Smc Fall 2023

Smc Fall 2023 – MURRIETTA, CA – The KTM 690 ENDURO R and KTM 690 SMC R have been the best in class in their respective disciplines for over a decade. In 2023, this trend will continue in typical KTM fashion, powered by a true READY TO RACE package and KTM North America, Inc. is pleased to announce more details about the dynamic duo.

Both the KTM 690 ENDURO R and the KTM 690 SMC R are based on the most powerful production single-cylinder engine. Through more than 30 years of consistent development, the KTM LC4 has continuously evolved from a 553cc race engine in 1987 to the full 693cc engine it is today.

Smc Fall 2023

Smc Fall 2023

Not only has the LC4 stood the test of time, it essentially created a segment for itself. This proved to be the perfect foundation for the KTM 690 range, paving the way for two of the most dominant bikes to leave the Mattighofen factory.

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The KTM 690 ENDURO R, a popular dual-sport machine for many years, gets an updated aesthetic for 2023, taking styling cues from the competitive Enduro series. Now the KTM 690 ENDURO R, an even smarter enduro weapon, offers no compromises on hard enduro terrain and light and fast trails.

Smc Fall 2023

The absolutely ballistic KTM 690 SMC R brings a brand new blue and orange color scheme into the fray, adding to the overall racing appeal. Built to ride mountain roads and race courses through adrenaline-seeking canyon cutters and rear-wheel sliders, the KTM 690 SMC R has been the undisputed king of supermoto for almost as long as pulling the wheels.

Both LC4s benefit from Cornering ABS, which allows drivers to use full braking power even at high lean angles, traction control and two driving modes. The optional off-road ABS (plug the key only) on the KTM 690 ENDURO R reduces the ABS action on the front wheel and completely disables the rear ABS, allowing the riders lock the rear when they need to slide the rear tight. a corner or drag the brake on the technical descent. Supermoto ABS mirrors this feature on the KTM 690 SMC R, which literally pulls out all the stops. When activated, the ABS also slows down on the front wheel and turns off completely at the rear, allowing significant deviations in corners and smoking the tires from the top.

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Smc Fall 2023

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The READY TO RACE availability of KTM PowerWear and KTM PowerParts is designed to provide the highest levels of performance, protection and mobility to get the most out of your LC4 engines.

The latest generation models KTM 690 ENDURO R and KTM 690 SMC R will be available at official KTM dealers from November. For more information on the entire KTM line, visit

Smc Fall 2023

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A press release is not a staff article. If the message is marked with the words “press release”, this means that the company is not responsible for its content and does not guarantee its authenticity. Not all press releases are published, and press releases may be rejected if the content is too heavy for commercial advertising with little or no news value, or if the press release contains obvious mistakes. The 690 SMC R raises the bar in supermoto, thanks in particular to a lightweight chassis, the legendary 690 LC4 engine and a sophisticated electronic package. Whether you are showing your talent sliding on the asphalt on the mountain roads or on the summits of your favorite course, you will carry yourself into the future with a full smile and adrenaline pumping through your veins. Handling is enhanced with the latest fully adjustable WP APEX suspension, so all you have to worry about is focusing on the road ahead and turning the throttle all the way.

Smc Fall 2023

Single cylinder LC4 engine with a volume of 690 cc. Another big plus is that in addition to the exceptional fuel economy, the engine also has long service intervals of 10,000 km, which keeps running costs low.

The light and compact cylinder head contains four valves and one camshaft located above the intake valves, as well as a secondary balancer shaft driven by the timing chain. The intake valves are actuated with the help of fingers, and the exhaust valves with the help of a rocker arm.

Smc Fall 2023

Ktm 690 Smc R Guide • Total Motorcycle

The resonator chamber balances the impulses in the intake tract and makes the throttle response easier with reduced vibrations.

Two balance shafts, one in front of the crankshaft and one in the cylinder head, reduce vibration for a smoother ride.

