Uw Stout Spring Break 2023

Uw Stout Spring Break 2023 – The UW-Stout Choir presents “Vision” with songs selected in American Sign Language. Symphonic singers The Devil Tones, Chamber Choir and Acapella will be performing at 7pm. on Saturday, April 22, at Our Savior Lutheran Church, 910 Ninth Street. And in Menomonie.

The symphony orchestra’s selection of contrasts between light and dark, including references to visible light, as well as the mood created in the music. The symphony orchestra’s spring concert will take place at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, April 23, in the Great Hall of the Memorial Student Center.

Uw Stout Spring Break 2023

Uw Stout Spring Break 2023

And Jazz by Harvey pays tribute to jazz legend Duke Ellington with a performance at 7 p.m. on Saturday, April 29, at the historic Harvey Hall Theater.

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Concert tickets can be purchased online, at the Memorial Center Student Service Center and at the door. Music can paint a picture

Uw Stout Spring Break 2023

The music performed in “Vision” will explore the power of sight, whether it is seeing a loved one or seeing a new future for the world. Selected portions will include ASL and SEE interpretation by UW-Stout students and a professional interpreter in collaboration with the Office of Disability Services.

On Saturday, April 22, the UW-Stout choir performed “Vision”, performing selected songs using American Sign Language. / Jonathan Handrud

Uw Stout Spring Break 2023

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“There is actually a movement in Great Britain, Germany and other countries whereby choirs are made up of people with different hearing abilities; some sing through auditions and others sing with the help of a song. There is also a choir who listens fully,” said Director of Choral Activities Jerry Huey.

Hui collaborated with student Danica Borchardt to interpret selected passages from The Vision in sign language. Borchardt, a junior hotel, restaurant, and tourism management major from Rochester, Minn., is president of the American Sign Language Club and a longtime soprano in the chamber choir.

Uw Stout Spring Break 2023

“I think adding live music creates a completely different experience. It paints a picture that is sometimes overlooked,” said Borchardt. “Music should be a unifying experience that shouldn’t exclude anyone, even if they can’t hear it.”

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The interpretation used in concerts is simplified, “but the idea is to create a visual and auditory experience,” he says.

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Uw Stout Spring Break 2023

The Symphonic Singers and Chamber Choir will sing and perform in the ASL chorus of two songs: “Witness”, a traditional sacred piece of music arranged by Stacey W. Gibbs; and “Like A Mighty Stream”, a contemporary gospel with a message of social justice. The Chamber Choir will present the 16th century English madrigal “Weep O Mine Eyes” performed in accurate English.

“ASL is its own language with a unique syntax. SEE is signed based on English and not its own unique language. It is important to pay attention to these differences,” added Borchardt.

Uw Stout Spring Break 2023

Inside Stout Ep. 14

In selecting music for a symphony orchestra, Director of Instrumental Music Aaron M. Durst considers contrasts in style and mood.

“When we come out of winter, we are in the dark and cold, waiting for the more and more light of spring, which often also brightens our mood. This contrast is perfect for this concert.”

Uw Stout Spring Break 2023

Notable works in the symphonic program include Bright Light in the World by Carol Brittin Chambers, with its clear reference to light; and then Hector Berlioz’s dark and ominous March to the Scaffold of his famous Symphonie Fantastique. Contraption by Adrian B. Sims combines two elements: dark and light in a musical that changes meter and mood.

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The Phantom of the Opera celebrates the end of the longest-running run in Broadway history and its tale of the dark Phantom.

Uw Stout Spring Break 2023

Eric Whitacre’s Lux Aurumque directly mentions light in his work based on a poem about light.

Homer Maltby of Chanhassen, Minn., who earned a degree in entertainment design while playing the accordion, will play Pantomime Remi Magliocco, who is mysterious and slightly dark in mood.

Uw Stout Spring Break 2023

Alumni Travel Adventures

At the concert, the Tower Saxophone Quartet will perform “Mary Shelly Meets Frankenstein” by Erika Swanoe, which envisions a scenario where a young writer meets her own creation. The Blazin’ Brass Quintet will perform “Farandol” and “Song of the Toreador”, both by Georges Bizet.

