Summer Break 2023 California

Summer Break 2023 California – Disneyland Crowd Calendar for 2023 to help you plan your vacation! Includes tips for planning the perfect date. I should preface this post, this is purely my opinion based on my experience over the years. There are many factors I consider, including dates, school calendars, holidays, lockout dates that Disney has placed on Magic Key passes, and special events. I created a color coded calendar for each month of 2023.

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Summer Break 2023 California

Summer Break 2023 California

I get this question often! Unfortunately, gone are the days when you could ride rides. There are times when it is less crowded, but Disneyland is a popular vacation spot!

Los Angeles And Orange County School Break Calendar

With that in mind, if your dates are flexible, there are a few things you can do to plan your trip around the crowds. But if you can’t help but worry, I have tons of tips to help you navigate the parks on a busy day!

Summer Break 2023 California

Disney has so many events and holidays that celebrate these days. It is important to know these times when planning your trip. Find out when each holiday period usually starts. Or when there are other events planned throughout the year, such as the Food and Wine Festival, Grad Nites, and after-hours events. If you want to know when they’re turning the Haunted Mansion of It’s a Small World into holiday wraps, you can find all that information in this post!

In the calendar below you will see that every weekend is red. Weekends are always busy regardless of the season. People are off work, kids don’t have school and this is the most convenient. So if you can avoid red dates, weekends and holidays, that would be my suggestion. When the kids aren’t in school, expect the parks to be busy! But not everyone can go during the week, I understand that. And that’s why I’ve created tips for navigating the crowd. And my first tip, go to the rope.

Summer Break 2023 California

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Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days to go with less crowds. Keep in mind that during less busy times you will often find shorter parking times, closed rides and less entertainment.

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But really, whenever you go, if you have a good tour plan, you will have a great time, there is so much to see and do in the parks. Start your day early and use these itineraries to maximize your day at Disneyland or Disney California Adventure. If you want a custom itinerary created by me, check out this post. Another way to save time is to purchase the Disney Genie+, which allows you to “skip the line” for certain attractions. Read more about Disney Genie+.

Summer Break 2023 California

There is a misconception that the reservation system at Disneyland still exists because Disney limits capacity. It was like that when the parks reopened, but not anymore. The reservation system tells Disney how many employees it needs that day, how much food to order and more. helps to plan. The booking system is going nowhere, get used to it. Plan ahead and use this Crowd Calendar tool to help!

Disneyland 2023 Crowd Calendar

If you plan to go in 2022 or 2023, I recommend getting discounted tickets from Get Away Today. Tickets are valid through 12/1/2024, with no blackout dates, and tickets will not be emailed immediately after purchase. That’s why I use Get Away Today! Plus, you can get an extra $10 off your vacation package (tickets + hotel) when you use promo code TOURGUIDE. Check out this post for reviews of over 20 hotels that I have personally stayed at or toured. It covers the whole range from budget hotels to 4-star hotels near Disneyland.

Summer Break 2023 California

January is generally less busy, but this also means that opening hours are shorter, attractions may be closed for maintenance and entertainment is limited. For example, fireworks are shown only on the weekend and Fantasmic ten also performs on the weekend. January 27 is also the start of a big party this year called Disney100. That weekend is going to be very busy!

February usually has shorter parking times, fewer repairs and perhaps less entertainment. February 20th is President’s Day and many schools have a whole week off from school.

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Summer Break 2023 California

Little Lake City School District

Spring break in Arizona starts March 6-10. Schools in CA, AZ, NV, NM, TX, ID, UT, HI have spring break at various times throughout the rest of the month and part of April. Some even have two weeks of vacation.

If you plan to travel to Disneyland in May or June 2023, you should try to avoid these days. The following dates are graduation days… 2023 Disneyland Resort Grad Nite Dates. I will share more about this event in a few months, just know that both parks are busy on these days, even though the event takes place after hours at Disney California Adventure. Schools can choose to come to the park opening and use park jumper tickets until the special event starts at 21.00!

Summer Break 2023 California

The whole month of July is busy. It’s summer vacation, the 4th of July, and the kids are out of school.

Calendars / 2022 2023

In August, when the kids go back to school and summer ends, we start to see a lull in the hustle and bustle.

Summer Break 2023 California

September is one of my favorite times to visit the parks. However, keep in mind that during the week there are reduced hours, some renovations and usually no fireworks. Additionally, Disney California Adventure hosts the Oogie Boogie Bash in both September and October. These party dates may affect your travel as you must leave DCA before 18.00 if you do not have a party ticket. We won’t know those dates until late 2023, but here’s the 2022 data to give you an idea.

In October, many school districts have scheduled fall vacation. Most schools are first or second week. But some go to the third week. Keep this in mind when planning a vacation in October.

Summer Break 2023 California

Mira Costa High School

Usually the second weekend in November is the start of the holiday season. And that brings the crowds back to the parks. Additionally, many school districts have the entire week of Thanksgiving. It’s a busy time!

On the first weekend of December 2023, the Candlelight Processional will be held at Disneyland on the 2nd and 3rd. The parks are very busy for this event. As the month goes by and the kids get kicked out of school, you see a huge influx to the parks. Children are very busy until they go back to school after the New Year.

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Summer Break 2023 California

I hope this information will be useful to you. Another good resource to check is the Anaheim Convention Center calendar. When Disneyland hosts large events that can affect the crowds. People go to Disneyland after Congress Day is over.

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Have fun planning your magical Disneyland vacation in 2023! I also share when new or special events come to the parks in my newsletter. Be sure to register so you don’t miss any important information to plan your trip! Sign up for the newsletter, I only send emails when I want to share news or updates about Disneyland.

Summer Break 2023 California

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Summer Break 2023 California

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Summer Break 2023 California

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Summer Break 2023 California

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