Whitefish Winter Carnival 2023

Whitefish Winter Carnival 2023 – Whitefish Ski School floats candy and necklaces during the Winter Carnival on February 5th. (Photo by JP Edge)

Boy Scout troop members swim at the Whitefish Winter Party on February 5th. (Photo by JP Edge)

Whitefish Winter Carnival 2023

Whitefish Winter Carnival 2023

Pursuit Glacier Park Lodge on February 5th. Whitefish was awarded the King Ullr Award for Best Rink at the Winter Carnival. (Photo by JP Edge)

Best Of Montana In Winter: Festivals And Events National Geographic

The float team of the Range Riders baseball organization, the new Flathead team of the Pioneer League. Pictured left to right are Sue Kelly (Owner), Erik Moore (General Manager), Stu Pederson (Coach) and Nick Hogan (Manager). (Photo by JP Edge)

Whitefish Winter Carnival 2023

Trumpeters float in the Whitefish Winter Carnival during Saturday afternoon’s parade. (Photo by JP Edge)

The Columbia Falls High School track and field team on February 5th. hosted the Penguin Plunge at Lake Whitefish. (Photo by JP Edge)

Whitefish Winter Carnival 2023

The 15 Best Things To Do In Whitefish, Montana

In 2022 Whitefish’s LXIII Winter Carnival, with an 80s Rewind: Totally Rad theme, unfolded over the weekend as people from around the world joined in the fun.

From the annual Penguin Plunge to the Rotary Pancake Breakfast, the highlight of which is Saturday’s Grand Parade on Central Avenue, the 63rd Winterfest proved to continue its tradition of being a fun and family-friendly event.

Whitefish Winter Carnival 2023

Also, Penguin Plunge participants waded into icy Whitefish Lake, raising more than $60,000 for Special Olympics Montana. Whitefish’s most free, family-friendly carnival is a vintage celebration of ice and snow: the Torchlight Ski Parade. , Penguin Plunge in Whitefish Lake, Ski Race, Hockey Tournament, Ice Carving. But the standout event is the Joring World Ski Championships, a two-day outdoor party held at the Whitefish City Airport the weekend before the main carnival. Montana-style skiing is a combination of wild west, water skiing and rodeo on a snow-covered obstacle course.

Whitefish Winter Carnival Wraps Up With Penguin Plunge

“The thrill of a 1,200-pound horse or mule pulling a skier at high speed is something to experience,” said veteran skier and Whitefish resident Ron Behrendt. Fans often gather around the triple jump to watch the action. “I think people flying through space get people’s attention,” Behrendt said.

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Whitefish Winter Carnival 2023

Kids’n’Snow, a West Yellowstone program founded by residents and open to everyone, Kids’n’Snow’s mission is to take away [kids’] first winter experiences. One weekend a month from November to March, Kids’n’Snow organizes fun and safety during the cold season. About 80 percent of the participants are from outside the community.

“Parents and kids can ice skate, grab more and go to the sledding hill in one night,” said Kristy Coffin, a West Yellowstone resident and mother of two.

Whitefish Winter Carnival 2023

Winter Carnival: Woodstock Whitefish

One of the coolest activities for kids is taking a snowmobile (imagine a big yellow taxi with skis and tires for tires) to Yellowstone for a private tour of the park. While the program is focused on outdoor recreation, there’s an added bonus for parents when everyone goes back inside: “The kids are having so much fun, they’re more than ready for bed,” Coffin said.

The Montana Winter Festival is a local celebration of farmers and families held before the busy dairy season for farmers and ranchers. “Every third weekend in January, we take a break from hard work to celebrate the farming lifestyle we love,” said Montana Winter Fair Board Member Karen Kuhlmann.

Whitefish Winter Carnival 2023

The 27 official events include a state fiddle contest, a children’s wooden horse race, a chili cook-off, snowmobile shooting, a dutch oven and a house beer tasting. Kuhlmann adds, “Expensive boots and Carhartt clothes are standard attire, along with big shiny belts, cowboy scarves and cowboy hats. Lewistown is Western without trying.”