The Jazz Orchestra concert will mark the 124th anniversary of Duke Ellington’s birth and will pay tribute to the jazz musician with many of Ellington’s works and those he made famous.

Uw Stout Spring Break 2023

“Though we often think of him as a jazz composer, Ellington believed that his music transcended those simplistic classifications and instead embraced the phrase ‘beyond categories’ as a liberating principle, and he referred to his music as belonging to the more general categories of America.” Music that inspires all musicians,” Durst said of the importance of Ellington’s musical legacy.

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Ellington’s songs performed by the Jazz Orchestra are “Take the ‘A’ Train” and “Johnny Come Lately”, both written by Billy Strayhorn, composer and arranger for the Ellington Orchestra. “Things are not as they used to be,” wrote Mercer, son of Duke Ellington. “I Let a Song Out of My Heart” was an early hit for Ellington in 1938.

Uw Stout Spring Break 2023

Ben Janicki, a computer networking and information technology major from Superior, will play the tenor saxophone on Ellington’s ballad “In a Sentimental Mood.”

Also part of the concert was music from the jazz combo Jazz Embers as they performed “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore” as a tribute to Duke Ellington.

Uw Stout Spring Break 2023

Believers City News

As the term draws to a close, many of the graduating seniors will be part of their final concert at Stout. Looking back on playing trumpet with the band, Lake Geneva senior food science and technology major Kevin Blasiman says, “The great thing about this program is that you can participate in any capacity, whether testing. five days a week and attend each ensemble or one day a week for one of the smaller groups.”

Saxophonist Madison Hallander, senior psychology major at Elk Mound, added, “Being in a band allowed me to continue to create and grow musically. I’ve never been a better musician and I’ve met so many great people through this band.”

Uw Stout Spring Break 2023

Making Connections: UW-Stout Theater Presents “Be More Chill,” a Sci-Fi Musical About “Presenting and Being Yourself” April 13-16 UW-Stout Theater, Orchestra, and Choir invites you to discover the performing arts on our campus . These programs provide a creative outlet for students who have appreciated and developed the skills of artists and wish to refine and further explore their artistic talents.

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Participation in music and theater teaches expression beyond the written and spoken word, connects with cultural awareness traditions, and explores new creative works of art. Performing arts explores our humanity, brings together many issues, and brings people together, enabling them to have meaningful and lasting relationships.

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Uw Stout Spring Break 2023

Getting involved in the performing arts is a great way to meet other students, become part of a group, and show future employers that you are a dedicated team player and pay attention to detail. Experiencing a live performance as an audience – or on stage – is an unforgettable and powerful event that encourages reflection, discussion and interaction. For performers or spectators, being part of the performing arts is a lifelong activity that builds relationships and community.

Join one of the many bands of different genres – concert, jazz, New Orleans, even polka.

Uw Stout Spring Break 2023

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Making Connections: UW-Stout Theater puts on “Be More Chill”, a sci-fi musical about “fitting in and being yourself.” April 13 at 1610th Day is a zombie survival role-playing game where you and a group of survivors find yourself in the perilous state of Wissota. to find a cure for the apocalypse. Cooperation and resource management are integral to survival in this dangerous country. Enter, fight the zombies and get out.

Our game starts with one player choosing to be a “Guide of the Void”. Everyone will then draw a card to see what function they will have during the game. after that, the player will start the game by pulling it from the event deck, and based on the type of card drawn, will determine what happens next. Everyone tries to solve the problems that arise and democracy determines the winner who gets the tokens. The first player to collect 5 tokens wins the game.

Uw Stout Spring Break 2023

Against All Odds is a chaotic and colorful survival game about a group of four crash landing friends who must stick together and try to overcome all obstacles in a harsh and unpredictable environment. Work together to collect resources and make your ticket off the island—just make sure you escape before the restless volcano erupts. Plus, while the games work together… you might start to see your fellow survivors in a different light on day five without food.

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Clowns vs. Dracula is a competitive board game where Dracula tries to destroy a circus while a clown hunts a big bat cat. At the start of the game, the player chooses who will become Dracula

Uw Stout Spring Break 2023

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