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Smc Fall 2023

The rocker arm uses slide bearings to reduce the mass of recoil, which helps the engine run more smoothly and thus improves its life.

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PASC (Power Assist Clutch) ensures a minimum need for the driver to work, as the reduced torque of the engine is transmitted to the clutch discs. A slipper clutch prevents the rear wheels from locking up during aggressive gear changes, which reduces destabilizing rear wheels hitting the asphalt during hard braking or deceleration in corners.

Smc Fall 2023

The smooth 6-speed transmission with Quickshifter+ provides faster clutchless upshifts and downshifts as you hit the gas through twists and turns. This not only gives the rider more control over the bike with a full grip on the handlebars, but also improves grip with the rear wheels.

The 690 SMC R has a ride-by-wire system that uses electronic sensors to process throttle turns and a throttle actuation to control throttle operation. This greatly improves response, giving the driver better throttle control of the powerful single cylinder and a smoother ride.

Smc Fall 2023

Kit Deco Ktm 690 Smc R ( 2015 à 2023 )

Electronic fuel injection and engine management deliver performance that is perfectly suited to the driving conditions. The result: even more and better controlled power, lower fuel consumption and emissions, and the benefits of features such as MTC (Motor Traction Control), MSR (Engine Slip Regulation ) and Quickshifter+. The driver has the option to choose between two different displays to influence the characteristics of the engine. A dual spark plug ignition system independently controls two different sized spark plugs in the cylinder head for more efficient combustion and an easier and more precisely controlled combustion sequence.

The 690 SMC R has a precision exhaust system made of high quality stainless steel and is also emissions compliant. However, if you want a little more grunt, the PowerParts catalog has a collection of READY TO RACE hardware to take your 690 SMC R to the next level.

Smc Fall 2023

The air filter is easily accessible for maintenance thanks to the air box located under the seat. This makes maintaining the bike easy and stress-free after a long day of riding.

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The lattice frame is made of light sections of high-quality chrome-molybdenum steel tubes of various thicknesses. This type of balanced frame design provides high torsional stiffness for optimal handling and handling, while a more precisely tuned longitudinal flex can absorb wheel impact energy while supporting the suspension to reduce rider fatigue.

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Smc Fall 2023

Tried and trusted – effective use of the rear fuel tank as the main structural element of the subframe keeps weight down and eliminates structural complexity.

This swingarm design provides an optimal rear shock mounting position for high speed progression. The integral casting process eliminates any inconsistencies and weak points that would be typical of a welded swingarm.

Smc Fall 2023

Ktm 690 Smc R, Enduro R Launched With Cornering Abs And Other New Features

Extra-stiff forged triple clamps with 24mm offset (adjustable to 22mm) provide a firm grip on the fork for precise handling. They allow you to adjust the steering wheel forwards and backwards in four different positions for optimal driver ergonomics.

Maximum Supermoto handling is enhanced by the WP APEX 48 inverted fork. Split fork designed by WP and adapted to the 690 SMC R. It has springs on both sides with separate damping functions – compression on the left and rebound to the right. They do not have a negative effect on each other. As such, damping can be easily adjusted using knobs on the top of the two fork tubes, each adjustable in 30 clicks.

Smc Fall 2023

The WP APEX shock is specially tuned for Supermoto and connected to the swingarm via a link. This ensures the advanced nature of the suspension and high ground resistance. Fully adjustable, including high and low compression rates, you can adjust the shock to suit any riding conditions and preferences.

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The wheels use lightweight CNC machined hubs and premium 17-inch black rims to combine maximum strength with minimum weight. They are equipped with BRIDGESTONE S21 tires for maximum performance on the road and enough grip on the race track.

Smc Fall 2023

BREMBO brakes deliver best-in-class stopping power combined with lightweight discs – 320mm in diameter at the front wheel and 240mm at the rear – to deliver a substantial blend of stopping power and smooth braking. .

The 690 SMC R has a 13.5 liter fuel tank that gets the job done

Smc Fall 2023

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