Winter Olympics 2023 Shaun White

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Shaun White leaves the 2022 Winter Games without a medal, but with a legacy almost as big as the snowboard itself. A lot can happen when you’re 40 feet in the air. White managed to stay longer than anyone we have ever seen, and probably ever will.

Winter Olympics 2023 Shaun White

Winter Olympics 2023 Shaun White

Extreme sports like halfpipe snowboarding have this in common: failure is not only constant and often inevitable, it’s acceptable. It is part of the culture. Falling is natural. Big mistakes and accidents attract cheers, not buses. Tricks are practiced, and failed, hundreds of times before they are mastered. And even after they are mastered, they become bad again.

Shaun White Says Beijing Winter Olympics In 2022 Will Likely Be His Last

Friday morning in Zhangjiakou, China, the greatest snowboarder in halfpipe history made three final runs down a 623-foot turn with 22-foot walls and 68 feet of air between man-made obstacles.

Winter Olympics 2023 Shaun White

His last race was incomplete. Shaun White fell in the last shot of his career. No medals this time. But there is much to consider after the most controversial judge’s decision in a long time at the Winter Olympics. (More on that soon.)

After rebounding to win halfpipe gold at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, White agonized over whether to make another run at glory. Snowboarding doesn’t have the culture of swimming, track and field, or many other Olympic disciplines that love all-time greats who strive to achieve full-time success in the winter of their careers. Snowboarding is exciting… but it’s also relaxing. The competition in this sport does not usually give rise to fierce competition.

Winter Olympics 2023 Shaun White

Shaun White’s Next Mountain: Businessman, Snowboard Maker

Gwyn was sometimes an exception to that, especially early in his life when he took up snowboarding as a more unique activity, sometimes moving away from his peers. As White grew older, matured but also faced with controversy (sexual harassment allegations by former bandmates were settled out of court in 2016), he became more than an ambassador for the popular sport. by him alone.

It would be storybook for him to create something physically unimaginable for a man his age and steal the gold. But that didn’t happen. It would have been natural for White to be on the podium, silver or bronze, but he also fell a little short there.

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Winter Olympics 2023 Shaun White

We don’t cry, you cry. Okay… we cried too. 😢 #WinterOlympics | @ShaunBlanco | @TeamUSA — NBC Olympics (@NBCOlympics) February 11, 2022

After A Fall, Shaun White Stomps His Way Into Olympic Final

Of the last trio of races to finish an incredible race, White’s second was the best. The front built smoothly to 1440 before breaking into a 1080 double. That followed the easiest of his five tricks, the front 540, before the penultimate pinnacle: the Double McTwist 1260. It was a move White popularized, stunt snowboarders would continue to perform in competition decades from now. He finished his five trick routine with a front side 1260 and pulled it off cleanly. It is still in the top five of the world in this respect.

Winter Olympics 2023 Shaun White

But he needs to be in the top three to win a fourth Olympic medal. After the second run, 85.00 put him in second place overall. But at the end of the second round of competitors, he still did not reach the podium. White’s final push down the pipe really ended with a bang, as she needed an 87.25 or higher to take the bronze shot. He hit the wall after going to 1440, his backboard hitting the edge hard and resulting in destruction.

But Gwyn went all in. Sometimes you delete That’s the trick. Snowboarding rewards crazy people who push the limits of gravity. How these humans could propel themselves higher and faster up a 22 foot frozen wall was a mystery to me.

Winter Olympics 2023 Shaun White

You Can Snowboard With Shaun White — For $185k

As White removed his boots from the bindings, and the camera faded to his final moments on the mountain, he could tell he was getting emotional. His fellow contestants gave him a standing ovation. A happy, albeit unsatisfying, ending.

White’s last event, this halfpipe championship, was almost controversial. Gold went to Ayumu Hirano of Japan, whose 96.00 in the final round of the event put him on the podium and beat Australia’s Scotty James (92.50). However, it shouldn’t get to that point. Despite all of James’ incredible skills, this is now Hirano’s achievement. At 23, you’ll stand out from everyone else for half a decade, at least, if you want to. After a great second run, the judges gave it a very low 91.75.

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Winter Olympics 2023 Shaun White

“Hey, is there a mistake?” said NBC commentator Todd Harris. “No way. No way! And 91.75?”

