Nyc Restaurant Week Summer 2023

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New York Restaurant Week comes only twice a year, and bookings for the Winter 2023 edition are now open. Dining From January 17 to February 12, more than 500 restaurants throughout the city are available for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Prices this year are $30, $45 and $60 for a two or three-course lunch and dinner menu on select days at each location.

Nyc Restaurant Week Summer 2023

Nyc Restaurant Week Summer 2023

With so many fun, romantic and classic New York restaurants, and so little time to try them all, it can be hard to narrow it down. We’ve taken a magnifying glass to the lot to highlight the top picks. Here are the best things to order at the top spots during NYC Restaurant Week this winter.

Most Beautiful Restaurants New York

Views of the East River and Fulton’s Bridges from the two dining levels are admirable even for longtime residents. The specialty of this restaurant is seafood, and there is plenty of food on the two-course lunch and $63-course menu from January 17 to February 5.

Nyc Restaurant Week Summer 2023

Tribeca Grill was an early adopter when the original location served lunch for $19 on several summer days. Thirty-one years later, that’s about $42.27, so $45 for three dinners Monday through Friday during Restaurant Week isn’t bad in 2023.

Our prix fixe options: Caesar salad, red wine braised short ribs and New York steak dinner for $45.

Nyc Restaurant Week Summer 2023

Hags Brings The Queer Food Revolution To Nyc Fine Dining

It’s almost as polished as Restaurant Week. The Contemporary Bar Room, next door to the super-fantastic Moderne, offers lunch for two for $45 Sunday-Friday throughout RW. Items like the bar’s fire octopus and hand-cut tagliatelle are always hits. $29 to $49.

Our prix-fixe pick: Steak tartare with fries and glazed pork cheeks for $45 for lunch.

Nyc Restaurant Week Summer 2023

City winner Kokomo was also one of the favorite restaurants in 2020. The Caribbean restaurant offers a three-course dinner from $60 Monday to Friday for all RWs.

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Our prix fixe pick: A meal with coconut curry, red pepper chicken and bread pudding for $60.

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Nyc Restaurant Week Summer 2023

Iris Mediterranean Restaurant opened in 2021 in the city center. The critically acclaimed, beachy, beige eatery offers a $45 two-course lunch and a $60 thirty-course dinner Monday through Friday, January 17 through February 12.

Our prix fixe picks: Tepicilla and branzino filet at lunch for $45. Lamb dish, moussaka and dinner for $60.

Nyc Restaurant Week Summer 2023

Nyc Restaurants Aren’t About Give Up Outdoor Dining

The beautiful location next to the newly opened five-star restaurant Le Gratin at the Beekman Hotel is as good a neighborhood as it is in the city, with colored glass and the right lighting to create a little kaleidoscopic effect. The three-course New American dinner menu starts at $60 Monday through Friday, February 12.

Our prix fixe pick: Mussel Boucho, Roasted Cod and Chocolate Ganache Cake for dinner at $60.

Nyc Restaurant Week Summer 2023

Inspired by the elegant al fresco setting familiar to New York diners, contemporary Indian restaurant Baar Baar’s three-course dinner is available Sunday through Friday throughout RW.

Nyc Restaurant Week 2023: The Complete Guide

Our prix fixe takes: Calcutta Jackfruit Cutlet, Beef Curly Curry and Mango Chilli Sorbet for $45 for dinner.

Nyc Restaurant Week Summer 2023

One of New York’s best boutique hotels, opening in 2019, Cathedral Moxie offers crowd-pleasing variety in a beautiful, private garden-filled space on the lower level of the East Village Hotel. He has three plates. fixed price $60 evening Sunday-Friday February 17-29.

Our prix fixe options: Pommes Dauphine, flank steak or poivre and chocolate moilleux for a $60 meal.

Nyc Restaurant Week Summer 2023

Nyc Restaurant Week: Which S.i. Restaurants Are Participating?

Renowned chef Daniel Boulud’s name is in restaurants around the world, including his five-star opening in New York and two locations participating in Restaurant Week this season. 12.

Our prix fixe takes: Chicken liver mousse, lamb shoulder and chocolate mousse for a $60 meal.

Nyc Restaurant Week Summer 2023

For a limited time to coincide with the start of Winter Restaurant Week, on January 17, Queensboro is offering a $45 three-course menu Sunday through Friday, February 12.

Sixty Three Clinton Opens In The Lower East Side

Our prix-fixe picks: Chips with French Onion Smoked Trout Roe, Broccoli Carnitas and Potato Gratin, and Vietnamese Tiramisu for a $45 meal. Queensboro also has a selection of $30 bottles of wine.