Top 5 Most Spectacular Winter Festivals Around The World [with Videos] In Jan 2023

Yellowstone’s West Yellowstone Sled Dog Race features three-wheeled dog races from December to January, but since the Rodeo Run festival, the four-legged race has become a favorite. Pre-race activities begin Thursday with the West Yellowstone Christmas Walk, a community celebration that includes fireworks, tree lighting and photos of Santa Claus with children.

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Whitefish Winter Carnival 2023

The Rodeo Run dog team joins the parade and then parks along Canyon Road for a “Meet the Mushers” session with the community after the parade. The competition took place on Friday morning and Saturday, when teams of 4, 6, 8 or 12 dogs run from 5 to 32 kilometers through the snowy forest.

A viral video of a pig shedding its tail has raised the question of why an animal needs such a heavy headgear.

Whitefish Winter Carnival 2023

Photos: 21st Whitefish Penguin Plunge Raises Over $60,000 For Special Olympics Montana

Our dependence on oil is destroying rainforests, found in everything from potatoes to potatoes to toothpaste. But microbial fats may finally offer a sustainable alternative.

After photographing the full moon for 10 years, the photographer captured the moonlight as a rainbow. On the first weekend of February, the festival begins with the “Penguin Plunge” (a hole is dug in Lake Syga, and participants dive to collect money for charity), then a grandiose parade, a snow sculpture competition, a children’s carnival, cakes take place. , Beer Exchange, Rotary Pancake Breakfast, Art Expo and more. The parties are open to the public and most are free.

Whitefish Winter Carnival 2023

And tell the story… Once upon a time there lived a god named Ullr who presided over the activities of winter in the Northern region. He was assisted by the Prime Minister and the Queen, who were adept at creating winter beauty. However, as time passed, his subjects became more involved in exploring the world and its oceans and less respected the god king and his winter festivals, causing Ulr to become a completely forgotten god, except in rare traditions.

The 12 Best Things To Do In Whitefish, Montana In Winter

After centuries of meditating and searching the world for a place to rest, Ulr and his two remaining subjects arrived in northwestern Montana. They were so captivated by its beauty that they decided to settle down and chose a large mountain taller than the white fish as their home. Their vacation is short-lived as they soon discover that their house is also home to a group of snowmen called Yetis who are trying to kidnap their lover. Ullr and his followers, quick and resourceful, win and learn to live with occasional encounters with the yeti.

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Whitefish Winter Carnival 2023

Eventually, people invaded the Whitefish region with axes, cannons, and hatchets. Ullr, his followers, and the Yeti watched these people build the valley, and some were shocked to see the people begin to invade what they called home. Ullr discovered that these settlers were unaware of his presence, and as he continued to observe them, he discovered that they not only enjoyed winter sports, but called Ullr himself the patron of their little feasts and parties. He was honored with this respect.

Seeing his opportunity after centuries of isolation and exile, Ulr donned the clothes of these people and entered among them. However, the Yetis will have nothing to do with these people unless they try to chase them away. Ullr helped the colonists quell the oppression of the yeti and became their true hero and king. It was announced that there would be an annual festival where King Ullr and his court would pay their respects, a celebration called the Whitefish Winter Carnival.

Whitefish Winter Carnival 2023

Whitefish, Mt Travel Information

Now every year on the first weekend in February, the town of Whitefish comes together and invites people from miles around to celebrate winter with lots of activities, activities and fun. The Yeti, bolder than ever, tries to steal the Queen, distract the Prime Minister and disrupt the festival to defend his rights to Big Mountain and Whitefish. But Ulr and his growing band of native followers continue to enslave them and send them fleeing to their hiding places in the valleys high above the great mountains. And Ulr reigns once more as master of winter sports, frolicking with his queen and prime minister, dear to the hearts of his loyal subjects.

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