Uccs Spring Break 2023

Uccs Spring Break 2023 – Magazine Photos on the Plaza | Review of Virtual Spring 2021 Please Note: All photos in Picture on the Plaza have been edited. You can find information about our photos on the Plaza page.

GradImages photographers then made the rounds outside the venue to capture more photogenic photos of our graduates and their loved ones. GradImages staff are dressed in black.

Uccs Spring Break 2023

Uccs Spring Break 2023

UCCS awarded more than 1,500 degrees to the Class of 2023 during the Spring 2023 Commencement at Broadmoor World Arena.

Spring Break (offices Open Monday Through Friday)

The Class of 2023 presented creative and compelling deaths at the UCS Spring 2023 Ceremony.

Uccs Spring Break 2023

Considering student service and scholarship, the UCCS Spring Class of 2023 has donated more than $6,000 to date in annual class gifts.

Of the more than 1,300 graduates who will celebrate their degrees at UCCS Spring 2023 Commencement, 11 are UCCS staff and families.

Uccs Spring Break 2023

Mountain Lions Complete Series Sweep Against Adams State

Andy Kwiatkowski, a communications and digital film major, knows the value of going at his own pace while in college.

When Aja Zamundu returned after school to finish college, Aja Zamundu immediately took advantage of the activities and opportunities offered by UCCS.

Uccs Spring Break 2023

Visual and performing arts graduate Seth Lindsey encourages you to say yes as much as possible.

Colleges Amend Spring Break Plans Amid Covid

Brian Roberts never really intended to be the first Army ROTC cadet in the United States. But once Brian commits to doing something, he does it 100%.

Uccs Spring Break 2023

In many ways, Annika Mott is your typical 12-year-old girl. She loves ice skating, hates math and wears a full set of braces. However, he is still enrolled in his first semester of college. Twins Erika and Sofia Cruz Duke, second and third from left, pose with friends Friday after graduating with a BA in Spanish from UCCS. He immigrated to the United States from Honduras 12 years ago.

Supporters of Kailyn Orrick surprised her on Friday by wearing their favorite purple shirt with a photo of her face on it.

Uccs Spring Break 2023

Peoples Nets A Career High Seven Goals, Rangers Roll In Rmac Opener Against Uccs

UCCS President Venkat Reddy speaks Friday at the Colorado Springs commencement ceremony at the University of Colorado’s Broadmoor World Arena.

Graduate Fabiola Estrada and the Class of 2023 celebrated UCCS graduation at the Broadmoor World Arena on Friday.

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Uccs Spring Break 2023

The audience cheers for student speaker Aja Zamundu after she addressed UCCS graduates on Friday.

Accetta Wins 3k At Uccs Mountain Lion Open

Scenes from the Spring 2023 Faculty of Arts and Sciences at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs on Friday, May 12, 2023.

Uccs Spring Break 2023

Duke twins Erica and Sofia Cruz didn’t always plan to pursue the same degree at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs, but on Friday, the sisters graduated honors with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish.

Erika and Sofia are two of more than 1,300 graduates taking to the Broadmoor World Arena stage as the Class of 2023. Two commencement ceremonies set a record 440 for the College of Arts and Sciences and five other colleges. Student number.

Uccs Spring Break 2023

Uccs Will Move To Remote Learning After Thanksgiving Break

Sophia summed up the morning ceremony as an apt wrap-up of her four years of school. “Walking on stage, I felt like the end of an era in my life; it was amazing. That’s exactly what I wanted to hear, and it was great to do it with my friends and my sister, “He said.

The twins, who immigrated to the U.S. from Honduras 12 years ago, say they are close; so close, in fact, that the two will begin their MFA program together at UCCS later this year. Sofia started studying criminal justice and psychology four years ago, while Erica studied mathematics, but both found a popular group in the university’s Spanish department and switched majors.

Uccs Spring Break 2023

“It was an appreciation of culture, literature and history, and it touched my roots because I came here so young and it was hard to find connections. Go back and take these classes and learn more about who and who I am . Yes, what’s in my culture is amazing,” Erica said, and encouraged others to “take a step and see where it takes you. “

Spring Break Business Immersion Recap — Hillside Connection

That sentiment was echoed in graduate Seth Lindsey’s commencement speech, acknowledging his peers for reaching “the brave steps that exist only at the end of a daring adventure shared by friends and loyal followers.”

