Nail Color Spring 2023

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2022 is fast approaching its end, which means a new year, an updated wardrobe, personal resolutions (which you may or may not keep) and new vibes in full force ahead. When it comes to 2023 nail polish color trends, experts weigh in on what’s left over from last year and what hot new shades will slowly but surely emerge after the ball drops at midnight.

Nail Color Spring 2023

Nail Color Spring 2023

As in most beauty and fashion spaces, trends ebb and flow in harmony. Example? Just as the 2000s went in many different directions (think flip phones, micro-mini skirts, sparkly glamour, hairstyles and modernized ice blue glasses), many of today’s nail trends fit perfectly with what everyone has seen. In the early 2000s. And as a Millennial myself: I can’t say I wasn’t fully invested in the strange and dark awakenings of my youth.

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From bold textures taking over the nail art space (spoiler: chrome is still the same girl) to polish shades you’re sure to see almost everywhere in the coming months, here are 12 nail colors you’ll love. dominates throughout 2023.

Nail Color Spring 2023

Tina Wang, owner of Lunula Salon in Brooklyn, says, “Many people, including those with weak nails or those who want to take a break from extensions, enjoy [and celebrate] a bare nail, like bare nails. . Glitters and pearls are also nice upgrade to a super bright coat.(And Selena Gomez definitely registers with the minimal vibe.)

For a luxe dark mani, Wang says black nail polish is classic and “preventing the trend, hinting at a coming ’90s revival.”

Nail Color Spring 2023

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Experts have confirmed that green shades are the main thing in makeup, and celebrity manicurist Elle Gerstein, who often works with Blake Lively and Lindsay Lohan, admits that moss green nail polishes make everything feel “airy” and solid. “

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Velvet nails have been on the decline since fall 2022, and the trend shows no signs of stopping. Gerstein says he’s on trend because “we’re not one-dimensional.”

Nail Color Spring 2023

Nail pro and trend expert Hemi Park admits that French nails are here to stay a bit longer, but he has a few tips to change the mood. “French nails have always been a classic look, but now there are so many different variations. Hairline French nails or baby French nails are still in fashion. A very thin, sharp line at the tip of the nail quietly shows personality. ‘show , but it shows more strongly when you decide to use bright colors or glitter.

Beautiful Spring Nail Colors To Try In 2023

According to Wang, Shades of Gray is the newest dog girl on the block. She says, “grey polishes with blues and greens are great because they work as muted neutrals that go with everything.”

Nail Color Spring 2023

TikTok creators and dream girls (like Hailey Bieber) are hot lately. Why do you ask? Well, according to the red nail theory, this might be the secret to finding true love… But you be the judge of that.

Want that rich girl vibe à la JLo (and so many other girls these days)? Elle says, “A clean look that accentuates beautiful, shapely hands creates an ‘expensive’ nail feel.” Wang shares the same sentiment, saying, “Neutral tones simply say ‘blend’. Help create a clean camouflage.”

Nail Color Spring 2023

Feel The Fizzle Spring 2023 Nail Polish Collection

Stickers are *everywhere*, and Park admits the trend will take us until 2023. “We saw the donut nail polish make a huge impact all over social media and everyone has been in love ever since. metal castings around the world. again.”

Wang says: “Earth colors will take center stage in 2023, and browns in particular are trending. Browns are strong and striking, but they also give a very modern look.

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Nail Color Spring 2023

For self-proclaimed maximalists, they are not alone. More and more, we’re seeing nail lovers experiment with gems, pearls and more (like singer Nessa Barrett’s epic).

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“With the 2023 Pantone Color of the Year announced as Viva Magenta, this shade is sure to be on trend,” says Gerstein. What does it represent? “Animation and energy.”

Nail Color Spring 2023

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Nail Color Spring 2023

Summer 2022 Nail Trends: Jelly Tips, Diamond Plated Manis, And More

New York Fashion Week may seem like a distant memory, but we haven’t talked about it yet. Whether we’re scouring the runway for the ultimate look or seething with envy for chic looks on the street, there’s plenty of inspiration to be found at September’s shows. But it’s not limited to fashion. Here are the top seven nail trends we saw on the runways and hope to see everywhere this spring. Whether it’s creamy nude or Barbiecore pink, we can’t wait to see these styles in real life. Plus, we find the best products to recreate these looks at home. If Gigi Hadid can wear them, so can you.

There is no subtlety in these metallic chrome manicures. Nail artist Holly Falcon chose a glossy, almost runny polish for both Batsheva and Priskavera’s performances. Falcone isn’t the only nail artist rocking chrome. Nail artist Naomi Yasuda also used mirror-effect silver gel on Tommy Hilfiger’s nails.

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Nail Color Spring 2023

Hot pink is invading our closets and now our hands. Barbiecore effects are seen all over the runway this season, adorning the arms of models in shows like Batsheva, Peter Doe and more. Pink is the new neutral, people.

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A milky manicure enhances a nude look that anyone can replicate at home with little effort. This gorgeous (and easy!) manicure is a must-have for spring and is featured in shows from the likes of LoveShackFancy, Tory Burch, Ulla Johnson and more. Tenoverten founder Nadine Abramcyk wanted the models walking for Tory Burch to have “the effect of nail polish, but better,” and now we do.

Nail Color Spring 2023

Is the last trend of the 21st century coming back? None other than Red Vampire Claws. Instead of relying on beige neutrals, runway models often saw bright red manicures. This extra boldness and pop of color will be everywhere in the coming months, trust us.

It turns out that French nails aren’t an overnight trend. Variations of the French man dominated the runways of Alice + Olivia, Tommy Hilfiger, Peter Do and Sandy Liang. Whether it’s a traditional manicure with white tips or you decide to get creative with color, this one stays basic.

Nail Color Spring 2023

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Grab your boat shoes and tennis rackets, because the hot manicure trend is officially here. Naomi Yasuda paid tribute to Tommy Hilfiger’s classic look, which included stripes, checks and lots of patterned nails.

But for the nails: nail artists like Gina Edwards and Holly Falcon add everything from cups to chains.

Nail Color Spring 2023

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