Ualbany Calendar Fall 2023

Ualbany Calendar Fall 2023 – 1 of 8 A person walks on the UAlbany campus in Albany, New York on Thursday, Dec. 15, 2022. UAlbany is accepting applications for fall 2023, which is a good sign as the university system continues to reduce enrollment. Jim Franco/Times Union Show more less Show

Sunday, September 5, 2017, at SUNY Schenectady County Community College, Schenectady, N.Y. (John Carl D’Annibale/Times Union File)John Carl D’Annibale Show more Show less

Ualbany Calendar Fall 2023

Ualbany Calendar Fall 2023

4 of 8 Campus Center on the UAlbany campus in Albany, New York on Thursday, December 15, 2022. Jim Franco/Times Union Show more Show less

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5 of 82022 on Thursday, December 15, at the Washington Avenue entrance of the UAlbany campus in Albany, New York. Jim Franco/Times Union Show more less Show

Ualbany Calendar Fall 2023

A walk around the UAlbany campus in Albany, New York on Thursday, December 15, 2022. Jim Franco/Times Union Show More Less

ALBANY — Enrollment at SUNY schools continues to decline for 10 years, but officials say there is hope on the horizon.

Ualbany Calendar Fall 2023

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Community college applications for next fall are up 27 percent compared to this time last year, and four-year enrollment at SUNY is up 72 percent, indicating students may return when colleges return to normal operations after the pandemic COVID-19. The University at Albany had 11,051 applications for the fall semester last year at this time. 18,503 were received this year.

But those big increases partly reflect declining enrollment. Schenectady County Community College received 35 percent more applications than this time last year, but that percentage means it only accepted 30 more students than last year.

Ualbany Calendar Fall 2023

Gov. Cathy Hochul said in her State of the State address that she wants the NYU system to have 500,000 students by 2030. That’s better than the system was 10 years ago. Since then, enrollment has fallen 21%, from 468,000 in 2011 to 370,114 in 2021.

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A decade ago, the state’s 30 colleges accounted for more than half of the students enrolled at each SUNY institution. They now make up 44 percent of SUNY’s total enrollment. There is a long way to go to expand to 500,000.

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Ualbany Calendar Fall 2023

And demographics will make it harder. According to the US Census, there will be fewer teenagers every year for the next decade. The country’s 4.5 million 18-year-olds in 2020 will drop to 4.3 million in 2022, and in seven years there will be 4 million 18-year-olds.

That means Hochul wants to enroll about 130,000 students at SUNY by 2030, while the traditional target audience will decline by about 300,000 over the same period.

Ualbany Calendar Fall 2023

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One idea: SUNY is now looking to readmit adults who have some college credit but haven’t completed a degree.

“Last year, SUNY had a successful re-enrollment program,” said Joel Winkowski, vice chancellor for admissions. “We have re-enrolled nearly 20,000 school dropouts. “Some dropped out 15-20 years ago.”

Ualbany Calendar Fall 2023

It’s a market that SUNY Chancellor John King recognizes as part of the solution to declining enrollment.

How To Apply As A First Year Student

“We have 2 million college-educated adults in New York with no education,” he told the Times Union editorial board on Wednesday. “Many more people can move into jobs if they get microcredentials.”

Ualbany Calendar Fall 2023

SUNY is also speeding up the admissions process. By Christmas break, seniors will find out if they have been accepted to a SUNY school. For rejects, the SUNY system is trying something new: enrolling them in schools they’ve never applied to.

“If you get into all three SUNY schools,” Winkowski said. “It could be three community colleges. What happens is we’ll hire you based on your major, your geographic area and your GPA.”

Ualbany Calendar Fall 2023

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Applicants are eligible for admission to a four-year SUNY school in their desired major and are willing to earn a lower GPA than the school to which they have applied. All three schools will include community colleges in their area.

But Vinkowski is now out and hoping for the best reception, which was sent months earlier than usual.

