Georgia Southern Spring 2023 Calendar

Georgia Southern Spring 2023 Calendar – Download the study calendar for the coming years. Download the study calendar 2020-2021 Download the study calendar 2021-2022 Download the study calendar 2023-2024

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Georgia Southern Spring 2023 Calendar

Georgia Southern Spring 2023 Calendar

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Georgia Southern Spring 2023 Calendar

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Georgia Southern Spring 2023 Calendar

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Georgia Southern Spring 2023 Calendar

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Georgia Southern Spring 2023 Calendar

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Georgia Southern Spring 2023 Calendar

Sbc Calendar Highlighted By New Caring Well Sunday

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Georgia Southern Spring 2023 Calendar

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Shetona D Jordan began her nursing career as a CNA in 1979 at Rosecrans SNF on the night shift, Shetona worked nights as a CNA and went to school during the day. In 1982, she was hired by Kaiser Permanente and received her LVN results within 6 months and began her career as a nurse. She graduated from Cerritos College in 1989 with an ADN in Nursing. Shetona continues to attend school and graduated from CSUDH in 1996 with a BSN and PHN in Nursing. In 2007, she obtained her master’s degree at the UOP in the field of education in nursing. Shetona is currently a DNP candidate for leadership at GCU.

Georgia Southern Spring 2023 Calendar

Shetona is currently an adjunct instructor at American University of Health Sciences. He recently retired as a manager of Kaiser Permanente with 32 years of service. She truly enjoyed her last years at Kaiser Permanente (minus the last 2) because during that time she was able to focus on redefining her educational direction and goals. Shetona feels very blessed to have had such a rich career in nursing. She has worked in various organizations and successfully developed and implemented a diabetic foot program for Kaiser Permanente throughout Southern California. Shetona was instrumental in developing and reshaping Kaiser’s training program for several different roles in her units. This transition into education has been a blessing for Shetona, as she believes she can be instrumental in the education and training of new nurses.

Marco Attenello is a faculty member of the School of Nursing at American University of Health Sciences. Since 2015, she has been an active nurse with experience in medical-surgical and telemetric nursing. She currently focuses on conducting research to improve and use nursing simulation to effectively complement the clinical experience of nursing schools.

Georgia Southern Spring 2023 Calendar

Georgia Southern University

Experienced emergency pharmacist with 20 years of experience in pharmacy management, outpatient practice and medication management. Before joining Dr. Transon Nguyen is in a pharmacy practice working with independent pharmacies and not-for-profit clinics on medication information, developing formularies and procedures for medication management and regulatory compliance. He managed many community pharmacies and taught many pharmacists and trainees.

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Dr. Transon Nguyen has been actively involved in educating school children and the elderly on medication safety, adherence, basic nutrition and nursing. He is an active community volunteer for the Red Cross and the City of Irvine Emergency Response Team.

Georgia Southern Spring 2023 Calendar

Dr. Transon Nguyen is currently a student mentor at the non-profit organization Orange County Community Health Connection and has been working continuously with the non-profit Lestonnac Clinic since 2005.

Curriculum Course Schedules

Dr. Zhang received his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Nevada, Reno, and his doctorate from Washington State University, College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutic Sciences (WSU). After graduation, he went on to a two-year fellowship at the Academy of Pharmacy at WSU before coming to . His clinical experience includes long-term care, home health care, and pharmacy academia. His interests include improving students by engaging in soft skills and using learning activities such as games to improve student performance.

Georgia Southern Spring 2023 Calendar

Zhang, B., Kim, S., Xiao, Y., Damman, C., Kelly, K., Fitzpatrick, D., Anderson, C., Ritchie, M., Bray, B., Stewart,

Dr. Jimmy Nguyen graduated from Chapman University in the first introductory class with a Ph.D. dr. Nguyen rated his class as a Rho Chi, top 10%. While there, he served on the board of California Health Science Systems and other important groups in his school’s accreditation process.

Georgia Southern Spring 2023 Calendar

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From there, he worked as an outpatient pharmacist for Rite Aid Pharmacy and then moved to CVS Pharmacy. While working with CVS, he was able to lead his team in COVID vaccine clinics, traveling to different locations each day to administer vaccines. There he learned the importance of charisma, leadership and organization. He is currently part of the Emerging Leaders program at CVS, while an adjunct clinical professor at .

Medicinal Chemistry and Cell Culture Postdoctoral Fellowship | College of Pharmacy, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City, OK

Georgia Southern Spring 2023 Calendar

Dr. Joseph Kunchandy brings acute care hospital leadership, clinical and retail pharmacy, professional research experience, and teaching experience to the American University of Health Sciences School of Pharmacy. His breadth of clinical and research experience is based on years of managing acute care hospital pharmacies, retail pharmacies, and the application and knowledge of neuropharmacology research. dr. Kunchandy is also involved as a consultant in hospital accreditation process in areas of medicine like management process.

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Georgia Southern University Athletics

Dr. Coffman taught medical microbiology, immunology, and genetics for decades, supporting his students through research, poster presentations, and publications. dr. Coffman has developed several biomedical science programs along with health administration courses, and has also worked with several organizations on accreditation, program evaluation, student recruitment, and marketing strategies.

Georgia Southern Spring 2023 Calendar

Noriega B, Sanchez-Gonzalez, M, Salyakina D. and Coffman J. Understanding the effect of an omega-3-rich diet on gut microbiota.

Whalen D, Molnar D, Milne F, Schwal L, Hackett V, and Coffman J. Influenza vaccination experiences and beliefs influence vaccination decisions more than information.

Georgia Southern Spring 2023 Calendar

Check The Rates Fall 2022

Strong T, Dowd S, Gutierrez A and Coffman, J. Amplicon pyrosequencing and ion sequencing of the water lentil eubacteria microbiome from faecal samples reveals multiple species associated with human and animal disease.

Kathleen H. Cox, Rajendra Rai, Mackenzie Distler, Jon R. Daugherty, Jonathan A. Coffman and Terrance G. Cooper (2000).

Georgia Southern Spring 2023 Calendar

GATA sequences function as TATA elements during nitrogen catabolite inhibition and when Gln3p is excluded from the nucleus by overproduction of Ure2p.

Trio Sss Workshops And Events

Dr. Yuan currently serves as an Assistant Assistant Professor in the Clinical and Administrative Department of the American College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. dr. Yuan brings extensive pharmaceutical practice and pharmaceutical consulting to psychiatric hospitals and retail pharmacies, specializing in clinical psychiatry and adolescent and adult psychopharmacology.

Georgia Southern Spring 2023 Calendar

As an experienced clinical pharmacist, Dr. Yuan has been working as a pharmacy director and clinical pharmacist in an inpatient psychiatric hospital for over 11 years. Before working as a clinical pharmacist in a hospital, he also had many years of experience working in retail pharmacies as a pharmacist and pharmacy manager. dr. Yuan taught pharmacy technician students, Pharm.D. students and residents of several pharmacy schools over 13 years.

Dr. Yuan is highly experienced in pharmacy management in the acute setting

Georgia Southern Spring 2023 Calendar

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