Summer Hair Color Trends 2023

Summer Hair Color Trends 2023 – It’s hard to believe that 2022 is already coming to an end. And what a year it has been! Full of historical events and surprising pop culture moments, and of course, let’s not forget the many, many trends. In 2022, we saw the return of Y2K fashion with low rise jeans and mini skirts. And there were so many colorful and expressive makeup looks and hair trends that we hope to see more of. While it’s hard to say goodbye to 2022, there are more exciting trends to check out as we enter the new year.

A new year is a time of new beginnings, and one of the best ways to feel completely refreshed is to try a different hair color. Whether you’re looking to update your current style or give yourself a makeover, 2023 offers plenty of hair color trends to choose from. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites that are trending on social media right now and will explode next year. Between blondes, brunettes and bold fashion colors, there’s sure to be something for everyone. And we’ve included hairstyling tips on the best ways to get and maintain the 2023 hair color trends.

Summer Hair Color Trends 2023

Summer Hair Color Trends 2023

Over the next few months, you may see a shift to a natural-looking warm brown. Stars like Hailey Bieber have moved away from blondes in favor of golden brown tones like this one. Although the color looks like a normal brunette, it looks brighter and more expensive thanks to the almost invisible high and low highlights. The most popular shades of brown will have golden and honey tones. Speaking to Net-a-Porter about this popular style, Josh Wood, hairstylist and owner of Atelier Josh Wood, said: “This color still needs definition… Adding highs and lows is brighter than a flat. It seems that color.”

Classic Haircuts That Are On Trend This Summer

Warm tones also help to warm the skin tone. If a darker color washes you out, you can always incorporate warmer, golden tones to lighten the shade. John Frieda’s Nicola Clark advised those with naturally light skin to avoid going too dark. “If you’ve lost your summer highlights, your hair can look a little dull after lightening,” she said. “But the blonde always fades, so be careful not to go too dark.”

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Summer Hair Color Trends 2023

Coins have been a huge development in the last year. For a defined style, the front sections of the hair are bleached lighter than the rest of the hair. Hairstylist Kim Bonondona explained the trend to Cosmopolitan, saying, “Because the piece is straight in the front, it becomes the focal point of the client’s hair and draws attention to their face… Usually highlights the lightest and thickest part of the hair.”

While large bracelets will be a big trend in 2022, stylists predict that bangles will become thinner in the coming seasons. Instead of heavy pink items, many people choose “spotted coins”. This style allows the bangs to blend seamlessly with the rest of the hair. While it still has the same face-framing effect, it’s not as sharp as a bold light. Hairstylist Robert Eaton told Net-a-Porter, “I like to put a little more raised root on these parts, so you don’t have a defined line when it grows out.” “Face frames are a great way to create an accent area of ​​color at the front of any hairstyle, but especially longer styles and balayage.”

Summer Hair Color Trends 2023

Winter Hair Color Trends And Ideas

Cool reds have been popping up on Instagram and Tiktok and this trend isn’t going anywhere. The great thing about red is how versatile it is. From strawberry blonde to deep black, there’s a shade for every skin tone, and you can see them in 2023. Brooke Jordan, hairstylist and co-founder of The Bird House, told Ipsy, “For winter, be careful for winter. Lots of deep, warm reds that evoke the cozy vibes we need right now.

While we can see a lot of bright and deep meadow colors, if that seems too bold, there are more subtle ways to incorporate this trend into your look. Try warm russet for brownies. It’s the perfect transition color to try a few darker shades and see how you like them before committing to a red-haired look. It’s a natural brown with a red undertone that isn’t too extreme. Hairstylist Irinel De Leon tells Women’s Health it’s a great color to dip your toe into the red hair trend. “It’s a more tonal version of the brass trend.”

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Summer Hair Color Trends 2023

Or, if you want an easy hair color change for blondes, try “black spice”. This color mixes warm lights with slightly lighter reds. Hairstylist Michelle Schindler said, “Adding warm colors to your hair is one of my favorite ways to rock summer blondes… it’s a great way to show clients how versatile they are with hair color.”

Summer 2022’s Biggest Hair Color Trends Are All About In Between Shades

While all red hair colors are in fashion, copper is a standout tone. It’s a warm, orangey gold shade, perfect for anyone who wants a shimmery blush. High color experts told Real Simple: “The copper hair trend took off after Kendall Jenner’s Fall/Winter 2022 Prada show and received 123 million views on TikTok… Although it’s a lighter shade, it can be customized and made for anyone.” skin color and color.”

Summer Hair Color Trends 2023

Hairstylist Min Kim told Women’s Health that you’ll see this trend pick up especially on curly hair. Natural curls have had a big moment in recent years and this bright color will only enhance the curls. Kim said: “The main curl color trend is bright and bold copper… The effortlessly sensual nature of natural curls is a perfect match for these warm and elegant reds.”

Speaking of curl trends, you’ll be seeing a lot of beautifully highlighted curls this coming season. A great way to lighten up curls and add definition to your hair is with subtle highlights. Instead of a uniform bleaching around the head, this trend involves using lighter colors at the front and bottom of the curls. The balayage technique adds more volume to the curls.

Summer Hair Color Trends 2023

Hottest Hair Colors Trending For Summer 2023

Hairstylist Michelle Schindler advises Women’s Health on how to best accentuate your curls, and talk to your stylist about getting this look. “It’s a great way to play with color, texture and tone,” she said. “I like to tease each part of the head and saturate each strand with highlighter. I always weight my layers at the front of the head because the top layer of hair is more exposed to the sun and tends to be thinner..layers and intensity of color towards the back of the head and the lower layer that is less exposed to the sun.

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This caramel blonde trend is a great way to bring warm tones to a classic pink look. Golden tones are slightly darker, like “toasted caramel”. Warm undertones make this the perfect yellow for winter, and it warms up skin tones even in the colder months. It is also easy to switch from other light colors. If you already have blonde hair, you can keep the same location and easily switch to this trendy color.

Summer Hair Color Trends 2023

Hairstylist Michelle Schindler told Women’s Health that switching from white to blonde is a great color. For a warm blonde, you can add richer, darker honey and golden tones. “By adding gold to the formula, it enriches the color and adds depth,” Schindler said. “What’s great about this color is that you can create it with a full head of baby lights, play off your existing color placement, or enhance the color with pops of color on the ends and ends.”

Hair Color And Hairstyle Trends 2022

The copper hair trend or strawberry blonde color is a great option for anyone who has naturally blonde hair or isn’t worried about keeping it light. However, if you are dark-haired and want to join the red hair trend without bleaching, you can bring in auburn and purple hues to your natural brown color.

Summer Hair Color Trends 2023

Shawn Perkins, a columnist at Madison Reed, describes the color trend as cherry cola, in Women’s Health. A combination of deep reds and purples can create a “cherry cola look with mahogany tones somewhere between red and purple,” Perkins said.. shines in the light. You can create this trend by adding auburn highlights to dark brown hair. Try this trend with a temporary hair mask and see how you like it before you go red.

If you’re looking for a way to revive pink hair, you can try your favorite pastels in 2023. Stylists predict that we’ll see the pastel trend continue.

Summer Hair Color Trends 2023

Winter Gold Hair Color Trend For 2023

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