Fall Home Decor Trends 2023

Fall Home Decor Trends 2023 – Five days into High Point Market and I have a lot to say about home decor trends in 2023. This market is the most active I’ve seen since fall 2019 – the last market before the pandemic. High Point Market is the place to watch 2023 home design trends as they begin to make their way into homes across America.

There is no shortage of designs. Some policies have been in place for some time, but have been disrupted by the pandemic. Although relatively new, the pace at which new versions are launched has slowed somewhat. This may not be obvious to those returning to the market after a short jump due to the pandemic. I’ve been in every market for the last nine years, so luckily I have a very good pulse on new launches in the market.

Fall Home Decor Trends 2023

Fall Home Decor Trends 2023

The photo above pretty much sums up the palette I saw at the market: dust purple, sage green, ochre, steel blue, clay red. This color palette is one of the main trend “ideas” that I recently saw in Heimtextil in June. However, the saturation of the color palette found in the US is significantly less, which I often find to be the case when comparing clothes from Europe vs. the US. Here in the US, we​​​​​​like to play it safe and be less adventurous – especially when it comes to color. From transitional to modern to vintage, the color palette combinations seen in this painting can be found on every market. We’re sure to see more of this home design trend in 2023.

Interior Design Trends We’re Quiet Quitting In 2023

So what other common threads and furniture trends of 2023 do I see produced by High Point Market? There are several and here are some of my observations:

Fall Home Decor Trends 2023

Whether vintage or newly made, travertine is warm. Natural, monotonous and full of character. There is something about it – it is one of the few stones that is considered hot. The coated surface, subtle veining and warm butter tone combine well with wood and warm metals, such as antique or patinated brass.

This is a 2023 style of furniture that I have used in my own projects and will continue to do so. The materials are classic and timeless, yet the designs made today are very modern. It is the classic marriage between past and present.

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Fall Home Decor Trends 2023

Interior Design Trends 2022: Experts Share What’s In This Year

After being at home for the past two years, “working at home” is one thing, but shouldn’t “playing at home” be as well? That’s right. The pandemic is undoubtedly one of the reasons why we are seeing more gaming consoles on the market. You know what they say. “Entertainment is included”. With all these great game board options, there is now no reason for Jack to be dull.

Color cream buns. I’ve seen it everywhere. You’ve seen it everywhere. And when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere. Boucle remains one of the biggest design trends for 2023.  Even though the trend emerged long before the pandemic, showrooms are still filled with boucle accent chairs and ottomans. It has hit the mass market in a big way, but I didn’t put it on my list because the trend reached its peak. In my opinion, too much of a good thing can become bad, but I agree. It’s safe and it evokes a sense of comfort and safety – a feeling we all love since the pandemic hit in 2020.  I’ve seen a lot of it and I’m ready to move on to the home decor trends of 2023 a another thing is to get shape.

Fall Home Decor Trends 2023

Fortunately, I see that this trend can be developed. More colors other than cream have been added to the creations I see in the market and from our fabric suppliers. Tweed is the new interpretation of boucle. It’s not as tall, but still retains the rounded texture and warmth of the body, and now with colored yarn for added visual interest. What I love about tweed is that you can add many different colors, but it still counts as a neutral. It is the perfect solution for those who may be shy about using color in their space. You can pull colors from the tweed to complement the space. We often use it in our projects and use different colored yarns to bring together all the colors in the room.

The Top 9 Home Decor Trends For 2023

I love a nice exposed wood or metal leg, but nothing says style like a fully upholstered leg. At the High Point Fall 2022 market, I saw many examples of all the fabric, legs and arms, picked up from head to toe. It is not easy to do well, so it needs a skilled craftsman. I really like it and the bright side is that you don’t have to worry about matching the wood stain with other colored wood in the room – it goes with everything!

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Fall Home Decor Trends 2023

There is no doubt that our pets are adopted at home. The renovated kitchens now have dedicated pet feeding areas built into the pantry. In the laundry room, there is a special pet washing station that matches the interior of the house. So why shouldn’t pet beds match the furniture in the room? Designer pet beds are found all over the market and they are a good buy for the customer who loves their pets. These are the same light colored wooden or copper frames and have the same or coordinating furniture as the furniture in the family room. With workwear on the rise, we’re sure to see more of this trend.

So there you have it – my observations from the High Point Market – Fall 2022.  What do you think of the 2023 furniture trends headed your way next year? A few other observations – lots of flexible ottomans, Art Deco influences, emphasis on stability and lots of furniture! Overall, there are some strong ingredients that resonate with consumers and will hit the mass market. Design and creativity continue to evolve – especially for designers to constantly work with new ideas so they can do what they love – interior design.

Fall Home Decor Trends 2023

The 12 Biggest Interior Design Trends For 2023, According To Designers

If you’re interested in anything we’ve featured in our roundup, get in touch – we’d love to hear from you. Our commercial and commercial showroom can help you find and buy your project. We have a strong business plan for interior designers and architects that includes furniture, lighting, accessories, fabrics and wall coverings, appliances and kitchen equipment from major retailers. We have already mentioned. As we approach the end of this year, it’s time to start planning by thinking about what will be in fashion in 2023. Of course, we asked the industry leaders what their innermost predictions were for the new era of what lies ahead – and they hold true. From a focus on meaningful collections to bathrooms with refrigerators in the background, prepare to think about these elements that designers expect to see everywhere next year.

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Be willing to bow to the truth and prioritize joy. “Calm greens and soothing blues may have to do with a turbulent political landscape, but ultimately it’s the things we add to our homes that have the most power to ease our worries,” says Jean Lin, founder of design and construction company Colony. Maybe it’s your grandfather’s collection of fly fishing rods, or maybe you have a passion for antique maps—whatever it is that brings your true self to you in the culture. “

Fall Home Decor Trends 2023

Here is the design company Chused & Co. fill the rooms of the 2022 Brooklyn Heights Designer Showhouse with beloved furniture and art from around the world.

Interior Design Trends 2023: 6 Looks We Love

“Homeowners are moving away from storing their wine storage and using the wine storage as an art installation,” says designer Jeff Andrews. “It is a museum after all!”

Fall Home Decor Trends 2023

Here, Sire Design designed a wine wall that incorporates roughness and art as art in a client’s living room, which was recently featured on the Netflix show

“More and more homeowners are adding bold, bright pieces to their kitchens to create a focal point and add a touch of drama,” says designer Hilary Matt. or both!”

Fall Home Decor Trends 2023

Interior Design Trends

Earth colors and organic designs are expected to gain popularity – according to Elad Yifrach, founder of L’Objet – because they are rough and sophisticated at the same time. “This introduction of soft, moving forms and inspired natural elements in our buildings shows a desire for comfort, albeit in a refined and refined way with the integration of metals, stones and hard textures to enhance interaction and vision,” said Yifrach.

The brand’s TIMNA collection includes prime examples, including porcelain vases and glass bowls in rich mineral tones and “smooth undulations and bumps” that resemble forms found in nature.

Fall Home Decor Trends 2023

“Cabinets and kitchen islands

Interior Design Trends For 2023, According To Industry Experts

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