Film Production Internships Summer 2023

Film Production Internships Summer 2023 – Ohio HD is comprised of a team of high-energy professionals who deliver work at the highest level in our production community. For us, production is not a hobby; We are passionate about creating beautiful, highly relevant projects that have a meaningful impact for our clients.

This internship is special because it is not limited to typical camera, sound and lighting criteria. Other disciplines are strongly encouraged as Ohio HD continues to evolve and grow in our service offerings. The internship aims to provide a good foundation of what corporate and commercial production is all about, while delving into specific interests of both the intern and the Ohio HD. Part of the role will involve shadowing various Ohio HD team members, but you will also be asked to take on projects, tasks and responsibilities yourself.

Film Production Internships Summer 2023

Film Production Internships Summer 2023

• Currently enrolled or recently graduated from a media or related program at an accredited college or university.

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Follow the link below and fill out the form. Please attach a CV and other relevant information.

Film Production Internships Summer 2023

We are planning meetings at the beginning of the new year. The first meetings will be online via Google Meet in 30-minute windows that you can schedule online using the link at the end of the application form. If you are not available during the times listed, please let us know and we can arrange an alternative time.

If you are selected as a finalist, you will be invited to a face-to-face interview with the 2023 trainee selection team.

Film Production Internships Summer 2023

How Do I Get A Film Internship?

Almost everything I know is attributed to Ohio HD. All the people who work here were patient enough to sit down and answer any questions I had. Now that I have further developed my skills, they are more than willing to maintain our relationship and activate my creativity. If you are thinking of using this as a resource, think no more and do it.

“Ohio HD gave me an industry understanding of production equipment, lighting setups, and cameras. Working in equipment rental, I gained first-hand experience using high-end production cameras, including RED, ARRI, and Phantom systems. Industry terms and language for G&E and also to learn more specific information about 3-phase power and hardware safety. The team at Ohio HD is knowledgeable in all aspects of commercial operations, from management to audio/video/VR to Post-Production services and shaped my internship to meet my learning goals. HD has gave me a production backbone that provides work opportunities both on set and in post-production.”

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Film Production Internships Summer 2023

“I consider my time interning at Ohio HD to be the most rewarding experience I could have as a video/media production student. During the summer there, I had the opportunity to train with their extensive collection of industry standard equipment. We worked together on the assignment. We became very close as a group and have stayed in touch to this day. Some of our tasks may include: shooting original footage, researching various equipment, conducting studio interviews, participating in film competitions and even attending professional sessions. The entire Ohio HD team mentors interns It’s the pros who work in the field doing it. They were so eager to see us succeed and more than willing to help us overcome any obstacles we faced, the interns were all together at the end of our time there. We voted to wish that we could have stayed longer.

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I would sum up being an Ohio HD intern as 4 years of college experience in one summer. The more time I spent there, the more I earned. I highly recommend anyone considering a career in production/entertainment to apply as an intern.”

Film Production Internships Summer 2023

“Having the opportunity to study at Ohio HD was an absolute dream. My knowledge of the film world has grown more than I could have imagined in just a few months. My skills have not only evolved technically from the current equipment we have at our disposal.” , but also to “play” film, but also to be on professional sets. We also have opportunities to teach more about the industry than any other classroom can. Ohio HD has done an incredible job of creating a welcoming learning environment and the staff’s willingness to share their wisdom in many aspects of life has shown me what it takes to be someone who can truly do anything they set their mind to.”

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“My time at Ohio HD Video was one of the most valuable academic and professional opportunities I have ever had. The internship programs have helped strengthen my passion for film and have given me a strong foundation that I still receive today. I am incredibly grateful for Ohio The HD team, the time, effort and knowledge he invests in young filmmakers.

Film Production Internships Summer 2023

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The Ohio HD Internship Program has given me the knowledge and experience to succeed in the film industry. Through this internship, I was personally introduced to the world of professional film for the first time; From fixed label and production rolls to film cameras and focus photography, Ohio HD provided hands-on field knowledge that traditional classroom training could not.

Although my internship ended in 2018, my experience at Ohio HD remains a valuable asset to my career as a filmmaker. The team at Ohio HD allowed me to embrace my interest in the camera department by offering me the chance to observe and perform a variety of production roles including 1st AC, 2nd AC and PA. These opportunities have improved the quality of my work while preparing me to work on future commercial productions.

Film Production Internships Summer 2023

From day one, the Ohio HD team was welcoming and willing to share their knowledge; My experience as an intern at Ohio HD is what I wish every film student could have. If you are a hard-working student who is passionate about filmmaking, eager to learn, I cannot recommend this opportunity highly enough.”

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Hello! I’m Sydney! I studied at Ohio HD in the summer of 2021! I am so grateful for this opportunity because I was able to get a video production experience that I could never have gotten in school. I think the best way to learn something is to get hands-on experience. You will definitely have the opportunity to do so while studying at Ohio HD. It doesn’t matter if you are “playing” with the equipment, editing a video or on set. Don’t worry about your experience level as everyone is very willing to answer your questions and help you as you struggle.

Film Production Internships Summer 2023

Joining the OhioHD Internship Program was one of the best academic/career decisions I have ever made. For me, even being around the knowledge of the cars they owned and the people who work there was gold. It was also very helpful for me to have the chance to explore professional grade equipment that I would use in the field and gain hands-on experience. The equipment I had access to at school was limited, so seeing what the pros were using really helped me figure out what to end up with. Also, I bought professional quality sets when I was an intern. As a PA during OhioHD, I feel that getting my feet wet has prepared me for future shoots that I will be a part of. Personally, seeing the workflow and how focused everyone was on a professional set was something that my education could not provide. I would definitely encourage any student who wants to get a feel for what the real industry is like to apply for an internship.

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“They say you go to college… That’s not true, you just go to Ohio HD. If you really want to understand the intricacies of the media industry, come here.  I’ve learned a lot from everyone who gave me the knowledge and confidence to to succeed.  Cameras, lighting, grips and even professional advertising From hands on set experience the possibilities here are truly endless. It’s going to grow so big and this internship is a huge pool of new found skills, knowledge, and experience should help you to enter the industry with confidence.  If you put in the effort, this internship is 4 years of college completed in 3 months.  I highly recommend you apply, you won’t regret it.” Filmmaking internships for high school students are a great way to acquire basic filmmaking skills and gain entry-level experience in filmmaking. High school filmmaking internships introduce you to the professional world that looks good on your college application and can boost your career in the entertainment industry.

Film Production Internships Summer 2023

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In this article, we will outline the best filmmaking summer high school internships and the importance of taking advantage of these golden opportunities to gain industry experience. You will also learn about film studies.

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