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Nyc Restaurant Week Summer 2023

With its New American menus, this media magnet still attracts crazy views or writers and covers the best New York writers. In true seasonal style, the $45 two-course lunch and $60 three-course dinner will be available Monday through Friday, January 17-29 only.

Our prix fixe pick: Scallops, prawns and grilled sea bream for $45. Dinner includes smoked flambe, roast beef and eton scramble for $60.

Nyc Restaurant Week Summer 2023

What’s New And Happening In Chicago

Local favorites French Louie’s and Buttermilk Channel are approaching their second year at Victor’s Mediterranean Restaurant on the Gowanus Canal. Restaurant Week offers a three-course dinner Monday through Friday for $45.

Our prix fixe picks: Smoked eggplant and feta, half a chicken with anchovies salsa and roasted chicory, and chocolate boudineau for $45. Additional wine pairings are available for $20 per person.

Nyc Restaurant Week Summer 2023

La Brasserie took over the Park Avenue South spot made famous by Anthony Bourdain last year. The French restaurant is offering $45 for $3 Sunday-Friday through February 12.

Markjoseph Steakhouse New York Restaurant On Best Steakhouse Restaurants. 2023

The Lebanese restaurant Ilili first opened 16 years ago on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, and its proximity to several office spaces makes work more pleasant than the workday. From $45 Monday through Friday through February 12.

Nyc Restaurant Week Summer 2023

Contemporary Hawaiian restaurant Noreetuh offers a three-course dinner Sunday through Friday for $45 a week. A two-course wine pairing is $28 per person.

Our prix fixe picks: bigeye tuna poke, mochico chicken loco moco and pineapple upside-down cake for $45 for dinner.

Nyc Restaurant Week Summer 2023

How To Get A Table At Carbone

Sometimes you end up close to Penn Station, the Gardens, Herald Square and the great shopping there, and the best restaurants in the area. Piggyback brought the previous Pig & Khao urban aesthetic a few blocks north in 2019 and offers a $28 lunch for two Tuesday through Friday and a $60 three-course dinner Tuesday through Saturday.

Our prix fixe: Honey Butter Korean Wings and Pork Chops for lunch for $28. Lumpia Shanghai, Malaysian fried chicken and samores sundae for $60.

Nyc Restaurant Week Summer 2023

Il Fiorista’s Winter Restaurant Week is in full force, with multi-park restaurants, bars, florists, boutiques and craft classes. And like your annual windows, the $30 Sunday brunch and $60 three-course prix-fixe dinner on Monday won’t last forever: They end when RW closes on February 12.

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Most Instagrammable Restaurants In Nyc For Beautiful Photos

One of the best vegetarian restaurants in New York offers deals all day, but that’s why NYC Restaurant Week is the most festive time of the year. HanGawi’s mainly plant-based menu changes seasonally, and you can enjoy a three-course meal around the menu from $60 Monday to Friday, January 17 to February 12.

Nyc Restaurant Week Summer 2023

Our prix fixe: Winter Appetizer Platter, Chilli Stuffed Eggplant and Mocha Cake with Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream for $60 Meal.

Danji is one of the best restaurants near Times Square, with items like wild yellowtail sashimi and bulgogi meat sliders. And the beautiful and intimate interior is bordered by violence. Dungey is offering a $60 3-course dinner Sunday-Friday from January 23rd through February 12th.

Nyc Restaurant Week Summer 2023

Oc Restaurant Week

Our prix fixe pick: Korean fire chicken wings, bibimbap and sorbet dinner for $60.

Despite several iterations, The Green Seasons American Restaurant is known worldwide. Beautiful Central Park can be romantic, tourist-friendly, or even a little “Old New York” depending on your mood. Enjoy a $45 three-course lunch Monday through Friday and a $60 three-course dinner Sunday-Friday, January 17-29.

Nyc Restaurant Week Summer 2023

Our top pick: Spinach salad and monkfish medallions for lunch for $45. Caramelized garlic prawns, baked cod and carrot cake for dinner $60.

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Nyc Restaurant Week Summer 2023

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New York Restaurant Week is one of the best food festivals in the five boroughs. As always, New Yorkers (and a few lucky tourists) loosen their dining plans and reserve the city’s top spots, newbies, and favorite restaurants for an unprecedented year-round experience. Hundreds of participating locations across the city offer discounted menu prices

Nyc Restaurant Week Summer 2023

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