Usc Spring 2023 Classes

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Quarterback Caleb Williams has worked in spring practice to take fewer snaps and wait for the game to develop.

Usc Spring 2023 Classes

Usc Spring 2023 Classes

The mysterious moment when Caleb Williams announced his arrival to college football came last October during the fourth run. Already behind Texas 28-7, Oklahoma was at its own 34-yard line, desperate for some kind of spark. Then, on fourth-and-one, Lincoln sent his freshman Riley in and asked him to make a play with his legs.

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Those kinds of plays seemed to come naturally to Williams, who spent his youth football days as a quarterback before becoming the top dual-threat quarterback in the Class of 2021. But within a second of the snap, the gap in front of him collapsed.

Usc Spring 2023 Classes

Three defenders from Texas surrounded Williams in the backfield, but the freshman was patient. He suddenly turned left, deftly slicing away from one, then swinging right, swinging away from the other. When he jumped free, the Texas defense split for him. Williams went on a 66-yard touchdown run and never looked back, ultimately leading Oklahoma to a dramatic comeback that would solidify its position atop the Sooners’ offense.

It was that superior ability that catapulted Williams to stardom last season as he followed in the footsteps of other dual-threat quarterbacks who came before him in Riley’s offense, such as Kyler Murray and Jalen Hurts.

Usc Spring 2023 Classes

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At USC, where Williams now lives, however, there is no such precedent. As the modern dual-threat quarterback has become commonplace in college football, USC has continued its parade of pocket pass rushers.

Not since the 1991 season, when Reggie Perry held the reins, have the Trojans entrusted their offense to a quarterback that could be classified as a dual threat. That season ended in disaster as Perry threw three touchdowns with 12 interceptions and USC won just three games. Perry eventually went to safety after the season.

Usc Spring 2023 Classes

USC coaches say linebacker Raesjon Davis is improving, while cornerback Domani Jackson made his spring practice debut Thursday.

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The program’s history for Perry isn’t rich with in-state quarterbacks, either. Rodney Peete, who led the Trojans from 1985 to 1988, has 290 rushing attempts, the most by a USC player, but only 415 field goal attempts. Pat Haden had 514 yards in three seasons at quarterback before turning the offense over to Vince Evans, who finished with 533.

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Usc Spring 2023 Classes

No modern USC passer has ever rushed for 300 yards in a season. Pete Beathard came next from 1961 to 1962, which remains the Trojans’ most prolific interim record. Beathard amassed 290 yards on the ground in both seasons and finished his three-year career with 672 and 14 touchdowns.

Williams is almost certain to break that statistical mark as a second. Few college quarterbacks were more dynamic than ball handlers last season, when Williams racked up 435 rushing yards and six touchdowns with a breathtaking combination of speed and brute strength.

Usc Spring 2023 Classes

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“He was able to break some tackles early in his career and make some guys miss, which usually happens when a quarterback comes out, there can be a lot of space, there are opportunities for big plays,” Riley said. “For a quarterback, he’s got pretty good top speed. We had some long runs for us last year, explosive runs. He’s a tough guy to account for defensively. Having a guy with him is one thing, but sometimes it’s a little bit harder to catch him down.”

Taking sacks out of the equation, no quarterback in college rushed for more yards per attempt last season (8.7) than Williams. Nine of his technical runs went for 15 yards or more. Six of them went more than 40 yards.

Usc Spring 2023 Classes

Many of his best runs, like the 66-yarder against Texas, came after touchdowns. He forced 22 fumbles, according to Pro Football Focus, and averaged 4.95 yards per attempt after contact. Only two other quarterbacks accomplished that feat last season. One of them, Liberty’s Malik Willis, is expected to be the top running back selected in this month’s NFL draft.

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“When you have a guy who can hustle like him and can throw up and run and move the chains with his feet when things break, or sometimes everybody’s covered and you don’t like the read and it creates some space there and you take the ball away from runs, that’s very hard for defenses to do,” USC offensive coordinator Josh Henson said.

