Ttu Spring 2023 Calendar

Ttu Spring 2023 Calendar – It is rooted in history. Progress. The Women’s and Gender Studies Program at Texas Tech University is an interdisciplinary program that supports transformative undergraduate and graduate scholarship and theory that examines how gender intersects with other social identities such as race, ethnicity, sexuality, class, and disability. Through feminist coursework, research, and hands-on opportunities, we examine systems of power, privilege, and inequality. Women’s and gender studies advance ways to create, collaborate, and sustain social justice and women’s skills that promote understanding, equality, and compassion.

The 39th Annual WGS All-University Conference on the Advancement of Women will be held on Friday, April 21, 2023, and the dinner will be dedicated to the book My Moment: 106 Women on the Fight for Themselves by Kristin Chenoweth (Author), Cathy Najimy (Author), Linda Perry (Author), Chelly Wright (Author), Lauren Blitzer (Author)

Ttu Spring 2023 Calendar

Ttu Spring 2023 Calendar

Book blurb: “A collection of essays, along with black-and-white photographs, of a diverse group of women when they realized they were ready to stand up for themselves – including Gloria Steinem, Aretha Marbley (TTU), Lena Waite, Joanna Gaines, Brandi Carlyle, Binnie Feldstein, Cynthia Eriva, and Billie Jean King, among others.This collection of powerful essays is a natural extension of the #MeToo movement, revealing the inner knowledge of women after being neglected or deeply harmed.. – an enlightenment that the world is different from of what they thought – and how they used that knowledge to make a difference. Time and time again, when they said no, these women said life to themselves. makes people of all ages feel less alone. “Me Time” is not just the sum of its parts, but a book for young women (or any woman) traveling the world…”

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Dra. Leslie S. Sotomayor has a new book out! This book showcases the work of TTU faculty, Drs. Alder, Dr. Followed by Dr. Sotomayor, TTU Library Esther De Leon, Junior and WGS Interns Bianca Rodriguez, Kelvin Boaquier, Chloe Ferrer, and Maya Kirkland.

Ttu Spring 2023 Calendar

WGS Affiliate Faculty News The American Association of University Women (AAUW) awards scholarships to faculty in the School of Music.

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) is pleased to award an American Fellowship for 2022-2023. by Virginia E. Wilton, Ph.D. Wilton is an associate professor of music at the JT School of Music. and Texas Tech University’s Margaret Talkington College of Visual and Performing Arts. Read the full announcement here.

Ttu Spring 2023 Calendar

Arts & Sciences Office Of Student Success Survival Kit By Texastechartssciences

Dr. Brandi Pina-Watson is an Associate Professor of Counseling Psychology in the Department of Psychological Sciences at Texas Tech University. Received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. in Counseling Psychology from Texas A&M University in 2014. Dr. Pina-Watson has been involved with the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies since arriving at Texas Tech University in 2014, where she has served on several committees, including the Faculty Search Committee and the Education Committee. Prior to that, she served as the Diversity and Equity Strategist in the Office of Equity and Inclusion and Provost. Research by Dr. Piña-Watson focuses on identifying personal, family, cultural, and social factors that contribute to resilience to the negative consequences of Latino adolescent stress and increases in adult depression, suicidal thoughts and behaviors, well-being, and academic outcomes. His work is dedicated to Mexicans living in the United States. Dr. Piña-Watson’s research program takes a critical and rigorous approach that recognizes the complexity and intersectionality of different identities and contexts in relation to Latino stability and mental health disparities. WGS welcomes our new Liberia

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Esther Medina De Leon, associate librarian for women’s and gender studies, media and communication, and diversity, equity and inclusion at Texas Tech University Libraries. De Leon holds an MLS from the University of North Texas in Denton and a BA in Spanish from Lubbock Christian University. She serves as Associate Faculty of Women’s and Gender Studies, on the President’s Council on Gender Equality, as a member of Leaders Advancing Diversity (LEAD); on the advisory board of the Centers for Mexican American and Latin American Studies and Latin American and Iberian Studies; and Principal Investigator (PI) of the Chicana/x Latina/x Working Group, which is dedicated to furthering research and creating dialogue about the power of Chicana and Latina feminism. Its goals are to provide accessible resources to the TTU campus community, to provide leadership and research expertise in diversity and Latino/a, and to develop students, staff, and faculty academically and professionally. and human development. Research Interests: Library Science, Women’s and Gender Studies, Feminism and Chicano/Latina Studies, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Studies, Administrative/Administrative Diversity in Library and Higher Education, Faculty Mentoring, Intercultural Mentoring, and Hispanic, Chicano. /o, Latina/o, culture, heritage, and upbringing to name a few.

Ttu Spring 2023 Calendar

TechSan Texas Tech Alumni Magazine Fall 2021 [SE1], Volume 74, Number 4, Pages 25-27. Faculty of Women’s and Gender Studies

Women’s & Gender Studies

Christine Alder, Ph.D., has been a full-time faculty member at WGS since Fall 2021. Ph.D. Alder received her PhD in Women’s and Gender Studies from Texas Woman’s University. She was appointed United Nations Ambassador to the US Section of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom. Her research interests include transnational feminism; feminist and indigenous epistemologies; science fiction and fantasy novels; and postcolonial literature. Christine Alder, Ph.D., WGS Full Professor, Part of 2021. La Dra. Alder received her PhD in Women’s and Gender Studies from the University of Texas. She was nominated as a United Nations representative for the United States of America and the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom. Sus interestes de research include: feminismos transnacionales; epistemologías feminitas e indígenas; science fiction and fantasy; postcolonial literature.

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Ttu Spring 2023 Calendar

Leslie Sotomayor, Ph.D., is a visiting assistant professor at WGS beginning fall 2021. Sotomayor earned a dual doctorate in women’s, gender, and sexuality studies and art education from Penn State University. He is an artist, a teacher, and a guardian. Her work focuses on the Latino experience in the United States, mixed identities, mental and emotional mobility, and immigrants. Leslie Sotomayor, Ph.D., WGS Assistant Professor, Part of 2021. La Dra. Sotomayor obtained a double doctorate in Women’s Studies, Gender and Sexuality and Artistic Education from the State University of Pennsylvania. He is an artist, educator and curator. It is possible that the center will have its Latin experience in los EE. UU., Las identidades hybridas, los viajes psihologicos, emcionales y las generations posteriores a la immigrado.

WGS would also like to acknowledge Drs. Sotomayor for her art publication (Gritos) and poetry (In the name of…) in this open access journal on visual culture and gender:

Ttu Spring 2023 Calendar

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Sexism Cinema is an all-female movie theater in Lubbock, Texas. Select films feature female protagonists, and our in-person screening is followed by a 30-minute panel discussion led by guest speakers or Texas Tech Alamo Drafthouse faculty.

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