Is Shaun White In The 2023 Winter Olympics

Is Shaun White In The 2023 Winter Olympics – Sean White celebrates on stage after winning gold in the men’s snowboard halfpipe at the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics. Photo: Martin Bureau/AFP/Getty Images

American figure skater Shaun White, who won three gold medals and became the face of the sport, has announced that the Beijing Olympics will be his last figure skating competition and that he will retire from all competitions.

Is Shaun White In The 2023 Winter Olympics

Is Shaun White In The 2023 Winter Olympics

“I feel like this is mine, this is my last tournament, it’s very special,” White, 35, told a news conference. White, competing here in his fifth Olympics, has previously said Beijing will be his last time on the Olympic stage.

Winter Olympics Recap: Shaun White’s Tearful Farewell

The American, who won halfpipe gold at the 2006, 2010 and 2018 Games, has been plagued by knee and back problems, forcing him to withdraw from competition and abandon his studies. “This and that, all these things are the main things that brought me to this end,” he said, adding that other riders’ tactics were adding to the “sadness and misery”.

Is Shaun White In The 2023 Winter Olympics

Wyatt decided to take a break now that it was a quiet time when he got lost and had to climb an isolated mountain. “I was watching the sunset and it hit me,” he said. “It’s very sad and it’s a sad but happy time,” White said, adding that she was “broken” before calling her friends and family to tell them what she was going through. “Was.

White is the oldest member of the United States figure skating team. He said he was in Beijing to compete, explaining that he knew what runs he would run in his event next Friday.

Is Shaun White In The 2023 Winter Olympics

Shaun White Confirms This Is His Last Olympics And Final Competition

Snowboarder Shaun White spoke at a press conference where he said that other skiers’ moves are increasing. Photo: Carl Cort/Getty Images

White faces a young field of players hungry to challenge his dominance of the game, including 23-year-old Ayomo Hirano of Japan, who defeated the Californian at last month’s LAX Open.

Is Shaun White In The 2023 Winter Olympics

Australian Scotty James, one of his rivals, said White left a remarkable legacy with his retirement. Putting it on the board. The athlete has confirmed his retirement ahead of Shaun White’s arrival on the ice at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

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Now Or Never: Shaun White Looks Back At Golden Redemption

“You know, for me, every decision, every competition had this glow because I decided this was my last Olympics, and with that, I gave it my all,” White said. , 35. Announcers during the Saturday, February 5, press conference. “There have been some ups and downs along the way but through it all, I’ve been stronger [and] better – and now, I’m with this amazing partner and I’m so happy.

Is Shaun White In The 2023 Winter Olympics

He added at the time: “(I) enjoy everything at the same time and, I don’t know, I play a lot of sports. … I’m always trying to work hard and develop and more. I try to do more than that and look for trends in sports and being ahead of the curve.

White knows he hopes his Beijing performance will be his last, but that doesn’t mean he’s dropping his class.

Is Shaun White In The 2023 Winter Olympics

Shaun White Falls On Final Run, Fails To Medal In Fifth Winter Olympics

“I don’t think I’ll be quitting the game anytime soon,” the California native added. “I think the beautiful thing about snowboarding is that the sport has a life outside of competition. … So I’m excited for the next chapter.”

Before the Air + Style owner announced his retirement from pageantry, his girlfriend Nina Dobrev exclusively told Us Weekly how she feels about her husband’s retirement from the Olympics later this year. .

Is Shaun White In The 2023 Winter Olympics

“I support him in every decision he makes every time,” the 33-year-old Vampire Diaries alum revealed to Us on Friday, February 4. “Who can make those decisions. He’s had a long and wonderful, successful run. He knows when to throw the hat in and he’s made a decision now.”

Watch Shaun White’s Tearful Interview After Final Olympics Competition

Even though Dobrev cannot personally support her love, he is already engaged to her in 2020, he is happy with her from home.

Is Shaun White In The 2023 Winter Olympics

“We are very afraid of home and enjoy it,” he said. “I’m so happy. I can’t wait. I shot [their episode], it’s at home, and when I go home, I’ll be with my friends and we’ll catch up and watch it. “

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While the Freshwine founders are huge fans of their beloved sport, White is just as happy when they hit the slopes together.