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Usc Spring 2023 Classes

USC quarterback Miller Moss was grateful for the open communication and fair play he received under new coach Lincoln Riley.

In five seasons at Oklahoma, that density played a big role in Riley’s offense. Running backs averaged 143 rushing attempts per season during that span.

Usc Spring 2023 Classes

Usc’s Caleb Williams Practicing More Patience In The Pocket

Even Baker Mayfield, who could hardly be classified as a dual threat, rushed 97 times for 311 yards in Riley’s first season as coach. At USC, that performance would have secured him as the season’s most productive quarterback.

That title is almost certain for Williams after his second season. This spring, the quarterback is focused on running less, instead of more.

Usc Spring 2023 Classes

Looking back on his first season, Williams said he realized there were moments where “I was too quick to catch up.”

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“I started practicing it last year especially, sitting in the pocket a little more, trusting the guys covering me because that’s their job and I believe in them, I trust them,” Williams said.

Usc Spring 2023 Classes

As Riley sees it, the instinct to rely less on his legs is the next good step in his development.

“I don’t want to take advantage of those guys, but if people’s plan when Caleb plays is to try to keep him in the pocket, he should be able to beat him,” Riley said. “And he’s absolutely capable of overcoming that. That’s always part of a young quarterback’s progress. Most guys are learning more and more when to hang in there and when not to. He feels it, he pushes for it.”

Usc Spring 2023 Classes

Application — Usc Value Investing Group

That could mean fewer scrimmages this fall, but for USC, a quarterback who can catch at all will take some getting used to.

Ryan Kartje is a Los Angeles Times USC staff writer. He joined The Times after six years at the Southern California News Group. A Michigan native and University of Michigan graduate, Kartje previously wrote for Fox Sports Wisconsin and the Bloomington (Ind.) Herald-Times. Our fitness staff also offers online training, fitness discussions and other resources through our USC Trojan Fitness channel.

Usc Spring 2023 Classes

Barre classes use exercise techniques inspired by ballet, yoga and Pilates. The class starts with a warm-up where the emphasis is on strength and posture, followed by a variety of core, back and glute exercises. A ballet bar/chair is used to help shape and tone different muscle groups and for flexibility training.

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Bodyweight Leg Camp: For this total body workout, you’ll use your own body weight to perform cardio and strength exercises in a variety of interval training styles. Resistance bands are a plus!

Usc Spring 2023 Classes

This is a 30 minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class. HIIT is a format that consists of short bursts of intense work followed by short recovery periods. It will improve cardiovascular endurance, increase athleticism and strength.

We will dance different styles from around Brazil, with influences from African dance, hip hop, twerk and much more. You’ll get cardio and strength training along with moves inspired by typical Brazilian music and dance like Samba, Funk and Axe!

Usc Spring 2023 Classes

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Combines martial arts techniques with cardio. Build endurance, improve coordination and flexibility, and burn calories while building lean muscle with this fun and challenging workout.

This is interval training at its best. In this workout, we’ll focus on getting your heart rate up, sweating it out, and then recovering before doing it all over again. During the workout we will hit the core from all angles, using all kinds of techniques, ensuring you leave with a stronger and more stable core!

Usc Spring 2023 Classes

This class consists of continuously varying functional movements performed at high intensity. These movements include weightlifting, gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics and functional training.

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F45 is a 45-minute fitness class consisting of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with an emphasis on cardio and weight training. It uses functional fitness exercises designed to help you develop stability and mobility in the 6 major body movements: squat, lunge, hip hinge, upper body press, upper body pull, and twist. F45 will complement your fitness program by helping you build strength, improve cardiovascular fitness, increase speed, improve agility and gain flexibility. No exercise is ever repeated, so you’re sure to stay engaged in class!

Usc Spring 2023 Classes

Get ready to work up a sweat while strengthening your lower body, upper body, and core with this 50-minute resistance-based workout. No muscle is left out, so be prepared to pry, row, push, push

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