bible Recap

Take students on a daily journey through scriptural history from Genesis to Revelation and guide them to prioritize gospel change over behavior change.

Explore The Bible Summer 2023

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Explore The Bible Summer 2023

Summer Camp 2023

Personal items cannot be returned or returned. It will choose the best font color according to this article. The font options shown in the preview above are a general representation of the fonts offered and will not be displayed as shown. I can’t believe we’re talking about 2023 already! As usual, teaching aids will not be available for the next two weeks. They will come again from Sunday, January 8, 2023.

If your group continues over the next two weeks, consider using Explore the Bible with LifeWay at the links below:

Explore The Bible Summer 2023

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and a wonderful time with the Lord, your family, your church family and friends!

Teacher Resources — Cross Church

What are some of your favorite Christmas memories? Why are these memories important to you? In what ways do you remember those memories today? Explore Bible Study: The Memory of Christ, John 2 and note some of the things the disciples remembered about Jesus that established and strengthened their faith.

Explore The Bible Summer 2023

Let’s see what the disciples remember, and let’s see how remembering Christ – who he is and how he works – strengthens our faith.

The phrase “go up” has a literal and spiritual meaning. Jerusalem is about 2,600 feet above sea level, which means the view from any direction is a hilltop. Someone went to see God on his way to Jerusalem!

Explore The Bible Summer 2023

You Can Understand The Book Of Revelation: Exploring Its Mystery And Message: Heitzig, Skip: 9780736975599: Books

There are several sections in the temple: (1) The Holy Place and the Holy Place. He has surrounded Osari, the treasury and other departments. (2) Only Jewish men are used in Western courts. (3) The women’s courtyard is the chosen place of worship for Jewish women. (4) The Court of the Jews was on the outside of the temple, and they were chosen for non-Jews to come to pray and worship.

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Consider the motivations for worship in these verses. How can remembering who Christ is and what He has done prevent you from allowing these and other illegal purposes into your life?

Explore The Bible Summer 2023

See how Jesus answered. This is not human anger but a calculated reaction based on religious hatred.

Bible Verse A Day 2023 Mini Day To Day Calendar

How difficult is it for us to control and judge the evil of anger? How can remembering what Jesus did in the temple help you be careful when you are angry about sin?

Explore The Bible Summer 2023

There is one more thing that should be noted in this passage about remembering Christ. The disciples remembered scripture – Psalm 69:9. He reminds them that the person they noticed while cleaning the temple was God incarnate. The Son of God is cleansing his temple from the sin that was created.

As John told us in chapter 1, all the words of God point to Jesus Christ. Not only to remember Christ in his own place, but to remember who always was, who was, who he is, and who he will always be. – Christ, Son of the living God. These memories are only possible as we learn more about Christ through His Word. These memories can inspire us to examine our motives as we try to live for him.

Explore The Bible Summer 2023

Woman’s World Conference

Jesus’ answer to the question may have confused the disciples, as the Jews asked him to give a sign. But God will use this time and the words of Jesus to make his disciples understand them after Jesus’ resurrection.

Jesus’ answer went beyond the prediction of his death and resurrection on the third day. He revealed himself as the Son of God who has authority over all things. His authority was greater than any other event these disciples had seen—seeing the sick or turning water into wine. He has authority over God’s house because he is God!

Explore The Bible Summer 2023

How do you think their lives changed as they remembered this (as described in verse 22)? When you repeatedly check an opportunity and then who can share the time,

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