Ualbany Calendar Fall 2023

“It will give students a chance to see the campus. Instead of not knowing or hearing about getting into a private college, they are given time on the weekend,” he said.

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In the past, students heard from private colleges long before SUNY, Winkowski said, depriving them of the opportunity to compare the costs and opportunities that SUNY could offer.

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Ualbany Calendar Fall 2023

“Right now, we’re moving the process so quickly that students have more time to make the right decisions.”

SUNY also accepts admissions to universities and colleges even if you don’t qualify for that major. This is more likely in highly competitive professions.

Ualbany Calendar Fall 2023

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“If a student has a low GPA in certain engineering or nursing programs, they may not be accepted into those programs, but they will still be accepted,” Winkowski said. “We want every student to succeed.”

He’s confident the many efforts are having an impact on enrollment growth, but warns it will take four years to see real results after admitting smaller classes each year.

Ualbany Calendar Fall 2023

“The reason I took this position in August was because I believed in it,” Winkowski said. He previously worked as an admissions counselor at SUNY Oswego. “SUNY has a lot to offer. We have the best facilities in the state. We have academic programs, micro-credentials, whatever you want, and we get it at the lowest cost.”

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“It shows the potential. We’re going to do a great job this year and do even better next year. I think half a million (students) is very realistic,” Winkowski said. “The new student enrollment will definitely turn the tide. It may take a few years for the total enrollment to change — there will be four large classes — but I think it will definitely happen.” UAlbany’s ETEC building on Tuesday, January 25, 2022, in Albany, NY. The report is sponsored by the National Weather Service, which leases the new Albany forecast office to ETEC. Will Waldron / Times Union

Ualbany Calendar Fall 2023

ALBANY — As businesses large and small face the pressure of climate change, a new graduate program at the University at Albany will prepare students to use atmospheric science to help organizations address climate challenges.

The School is accepting applications for the new Master’s program in Applied Atmospheric Sciences offered by the Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences.

Ualbany Calendar Fall 2023

Mph Virtual Information Session

“Weather, water and climate affect almost every sector of our economy,” said the agency’s director, Professor Ryan Thorne. “This unique academic program, the first in the SUNY system, was developed in collaboration with industry partners to prepare the future atmospheric science workforce.”

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Students will choose one of three majors in the 30-credit program: business, data analytics, or policy and emergency preparedness. The one-year program consists of 12 units of coursework in the fall and spring semesters, followed by a six-unit internship at the University’s Center of Excellence in Weather and Climatology.

Ualbany Calendar Fall 2023

There are other opportunities to work with private partners, such as TruWeather Solutions, a micro-weather forecasting startup based on the UAlbany campus.

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The graduate program was initiated by SSU and approved by the state Department of Education to prepare the next generation of atmospheric scientists to use weather and climate data to make decisions about supply chain, market and manufacturing risks.

Ualbany Calendar Fall 2023

As part of the university’s investment in a more resilient future, the program will be housed in the newly established ETEC, a $180 million, 246,000-square-foot research and business development complex that will focus on integrating emergency preparedness and climate resilience. .

Andrea Lang, an associate professor at DAES, was instrumental in creating the program, which she says has long been a response to changes in the careers of atmospheric scientists, rather than just the natural processes and mechanisms that affect climate. and the climate.

Ualbany Calendar Fall 2023

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“As more extreme weather events have recently affected society and climate change has a significant impact on the various landscapes around us, there is a growing need for atmospheric scientists to acquire applied skills beyond the practical understanding of climate and climate. “, he said.

Lang said the interdisciplinary graduate program equips people with backgrounds in atmospheric science, meteorology and climate science with the skills to identify risk, talk about uncertainty and solve business challenges.

Ualbany Calendar Fall 2023

The first cohort will enroll in fall 2023, and the department expects to start with about 10 students, but all applications will be considered, Lang said. “There are very few programs like this in the country, so it’s exciting that Albany is leading the way.

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