Trending Hair Colors 2023

Trending Hair Colors 2023 – Light brown hair is back in style: Watch Hailey Bieber’s transformation from beach blonde to chestnut, honey brown on Zendaya. This color, although similar to the brown of the mouse, is high because of the high and low lights that are almost invisible. “Color needs more definition,” says Josh Wood, owner of Atelier Josh Wood. “Adding highs and lows will make it look as shiny as one flat color.” When adopting this natural shade of brown, it is important to keep your complexion from looking dull. “If you’re losing your summer tan, your hair may be a little lighter after going from bright blonde tones. But tan always fades, so be careful not to be too dark,” warns Nicola Clarke, owner of John Frieda. . .

For curly and textured hair, the color can often err on the thicker side, which can make the color more visible, especially in the summer, when the sun naturally brightens the hair. “Sometimes when you have hand-made hair you have to be more daring and more aggressive when the colors are applied because it can easily get lost in the grain,” says Robert Eaton, British Hairstylist of the Year. But in the autumn, when the skin naturally lacks brightness, it is a matter of creating simple combinations, soluble spots of color for a natural improvement. “If you’re wearing a light afro style, avoid muted colors,” Clark adds. “Warm gold tones and blondes complement the deepest skin tones.”

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Trending Hair Colors 2023

Trending Hair Colors 2023

Playing with bright colors isn’t just for summer, and this year you can expect to see lots of pastel colors with a subtle feel. “There’s a pastel color for everyone in my book,” says Wood. “I like to lighten pastels so they fall down with a little color using a gloss product; you can add conditioner to it for a muted look. Also, pastels don’t last long, so you can they change from a pale pink to the softness of bleached coral.” Working with color washes and washes, protecting your hair while styling will maintain its condition and help the color last longer, especially if you have you lightened your hair before using it.

Best Hair Color Trends To Try In 2023

Haircut-the style where the strands of your face are lighter than the rest of your hair-is a trend that started last year (see brunette Kendall Jenner’s take on a light shade of hazel around her face) . However, for fall, the cut is no small statement and no effort to create a sophisticated and lively look. This “smudged” brings color to the natural area for the roots that are not visible, but keeps the highlights that make up the face clearly. “I like to slim down more than cut so you don’t get a clear cut as it grows,” Eaton says. “Parts made on the face are a great way to create a special area of ​​color in front of any hairstyle, but especially long styles and balayages.”

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Trending Hair Colors 2023

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