Shaun White Named To Fifth Olympic Team As Oldest Ever Us Halfpipe Rider

Harris had more to say, and his comments instantly went viral. Few commentators directly criticize the honesty of the Olympic judging panel. At this point, I was cleared. Even to casual sports fans, Hirano’s prowess is undeniable. It looks different than everyone else who does it.

Winter Olympics 2023 Shaun White

“As far as I’m concerned, the judges have ruined all their credibility,” Harris said. “I know when I’ve seen the best race ever done in the half pipe. Try to tell me where you took this race. It’s unbelievable that this happened. It’s a farce, to be honest with you, I very angry. at the moment.”

Hirano had to try the most difficult move with a half pipe, triple cork, which he himself had achieved in competition, three times. All three times it landed perfectly. Hirano’s excellent performance also includes a 1440, a 1260 front on a 1260 rear, and finally a 1440 front.

Winter Olympics 2023 Shaun White

Winter Olympics 2018: Shaun White Wins Us Its 100th Winter Games Gold

There are no questions. This is Hirano’s moment. The snow half pipe is yours. This is the third Olympic medal of Hirano’s career; he won silver medals at 15 and 19.

“That was the hardest halfpipe race in halfpipe history,” Harris said.

Winter Olympics 2023 Shaun White

White retired with three Olympic gold medals in five Games, along with 13 more X Games championships. He left the sport with a legacy of not just the greatest, but the first. It brought halfpipe snowboarding into the mainstream and, in fact, made it not only an Olympic sport, but one of the most popular at the Winter Games.

Shaun White Keeps Olympic Dream Alive By Qualifying For Halfpipe Finals

White has been paid to snowboard — or, more accurately, push, twist, twist, twist, and bend his body dozens of feet in the air — for 22 years. He won the gold medal in 2006 in Torino at the age of 19. Then another top podium at his career best in 2010, Vancouver Games. Four years later came the shock of Sochi’s disappointment, when he missed out on a medal. And in 2018, the return of Pyeongchang to win gold.

Winter Olympics 2023 Shaun White

A lot can happen when you’re 40 feet in the air. White managed to stay longer than anyone we have ever seen, and probably ever will. No matter how great it is up there, eventually they all have to come back down to earth. Gwyn left snowboarding in a greater place than he found it, with a new generation of athletes ready to redefine the boundaries of what is possible. Shaun White of the United States reacts after his run in the men’s snowboard halfpipe qualification at the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games on February 9, 2022. Ben Stansall / AFP – Getty Images

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US Olympic snowboard champions Shaun White and Chloe Kim will advance to the halfpipe final at the 2022 Beijing Games.

Winter Olympics 2023 Shaun White

Shaun White Qualifies For Final In 2022 Olympics

White, a 35-year-old snowboarder who plans to retire after the Games, qualified with a safe second run in Beijing on Wednesday.

Chloe Kim, who took home gold in her first Olympics in 2018 as a 17-year-old, qualified easily on Wednesday.

Winter Olympics 2023 Shaun White

White’s score of 86.25 placed him fourth out of 12 qualifiers. He did so after crashing during his first race in a best-of-two event.

Shaun White Misses Podium In Final Olympics As Japan’s Ayumu Hirano Puts Down Historic Run

“I’m very happy I scored the last goal,” White said. “I feel amazing and you have to fight for that if you want to get to the final.”

Winter Olympics 2023 Shaun White

The 21-year-old Kim took the lead in the first of two qualifying races on Wednesday at Genting Snow Park with a 900 taxi and a 540 back switch. Her 87.75 won the race.

He fell on the second run while attempting a back 720 and won 8.75, but the high score remained.

Winter Olympics 2023 Shaun White

Shaun White: Snowboarder Says 2022 Winter Olympics Will Be His Last

“I wanted to play around in my second race, try something I’ve never done before, so I’m surprised I’ve made it this far, but yeah, I’m happy,” Kim said.

Chloe Kim of the United States competes during the women’s halfpipe qualifying round at the 2022 Winter Olympics, Wednesday, Feb. 9. 2022 in Zhangjiakou, China. Francisco Seco / AP

Winter Olympics 2023 Shaun White

During the 2018 Olympics, Kim’s father, Jong Jin Kim, who moved to the United States in the 1980s, won over spectators with a homemade sign reading “Come on Chloe!”

Shaun White On X Games Snub: ‘i’m Thinking, Should I Keep Going Back?

The Beijing Games may be the last for

Winter Olympics 2023 Shaun White

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