Is Shaun White In The 2023 Winter Olympics

Shaun White Finishes 4th In Olympic Farewell

“At best, they’ll be happy because I’m not a good teacher,” White first told Us in October 2021. I remember the first day of our ride, I pulled up the mountain and turned around saying, ‘Okay, I’m getting ready to fall.’ I said, ‘Oh, I hope they’re all right.’ I sat there for a minute and I was like, ‘Oh. Shall I open it and go upstairs? It should be gray. I’m the scariest person ever.” He brushed me off as I ran away anyway. I walk fast. He was already sitting and waiting.

Throughout White’s career, he went to the Olympics five times, winning three medals and winning his first gold medal at the 2006 Winter Games in Turin. Site: Media | Venue: Olympic | Page Type: Stories | Section: | Slug: Shaun-White-leaves-2022-winter-games-without-a-medal-but-with-a-legacy-almost-as-big-as-snowboarding-snowboarding-itself | Sports: Olympics | Path: | 6 key: media/spln/olympics/reg/free/history

Is Shaun White In The 2023 Winter Olympics

Shaun White will leave the 2022 Winter Games without a medal, but with a huge skiing legacy. White has achieved more than we have seen or been able to do.

You Can Snowboard With Shaun White — For $185k

Extreme sports like halfpipe snowboarding are common: falling isn’t just in the air, and it’s inevitable – it’s accepted. It is part of the culture. Failure is natural. Accidents and major disasters are euphoria and not euphoria. Techniques are practiced – and recorded – hundreds of times before practice. And after training he was hurt again.

Is Shaun White In The 2023 Winter Olympics

On Friday morning in Zhangjiakou, China, the tallest skier in halfpipe history made his last three runs down a 623-foot curve that included 22-foot-high walls and 68 feet between human shields.

His last run was not over. Shaun White dropped the last pass of his career. There are currently no medals. But there is more to think about after the most controversial refereeing decision at the Winter Olympics in a long time. (More on that later.)

Is Shaun White In The 2023 Winter Olympics

Shaun White Ends His Olympic Career With 4th Place Finish

After rallying to win gold in the halfpipe at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, White doubted for years whether she wanted to make another run at glory. Snowboarding doesn’t have the culture of swimming or singing or other Olympic disciplines that always appeal to serious people who dedicate themselves to the pursuit. All the time in the winter of their business. Snowboarding is fun…but it’s also fun. Competition in this sport does not usually create competitive rivalry.

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White was sometimes different, especially in his life when he set out as a lone explorer on the ice, sometimes isolating himself from his companions. As White aged, he matured but faced controversy (including an abuse lawsuit by a former teammate that was settled out of court in 2016), becoming an ambassador for the sport. which he single-handedly promoted.

Is Shaun White In The 2023 Winter Olympics

A book about stealing gold by doing the unthinkable for a man of his age. But it is not so. White deserved to make the podium – silver or bronze – but came up short.

Shaun White Concludes Renowned Olympic Career With Fourth Place Finish In Halfpipe Finals

We don’t cry, you cry. Well we are crying too. 😢 #WinterOlympics | Sean White | @TeamUSA — NBC Olympics (@NBCOlympics) February 11, 2022

Is Shaun White In The 2023 Winter Olympics

The final three runs capped off an impressive career, White’s second best. He successfully opened 1440 before breaking double 1080. He chose the front 540, the easiest of his five moves, before the last major highlight: the double McTwist 1260. It’s a move made famous by White, which snowboarders still perform today. In competitions for many years now. He cleared his fifth routine by wrapping up with a 1260 front. In this regard, he is still among the top five in the world.

But he needs to finish in the top three to win a fourth Olympic medal. After her second run, she scored 85.00 for second overall. But the phase was short at the end of the second round of the competition. White’s final shot went into the pipe with a real bang, as he needed an 87.25 or better to claim the bronze. After walking, he hit a wall.

Is Shaun White In The 2023 Winter Olympics

Watch: Shaun White’s Final Run At Winter Olympics 2022

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