Unlv Spring Semester 2023

Unlv Spring Semester 2023 – Alternative recreation trips are a great opportunity to get to know another community and explore issues of social justice through service in those communities. As you travel, you and your team will fulfill your responsibilities, learn, live simply, and meet other travelers and host communities. Alternative recreation trips led by a small team of student site managers and staff learning partners to help students engage meaningfully during school holidays.

This is a great program for those who want to get more involved in social justice, lead the way to inclusion and positive citizenship, and ultimately make a more positive difference in the world.

Unlv Spring Semester 2023

Unlv Spring Semester 2023

Sign up to join us during Spring Break (March 12-18, 2023) or after the Finals (May 14-20, 2023)! Read the How to Apply sections below for more information on our specific trips, application deadlines and how to apply.

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Do you want to be part of a national movement, acquire universal skills, take advantage of Alt Break insurance and make good friends and contacts in? Then consider applying for the alternative coffee break leader!

Unlv Spring Semester 2023

To learn more about the roles and responsibilities of this position, please see our Plant Manager Information Package.

In a typical school year, applications for seat leadership open in March, interviews are held in April, and selection is announced in May. Depending on the application pool, we may reopen applications in the summer to engage more students in the program!

Unlv Spring Semester 2023

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Positions are usually filled by the end of September, but check us out on social media (@SLL) or visit our website to see if we’re still hiring!

By registering for an alternative break and making payment, you agree to attend all pre-departure meetings, fully participate in the trip, interact meaningfully with your friends, demonstrate your openness to learning, and expand your comfort zone. (The only exception to the above would be the conflict class in one of our events.)

Unlv Spring Semester 2023

The application itself is relatively simple, but we recommend that students take around 20 minutes to complete. The app will ask you questions about your travel preferences, what you hope to gain from the experience, and expected feedback from the team based on your experience and knowledge. You will also let us know if you are interested in more than one ride (so that we can include you in one of the other options in case the ride is full) and provide basic individual information.

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Please note that you will also be required to make a deposit ($50 for alternative vacation travel) to complete the application.

Unlv Spring Semester 2023

Travel costs can range from $50 to $100 for weekend trips, $100 to $250 for weekly trips, and $300 to $500 for air travel. Our Spring 2023 departures will be charged $150 per item (excluding airfare for air travel).

Tour fees include accommodation, meals, volunteer fees, group activities per week and group transportation (excluding airfare for air tours; for air tours; flights, participants are responsible for paying the cost of flights to and from their respective destinations in addition to travel expenses).

Unlv Spring Semester 2023

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A travel allowance is available for students who demonstrate a need; Travel funding applications can be found in the travel app.

At Alternative Breaks, we build trips around five core values ​​that make our trips a unique experience for all students:

Unlv Spring Semester 2023

In order to plan affordable travel in line with our focus on social justice, we try to promote simple accommodations, shared meals, and shared processes instead of typical outings.

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Local communities and non-profit organizations are important partners on our trips. We take the time to learn, we come as guests, and we take the time to engage our team in service and recreation.

Unlv Spring Semester 2023

We strive to serve together, not “for” or “for” others. Our nonprofit partners are chosen as good, long-term, mutual employees in their communities in hopes of promoting positive social change.

Our aim is to deliberately assess the potential impact of our services, understand structural inequalities and explore how we can work to change society. This process can be slow and difficult; but also rich and powerful.

Unlv Spring Semester 2023

University Of Nevada, Las Vegas

Sequel – “The process of moving something over a period of time, a state that remains in motion.”

Our goal is for participants to incorporate this experience into their life after the tour so that they can continue to serve, learn and work for social change. Our R&R (reorientation and reflection) event gives attendees the opportunity to celebrate, reflect, and recommit to the journey!

Unlv Spring Semester 2023

For the 2022-2023 school year, we are currently planning weekly outings for spring break (March 12-18, 2023) and maturity exams (May 14-20, 2023). Although not possible this year, we hope to offer fall and weekend getaways in the years to come.

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The list and description of tours below are our currently scheduled trips for the Spring Semester 2023. Please note that all trips are subject to change and we will do our best to update the information where possible.

Unlv Spring Semester 2023

Spend a week serving and learning about immigration at the US-Mexico border. Community engagement activities may include service projects such as desert airdrops, interviews with day workers, and visits to Chicano Park. Note: Service projects on this trip may include border crossings and identity checks.

Learn about food sovereignty – a set of food production and distribution practices that empower local communities. Work with farmers and advocacy groups to better understand the health and economic equity of these practices. Service activities may include manual labor such as weeding or farming.

Unlv Spring Semester 2023

No Less Than 80 Student Athletes Eligible For Spring Grad Ceremonies

During this tour, students will learn about current disability rights in the United States and how they relate to social policy and life experiences. Participants will learn from community-based nonprofit organizations about strategies to help accelerate progress on this cross-cutting topic.

Discover the root causes of mass incarceration in the United States and their connection to politics and social identity; Explore nonprofit community organizations to find strategies that will help you beat the prison pipeline.

Unlv Spring Semester 2023

This eco-themed tour is run in partnership with the Catalina Island Conservancy and activities may include: landscaping, weeding, painting and restoration, invasive plant removal, and landfilling. We will stay in a campsite with a bathroom, an outdoor shower and partly a kitchen.

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During the week, we’ll partner with local nonprofits and learn more about sexual and reproductive health. We recognize intersectionality by looking at these issues from a variety of perspectives, including: socio-economic status, race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, and gender expression.

Unlv Spring Semester 2023

On this journey, students will learn about the challenges faced by immigrant refugees who come to the United States with the goal of raising awareness, challenging awareness, and encouraging behavior change through a program of transformative urban integration that Bro. The Darst Center provides.

Everyone joins for their own reasons. Some want to connect with other students, build their resume, explore a new topic, serve in a meaningful way, or transfer their classroom learning to a new environment. Whatever the reason, we hope you consider studying social justice further, working for positive social change, laughing with others, and finding your connection. Find out why you should sign up! If you want more information, join one of our information sessions or contact us to see if this experience is right for you.

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Unlv Spring Semester 2023

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“I love hearing about people’s personalities and how that intersects in people’s lives. I love growing up and sharing a beautiful journey with beautiful people.

“I’m glad they made us think about what we did that day. Reflections are also an opportunity to help us release the pressure and truly understand what we witnessed that day. That day”.

Unlv Spring Semester 2023

After entering your information, you will receive a confirmation email to complete the registration process. Don’t forget to click validate! Emails are sent every Friday.

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If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at altbreaks@. You can also follow us on Instagram or Facebook at @SLL for daily updates, stay in touch with the SLL office at various events, and find out what’s next with Alternative Breaks! Download the school calendar for the coming years. Download the 2020-2021 timetable Download the 2021-2022 timetable Download the 2023-2024 timetable

Unlv Spring Semester 2023

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Unlv Spring Semester 2023

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Unlv Spring Semester 2023

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