Uccs Spring Break 2023

He individually honored 880 graduates at the afternoon commencement ceremony. “I don’t know your story. I don’t know the heroes, the villains. I don’t want to know all the difficult limits you crossed, I can only imagine the tenacity and the wonder you faced.”

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Kellyn Orick said she has been on an 11-year journey since she graduated on Friday with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in criminal justice. During his seven years in the Air Force, he earned his associate’s degree before taking a sabbatical.

Uccs Spring Break 2023

Preview: Spring Break Roadtrips Planned For Softball

As a 29-year-old mother of two sons, ages 3 and 5, who is now a member of the Air National Guard, her academic journey was less traditional, but she found her place at UCCS, First it was at the Office of Veterans Affairs, after that it was in. Colin Mahoney’s Psychology Research Laboratory.

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Uccs Spring Break 2023

“From normal classwork, it’s been really fulfilling because since I’m a stay-at-home mom and part-time in the Air National Guard, having to do other things on campus makes me feel more inclined,” he said Friday. , he said, surrounded by family and friends.

Uccs Introducing Weeklong Break In The Fall Semester

On Friday, Orrick supporters surprised him by wearing his favorite purple shirts emblazoned with his likeness, which he said made them easier to spot in the crowd.

Uccs Spring Break 2023

Supporters of Kailyn Orrick surprised her on Friday by wearing their favorite purple shirt with a photo of her face on it. Annika Schmidt, here

It was a big day for parents in a packed audience that included single mother Jessica Chavez, who cheered on the eldest of four children as she earned a bachelor’s degree in strategic communications.

Uccs Spring Break 2023

Wilcox Announces 2022 Men’s Soccer Signing Class

Jacob Chavez was determined to get his degree, but he overcame a traumatic brain injury from a bicycle accident. “They (doctors) didn’t want me to go to school, but I didn’t want to be there for more than four years,” he said.

Jessica recalls her son’s eight days in the intensive care unit a year and a half ago; now, he’s a first-generation college graduate working as a high school baseball coach in Denver. “I had the doctors in the ICU tell me they couldn’t explain him, where he was. It was unbelievable.”

Uccs Spring Break 2023

UCCS Principal Venkat Reddy said: “There will always be challenges in the world. In response, we must commit to being good citizens and standing up for what is right and good.”

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Major Water Main Project In North Colorado Springs Set To Begin

Sara Drummond, a Canadian, graduated Friday with a Masters in Sports Nutrition. It’s his second degree, but he’s calling it his first real graduation — after several years of college life were disrupted by the pandemic.

Uccs Spring Break 2023

Before moving to Colorado specifically for UCSF’s sports nutrition program, he recalls walking through an empty arena in 2021 under the watchful eyes of his family. He was on stage with friends on Friday in front of thousands who had gathered in support of the graduates. .

“When you graduate today,” Reddy said, “you will return to this world to make a better place with the work of your hands and your heart.”

Uccs Spring Break 2023

Viewbook By Uccs

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A CU Colorado Springs student has met the criteria to be tested for the coronavirus and is awaiting the results, campus spokesman Jared Verner said Thursday.

Uccs Spring Break 2023

UCCS notified the El Paso County Department of Public Health and received a test kit, he said.

Track & Field Welcomes 39 Mountain Lions To 2021 22 Roster

If a student tests positive, procedures in place for managing infectious disease outbreaks will be applied, Verner said.

Uccs Spring Break 2023

Meanwhile, the campus, with more than 12,000 students, is preparing for spring break. The last day of classes is March 20, after which classes will be taught only online, not in-person, to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Verner said campuses will remain open, especially libraries, for students who are unable to work remotely from home.

Uccs Spring Break 2023

Developers Wanted To Build A Skyscraper In Colorado Springs. So Where Is It?

Sports teams will attend home games as planned, but spectators will be limited to immediate family members, he said. If the home team continues to play, the team will also travel to participate in the game.

Big dance party without fans? Colorado Springs stars prepare for NCAA tournament behind closed doors | Paul Klee read more

Uccs Spring Break 2023

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Late Inning Rally Sends Baseball To Victory

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