Jmu Summer Classes 2023

Jmu Summer Classes 2023 – HARRISONBURG, VA. (WVIR) – James Madison University President Jonathan R. Alger shared an update on JMU’s academic and operational changes.

Classes will continue online through the end of the spring semester, and the spring commencement ceremony has been postponed.

Jmu Summer Classes 2023

Jmu Summer Classes 2023

As we all know, in recent days, we have seen significant developments regarding the spread of COVID-19, as well as many new guidelines issued by state and federal agencies. With these and many other things in mind, I am writing today with an important update regarding the continuation of online classes until the end of the semester, the closing of the residence hall (which is limited), and Course postponed to spring start. event.

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These are hard to choose, but we adhere to the principles of community interest and sound decision-making that are hallmarks of JMU. The JMU experience is primarily about people and our relationships, so the idea of ​​social distancing is against our nature. However, we live in a time that requires special measures to protect those around us.

Jmu Summer Classes 2023

My heart goes out to all of you who have contributed to this unique and special Madison experience. None of you, or indeed any of us, could have thought that the school year and for some time your education in Madison would end like this. I am sorry for these unique obstacles in your life, but I also know that Dukes are responsible, flexible and can work together to overcome any challenge. With the spirit of action in mind, let me share the steps we are taking to ensure that public health and safety ensures that each of you can successfully complete your educational journey.

The university recently announced that classes will be held online or remotely until at least April 5. Based on updated federal and state guidelines, we have decided to continue with study online and by distance until the end of the spring semester. final exam. I understand that this is sad news for many students who are hoping to return to school and feel better in the coming weeks, we are doing everything we can to help you feeling positive during this difficult time. protect society.

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Jmu Summer Classes 2023

Jmu First Year Send Offs

Please know that your teachers are working 24/7 to help you continue your studies. I am very grateful to the JMU faculty and staff for their dedication and endless creativity in making this possible, and I ask for your patience as we work together on this.

Given the extent of this change, we expect that some may arise. JMU University has compiled resources for students to support your online learning success. We have asked all departments to design classes as accessible as possible, such as restricting high-definition video streams that may affect Internet access in the country.

Jmu Summer Classes 2023

For the summer, JMU will offer online courses in addition to the required health and experience programs, which are still being evaluated. Registration for summer classes has been postponed for two weeks until April 6, and further information will be announced.

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Due to the national and regional emergency declaration, the hall will be closed for the spring semester. Only students who have applied for housing and received a grant can stay. If you can’t go home, you have until March 20th at 5:00 pm to turn in the permit. Judging begins on Thursday, March 19.

Jmu Summer Classes 2023

For students who are not in the hall, we have created an exit program for the next two weeks. In order to follow social distancing guidelines, we ask that all families follow this procedure if you are planning to go out on the weekend. The hall is available for students to hang out at any time of the day or night, on weekdays. The schedule and other information can be found here.

We know that many of you went to campus to collect some items and apologize for the inconvenience and may return for a full review. Please know that we strive to make timely decisions for the benefit of all members of our JMU community.

Jmu Summer Classes 2023

Next Steps Dance Intensive

Students receive reimbursement for accommodation and/or food. Information about these refunds and/or credits is forthcoming, and we appreciate your patience while we process the financial services.

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For all graduates, we know that these commencement ceremonies mark important milestones in your life. Due to these major events, we have made the serious decision to move the Master’s and Undergraduate Commencement (scheduled for May 7-9) to another date. We don’t have a new date yet, but know that we are ready to celebrate your milestones and years of service.

Jmu Summer Classes 2023

Although these secret events are delayed, please ensure that your grades are paid on time in May as soon as final grades are received. Diplomas will be sent this summer according to the university’s standard procedure. We will be in touch again soon with more information about commencement ceremonies for the Class of 2020.

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For students considering returning to off-campus housing in Harrisonburg, be aware that personal space and university facilities and services are limited. UREC and JMU libraries are closed until further notice and JMU dining services are operating on limited hours. Remember that if you need to isolate yourself or isolate yourself in a bad situation, in most cases it is best to do it at home with your family to help and support you. .

Jmu Summer Classes 2023

All activities on the JMU campus, regardless of size, are canceled until May 15, following the instructions issued by the White House and the governor of Virginia to prevent gatherings in groups of more than 10 people. – support, including conferences and public meetings.

We have decided to close all our summer study abroad programs, as well as our summer programs in London, Antwerp, Salamanca, Florence and Edinburgh. Global engagement remains at the heart of JMU’s mission to be a university engaged in global thought. We are working with students affected by these closures to identify summer courses and future study abroad opportunities.

Jmu Summer Classes 2023

Jmu Unveils Sun Belt Conference Slate To Complete 2022 Schedule

Check for the latest information. For questions about any information shared in this post, please email [email protected] so we can share your email with the appropriate person or agency.

Like Dukes, you always inspire me with your ability to overcome obstacles and find ways to leave a positive mark on the world. This is the time to unite, support and lift each other up with courage and compassion, writing this wonderful new chapter in JMU history that we will all remember for the rest of our lives. I wish you the best as you begin your online classes. We are here for you, we believe in you. As we take care of ourselves and everyone else, know that a JMU education develops both head and heart. I look forward to seeing you all soon and will be in touch.

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Jmu Summer Classes 2023

I look forward to seeing you all soon and will be in touch. In the meantime, click here to get a special video message from me. The School of Theater and Dance at James Madison University is pleased to partner with DanceWorks Chicago (DWC) for the next step – the Summer Dance Intensive. This rotation offers students two exciting program options to join us at DanceWorks Chicago…

Jmu To Host Annual Spring Football Game On April 22

Both dance tracks are designed for dedicated and curious students ages 12 and up. Participants will study with nationally and internationally renowned artists and industry professionals and gain real-world experience while being taught the history of the professional dance industry!

Jmu Summer Classes 2023

Dancers must register in advance by April 14. Dancers who register by May 1 will receive a bag.

If you are a dancer under the age of 15 and want to participate in the 6 days of intense, please contact Matt Pardo (pardomj@) to submit a video to support this event.

Jmu Summer Classes 2023

Jmu’s ‘ability First’ Event Visits Roanoke

* These prices are for a double room in the lounge and include 3 meals per day in the dining room.

Activities: All classes include on-campus and off-campus activities, which will be announced closer to the registration deadline.

Jmu Summer Classes 2023

Lunch: All above fees (including those who choose no accommodation/meals) include lunch at the campus dining hall.

Next Steps Summer Programs

First Step participants have the option of staying in a dorm during the program. This amazing opportunity allows students to have the perfect student experience.

Jmu Summer Classes 2023

Non-resident First Step students may use campus residence halls/dining halls, but are also welcome.

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