Spring Semester 2023 Cuny

Spring Semester 2023 Cuny – To be considered a full-time student, you must complete at least 12 credits in your major. However, to graduate within two years, you must successfully complete at least 15 credits per semester.

Kingsboro’s unique academic calendar allows you to split your credits between the 12-week regular academic program and the 6-week second term and be considered a full-time student. For example, you can take 9 credits in your regular academic courses and 6 credits in your second semester. You can take 2 courses or 8 credits over the 6-week program. Classes end early, so register as soon as possible.

Spring Semester 2023 Cuny

Spring Semester 2023 Cuny

Note: If you plan to split your schedule, you must enroll in both the 12-week course and the 6-week modules in order to receive full-time financial support for any term. , (12-week courses in fall and spring; 6-week modules in winter and summer.)

As Cuny Opens For Spring Semester On Friday, Tensions Continue To Rise

Counselors from KCC Counseling College are available to help you. We encourage you to contact them as soon as possible to arrange a meeting using Starfish. You can meet with your counselor via Zoom or in person.

Spring Semester 2023 Cuny

Students participating in special programs (ASAP, College Discovery, and FLEX) should contact their advisor directly. Reservations must be made with Starfish.

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New Students Our Admissions Counselors are here to help you. Contact us after enrollment. After their application and documents have been fully processed, new students will receive information about scheduling an advising and registration appointment.

Spring Semester 2023 Cuny

Does Anyone Have An Enrollment Appointment For The Spring 2023 Semester?

Other CUNY Students Students from other CUNY colleges must first apply for an electronic permit. Note: E-License approval only allows for one course at Kingsborough; it does not enroll you or guarantee you a place in the course. You will still need to complete the normal registration process to attend classes.

Our program is open to students from other colleges who have earned fewer than 60 credits and are applying to graduate school by the deadline. Before you can enroll as a non-degree student, you must first have your course assessed and approved by the relevant department at your home university. Course details can be found in our University Catalogue.

Spring Semester 2023 Cuny

If you need help registering for classes, please contact the Registration Help Center at 718-368-6551. Have your EMPLID and 4 or 5 digit class number ready for the specific class you want to join.

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