Usc Fall 2023

Usc Fall 2023 – The University of Southern California is a highly competitive school and admissions statistics make the University of Southern California one of the 50 most competitive schools in the world for undergraduate degrees. As with trends at all top schools, USC’s acceptance rates have continued to decline over the past 8 years and will likely continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

The Class of 2023 was the most challenging year for admission to USC of all time. For the class of 2023, 66,000 students applied to USC, of ​​which 7,260 students were accepted, for an overall acceptance rate of 11%. The total number of applications increased by 2.7% compared to the previous year (2022 to 2023), from 64,256 to 66,000.

Usc Fall 2023

Usc Fall 2023

“When I started preparing my law school application materials, I was happy to see that you expanded on graduate admissions. Your comments and suggestions on my solution … my law school application, resume, And the personal statement was invaluable and helped me tell my story to law schools around the country. This week I heard back from several law schools and was re-accepted to my top choice, Stetson University College of Law, where I will be starting law school in the fall. I can’t thank you enough for all your help and support. You are the first person I think of when I need advice on important decisions, and I am so grateful. “You’ve always been there for me. I’m looking forward to coming back to North Palm Beach after graduation next month and seeing you in person over the summer.” – Jesselyn (FL), accepted to Stetson University School

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“In short, by hiring Sam, you’ll be helping your child get into colleges/universities that would otherwise be out of reach and taking all the pressure off anxious parents who want their child to have the opportunity.” Give the best education.” But no I don’t know where to start.” – Father (Massachusetts), daughter accepted to all colleges she applied to

Usc Fall 2023

“The way you logically approached the situation and laid out a road map for success made a lot of sense and allowed me to focus my time on activities that would really maximize my chances of admission” – Daniel (New York ), accepted at Williams College

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“Sam did a fantastic job guiding me through the admissions process. From sharing ideas about which award programs I should apply to editing my CV to working with me on short answers and essays. What topics to help me think about. I couldn’t have done it without him.” – Margaret (Connecticut) American University accepted

Usc Fall 2023

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“I didn’t realize what we were offering until we started working with Sam. His values ​​helped us create and execute a unique postsecondary education project that gave our son the highly selective admissions he has today. needed to compete in and gain admission to Stanford.

We are impressed with Sam. He is an intelligent and thoughtful young professional with impeccable academic credentials. To say we were delighted with the work and advice Sam provided would be an understatement. Our son was a difficult student to work with. He had very high SAT and AP scores, but his GPA reflected a student who was not particularly engaged. During his freshman year, he decided that Southern Methodist University (SMU) would be his first choice. College counselors at his high school thought SMU would be available to him because of the gap between grades and test scores. They didn’t really encourage him to apply and offered many poor schools. I always felt that conversations with their school counselors went well with formulaic counseling. Sam, on the other hand, was very cautious. The instructions were thoughtful. I never doubted that my son’s best interests were Sam’s highest priority.

Usc Fall 2023

My son ended up applying to SMU as an early decision applicant, choosing to follow the correct guidance given by his school counselors. School counselors suggested that his essay was inappropriate because he talked about working for the United States Congress the summer before he ran for the United States Senate. School counselors think the essay doesn’t say enough about him. Sam believed that an essay that focused on the American political process and how he felt about how it had failed would tell its citizens more about him than any typical college essay. what did he say

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Not only was my son accepted to SMU, but he was offered a $44,000 Cornerstone Scholarship for academic excellence and leadership. In the acceptance letter, SMU specifically mentioned how impressed he was with his thesis and what he took away from his internship experience. If I had not worked with Sam, I doubt that I would not be at SMU today, and I certainly would not have received a prestigious scholarship. I would definitely work with Sam again and recommend him to close friends. In today’s environment, I don’t think you can get the information and guidance that Sam provides if you rely solely on the school’s college placement services.— Father (FL) Son, Southern Methodist University (SMU) has been accepted

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Usc Fall 2023

“With college counseling, Sam knows all the tricks of the trade to put your child in the best possible position to gain admission to the college or university of their choice. For parents who don’t know where to start or What to do in general, Sam Silverman is the answer. With his individualized advice and personal planning techniques, your child will have the best chance of making his college dreams come true.” – Father (Florida), daughter accepted to Georgetown University

“Ryan and I appreciate the incredible responsiveness and professionalism you demonstrated throughout the college admissions process. I believe your guidance, professionalism and demeanor will give Ryan the opportunity to attend some of the best schools in the country.” Granted. Your project management skills and experience are exemplary and have been a great lesson for my son. He was informed this week that he is interested in attending NYU Abu Dhabi and paid the applicant’s application before admission by the end of the week. was chosen to contribute to all costs incurred.

Usc Fall 2023

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“I graduated this year and a few months ago I was accepted to my dream school: Harvard College. Working closely with Sam Silverman over the past three years has helped make this childhood dream a reality. The Benjamin School College Guide Unlike the department, Sam focuses on providing clear, practical advice to help his students stand out from the competition and get into the best schools. My guidance counselor, Benjamin, worked alongside me with about 50 seniors. , so it was virtually impossible for us to meet more than a few times in my senior year and get the individual attention that I got with Sam at the beginning of my sophomore year.. Sam’s advice allowed me to. Focusing on what is really important to prepare the best application possible and greatly reduced the stress of the process because he was always available to answer questions and guess what outside of my country he was doing with me for the application. Also helped me find scholarships and I ended up getting thousands of dollars in scholarships. There is no doubt that if I could do it all over again If I did, I would work with Sam and highly recommend him to other students who want personal counseling and who want to attend competitive colleges/universities. – Alexandra (FL), Harvard University

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“I still can’t believe I’ve made it to Dartmouth, right around the corner from my dream school…I can’t thank you enough for helping me through a tough time and making sure I got my time. spent effectively.” – Michael (Severna Carolina), enrolled at Dartmouth College

Usc Fall 2023

“Dear Sam, Fred and I just want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You have already made such a positive impact on Harrison. We are seeing a huge change in his behavior. We are so grateful for the time you Pass it on. Thank you very much! Please feel free to let us know how we can support your efforts.” – Current parent of client (New York).

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“Your approach to bringing creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit to the equation is greatly appreciated. I see my son continuing to develop these skills that will continue to serve him well in the future.” – Father (NC), son to NYU Accepted

Usc Fall 2023

“Thank you for a great counseling session with Kelly. She’s only a newbie, but you’ve really inspired her and it shows. I can’t thank you enough.” – Parent (MA), current client

“Sam worked closely with my oldest son to help him stand out from other applicants when it came time to prepare his college applications. Sam helped my son highlight his athletic achievements, academics and Community service shows my son’s best college options Today, my son is enrolled in a top business school and still contacts Sam for internship opportunities and business school moves. He does take a practical and ‘good job’ approach, a very effective way to help build a student profile for university admissions. He is not

Usc Fall 2023

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